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Aberdare Chamber of Trade.

Post Office.

,National Insurance Act.

C.W.R. Company.

Shops Act.

Sections of Traders.

Street Traders' Bill.

Town Tenants' League.

Loss of Members Through Death.

County School Scholarship.



Picnic. In spite of the rather bad weather pleasant memories arise as to this. It is, of course, difficult to please every- body in the choice of a place for our out- ing as tastes differ so widely. Never- theless it must be admitted that the Elan Valley Water Works stand pro- minently among the wonders of the whole world, and a sight of them and a few moment reflection concerning the marvellous feats of engineering which they present is an education and is something to be remembered. 127 members and friends formed the picnic (the largest number yet), but notwith- standing this, there was a slight finan- cial loss owing (amongst other tilings) to the fact that the long journey made the outgoings heavier than on previous occasions. I would respectfully remind the Chamber that we shall shortly have to consider the question as to whether children under ).2 years of age shall be allowed to join any future picnic.

South Wales and Monmouthshire…

Mutual Plate Class Protection…

Royal Visit.

Unveiling of Lord Morthyr's…

St. John's Churchyard.

Meetings of the Executive…

Improvements at the Taff Vale…


Wage Rate Men's Association