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Aberdare Chamber of Trade.


Aberdare Chamber of Trade. FOURTH ANNUAL MEETING, Wednesday, February 5th, 1913. Hon. Secretary's Report of the Proceed- ings of the Chamber and Executive Council, and of the Mutual Plate Class Protection Society for the Past Year. (Submitted in accordance with the Rules.) Mr. President and Gent-lenicn,- I have much pleasure in presenting my Fourth Annual Report, and in stating that the Chamber is still carry- ing on some very useful work and up- holding its prestige in the Town and District. As to Membership the following are the liaures:- First Year 99 Members. Second Year 137 Members. Third Year. 142 Members. *Fourth Year. 132 Members. Ending 31st January, 1913. In spite of the fact that several Mem- bers have dropped out, new Members hnve joined, the result being that the numbers are pretty evenly maintained. The following is a record of the year's transactions :— District Council and Education Authority. The subjects upon which correspond- ence has passed between the Chamber arid the above bodies during the past year are as under:— As to the work of widening the ap- proach from Monk Street into Victoria Square, this could not be undertaken by the Council because of the heavy expense that would be entailed. The dangerous condition of the bye-road from Commercial Street (near the Iron Bridge) to the Riverside Forge, could not be dealt with by the Council as the road referred to is private property. The regulating of the traffic at the junction formed by Commercial Street, Gloster Street, and Duke Street, was, we were informed, a matter for the police. The charges for Electric Light were fully explained by Mr. Morgan (of the Electric Light Department) when he attended a meeting as a sub- stitute for Mr. A. J. Abraham. Thr, Council could not see its way to supply the Chamber with prints of the Coun- cil's Minutes, and 1 was informed that these were deposited in all the Public Libraries in the district, to which the Members of the Chamber had access. The reason for our request was so as to b-i put on the same basis as the Cardiff Chamber, to which copies of all the Cor- poration's Minutes are sent. As to warning boards to motorists, etc.; thepe, as you are aware, have been fixed at different parts af the town, through the efforts of the Chamber. The resolution which was sent to the Council suggesting the direct payment of rates by all occupiers was ignored. Deputations have attended before the Council as to the Shops Act, etc. A suggestion that the question of giving Geography greater prominence, if possi- ble, in the list of school subjects has been made to the Education Authority, and correspondence as to this is pend- ing. The desirability of improving the condition of the chapels at the Ceme- tery has been brought to the notice of the Council and has been referred to the Cemetery Committee. Correspondence has also passed as to the Shops Act and Closing Order, and also as to the filthy state of the cab and brake stands, the latter subject having been relegated to the Surveyor.

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