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Aberdare Chamber of Trade.

Post Office.

,National Insurance Act.

C.W.R. Company.

Shops Act.


Shops Act. The arrangements connected with this Act have entailed a vast amount of work during the year. Several meet- ings and joint conferences with repre- sentatives of the assistants have been held and deputations received from the Trades and Labour Council and Cwm- aman Chamber of Trade. A deputation from the Chamber waited upon and was cordially received by the District Coun- cil. Besides being heartily thanked for his excellent address on the Shops Act at one of our meetings, your President (Mr. David JEvans) was warmly compli- mented upon the tact which he dis., played at the joint meetings of the Chamber's Committee and the Shop Assistants. A deputation also recent- ly waited upon the Clerk to the District Council in reference to the position as k to "sweets" and "confectionery" shops.

Sections of Traders.

Street Traders' Bill.

Town Tenants' League.

Loss of Members Through Death.

County School Scholarship.


South Wales and Monmouthshire…

Mutual Plate Class Protection…

Royal Visit.

Unveiling of Lord Morthyr's…

St. John's Churchyard.

Meetings of the Executive…

Improvements at the Taff Vale…


Wage Rate Men's Association