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Free Churches Conference.

Welsh Churches and the Contest.


-_._--Grand Theatre, Aberaman.


Letters to the Editor.



WORKMEN AND DOCTORS. Sir,-I quite agree with "Old Work- mam" in his letter of last week, that we as workingmen should be up and doing. on the medical question. What has our executive been doing, are they thinking that the workmen are going to take things in the easy-going manner which they are adopting ? If so, they are making the mistake of their lives. It is about time our agent, Mr. C. B. Stanton, gave us a lead to break the monopoly of the medical profession in this valley. Unless our executive take the matter up seriously, there will be hundreds of young men who will not allow any poundage to be kept back from them. It is time that we as work- men should let the Commissioners at Cardiff know how the Act is being broken in this valley. I am glad the Trades Council condemned the pound- age system.—I am, your truly, FAIR PLAY. Sir,—"A. Andrew Morgan" must be as ignorant of the Hirwain people as he- is of the best way of getting value for his money. I did not call the people of Hirwain "Crocks." (You, Mr. Editor, ought to apologize to me and to them.) I wrote "Brocks," the pet-name given to Hirwainites centur- ies ago, and known to all and sundry excepting the man from Cwmdare. How the "Brocks" must have laughed, for they, being shrewd, knew that "some one had blundered." Andrew Morgan says, "If he finds abuse in the movement, why not become a co-oper- ator and remedy the abuse?" Why, sir. the whole system is reeking with abuse. For instance, read the letter in last week's "Leader" on "Principle and Practice" at the Cwmbach Society's Shops, showing how to get six days' work done in five. Andrew is inside the movement; why does he not remedy the abuse—or, perhaps, I should say the nonsense—of paying 25s. for 20s. worth, and not pretend that it is dividend, when he and all the world knows that it is simply the overcharge being re- turned. Andrew says. "The movement numbers nearly three million members, doing a business of 30 million pounds per annum. What an army of fools these three millions must be, according to Anti-Co-operator." Yea, verily, "and so say all of us." The Good Old Book says, "Surely in vain is the net spread in the sight of any bird." No, not in vain, for here are three millions caught in the snare, who went into it open-eved, thus proving their own folly, and reminding us of what Carlyle said concerning fools. Andrew does not deny that the 25s. for 20s. is an 'abuse,' then why on earth do not Co-op. Stores sell their goods as cheap- ly as private traders, and then give a dividend, which is what they pretend to do? Perhaps Andrew will supply the answer 10 this simple question next week, and it it is a correct answer, I will give him something a litcle mo^e difficult later on. I must 'dry up' now, as the rain has ceased, and I must go and mend the "cwtch-glo" and clean my bicycle, ready for a spin on Satur- day; but, Andrew, I shall be anxiously looking out for the "Leader" next week. Au-revoir. ANTI-CO-OPERATOR. [It was the press devil that "blun- dered.—Ed.]

Abernant. #