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CIN EMA. Crand exclusive Attraction for One WeeK commencing 17th February MADAME along'?" Boni" SARAH BERNHARDT IL IL IN AN ACTRESS'S ROMANCE. nT.ARKE'S THE 1Vf AM, PRICES AS USUAL. =» THE ABERDARE ELECTRICAL Co. Ud I MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL PRACTICAL ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS. Maintenanib of Plant and Repairs a Speciality. Complete Installations for Lighting, Heating and Power, Telephones, Bells &-c. Armatures Re-wound. Contractors to all the Local Governing Bodies. A large variety of Lamps, Shades, Pendants, Brackets, and other Accessories always 1 on view at our Showrooms :— 4 HIGH STREET, ABERDARE. + Ring up Aberdare 79 in case of Breakdowns. We employ only Experienced Workmen, and always guarantee all work done by ua to be reliable and honest value. MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. THE GUARDIANS invite Tenders for the Supply to the Workhouse, Merthyr Tydfil; Pantscallog House, Dowlais; the Training School, Aber- dare; the iottage Homes-Trecynon, Llwydcoed, Hirwain, Abercwmboi, Cwmbach and Bargoed—of Sides of Beef and Legs cut close to the rump. Joint for Officers. Mutton, Pork and Suet. Fish. Bacon (Cumberland Cut). Bread, Flour (Leathertie), Oatmeal (Scotch). Groceries. v Tobacco and Snuff. Potatoes and Onions, and Coal. Out-door Supplies at Merthyr, Dowlais, Hirwain and Aberdare. Beef and Mutton (best quality). Foreign Meat must not be tendered for. The above Tenders to be for Six Months only, viz.. from the 1st April, 1913, to the 30th September, 1913 (both inclusive). Tenders are also invited for Milk, Cream. Straw. Earthenware. Ironmongery. Building Materials. Books, Printing and Stationery. Drugs. Oils, Paint and Glazing. Haulage. Coffins and Funerals. Horsing the Ambulance. Drapery and Welsh Flannel. Rug Wool, Canvas, etc. Boots, Shoes and Slippers. Nurses' Out-door Uniforms. Suits (Men's and Boys'). Materials for Tailoring, and Materials for Shoemaking. Hire of Horse and Conveyancs. Electrical Accessories. These Tenders are to be for Twelve months, viz., from 1st April, 1913, to 31st March, 1914 (both inclusive). Samples may be seen on application to the Master at the Workhouse and School, and of Books and Stationery on application at my Office. Payments Quarterly, but Butchers and Grocers may draw on account once in the middle of the quarter. Printed Forms of Tender, which alone can be received, and which contain the conditions of Contract, may be ob- tained, together with envelopes, in which the same must be returned, on application to the Master at the Work- house, or the Superintendent at the Aberdare Training School, who will furnish all other particulars. Goods not in the above list can be seen in the Forms of Tender. Tenders, with samples (where re- quired) to be sent in on or before Monday, March 3rd, 1913, those for the Aberdare School on the Blue Forms, for the Workhouse and Pantscallog I House on the White Forms, and for the Cottage Homes on the Pink Forms. The Guardians do not bind them- selves to accept the lowest or any Ten- der, and reserve to themselves the right of accepting the whole or any portion of any tender as they may think fit to select, and to accept a Tender in respect only of a portion of the quantity re- quired of any article. The Forms of Tender must be strictly adhered to. Tenders, unless received by Monday, March 3rd, 1913, at 6 p.m., will not be opened. By Order, FRANK T. JAMES, Clerk to the Guardians. 134 High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. u Feb. Ist, 1913. THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ABERDARE. TO CATERERS & REFRESHMENT CONTRACTORS. THE above Council invite Tenders for the right of Catering the New Refreshment Pavilion, Public Park, Trecynon, including the fees to be received from the lavatories, etc., therein from the 1st of April, 1913, to the 31st March, 1914. Persons tendering must submit a tariff, which will be subject to the approval of the Council. No intoxicating liquors allowed. The Park Bye-Laws and Regulations to be strictly observed. Tenders endorsed Refreshment Pavilion to be delivered on or before noon of the 8th day of March, 1913. The highest or any tender will not be necessarily accepted. D. LLEWELLYN GRIFFITHS. Clerk. Town Hall. Aberdare, February 12th, 1913. Labour News and Notes. Read II Tarian y Cwelthiwr." News and arti- cles of special interest to miners. Current Topics discussed. Latest News given. Price One Penpr.-Ig Cardiff Street, Aberdare. Palmistry, Phrenology and Clairvoyance (THE GUIDE OF LIFE). Madam EDITH OALMAR B.P.I., the celebrated great Welsh Palmist, Holding letters-which may be seen-from Royalty and other prominent persons, 188 Cardiff Road, Aberaman. Hotels and Private Residences visited. Advice given: Love Affairs; Marriage; Business Baths; Diets; &c. Read what the Times says;—" This gifted Palmist is &till to the front." Hours, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fees from Is. -I THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ABERDARE. TO CONTRACTORS. Hirwain Cemetery. THE above-named Council invite Tenders for the laying out of the above, including road-making, drain- age, fencing, etc., and also the erection of Caretaker's House, Mortuary, Tool- house, Entrance Gates and Walling. Plans and Specifications may be in- spected at the Surveyor's Office, Town Hall, Aberdare, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tenders endorsed "Hirwain Ceme- tery" are to be delivered to me, the undersigned, on or before Saturday, the 8th day of March, 1913. The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. D. LLEWELLYN GRIFFITHS, Clerk. Town Hall, Aberdare, February 12th, 1913. THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ABERDARE. TENDERS FOR STORES, WORK, &c. THE above Council are prepared to receive Tenders for the Supply of the following Stores, Work, etc., for 12 months, commencing on the 1st April, 1913, and terminating on March 31st, 1914 (with the exception of Hay and Corn, and.Provisions and Meat for Hos- pital, which are for six months only). Surveyor's, Destructor, and Electric Light Departments:—1, Ironmongery, Tools; 2, Smithwork; 3, Drain Pipes, Earthenware; 4, Street Brushes; 5, Paving, Curb and Channel; 6, Portland Cement and Hydraulic Lime; 7, Cast Iron Water Pipes; 8, Oils and Paints; 9 Hay and Corn (Six Months only, up to September 30th, 1913); 10, Coal; 11. Scavenging Hirwain, Penywain and Cwmdare Divisions; 12, Haulage of Metalling and Gravel, various districts 13, Plumbing Work; 14, Shoeing Scavenging Horses; 15, Harness Re- pairs; 16, Oilskin Suits. Clerk's Department:—1, Printing; 2, Advertisements. Medical Officer's Department: 1, Provisions (Six Months only, up to Sept. 30th, 1913); 2, Meat (Six Months only, up to Sept. 30th, 1913); 3, Milk; 4, Vegetables; 5, Fish; 6, Drugs; 7, Disinfectants; 8, Printing; 9, Adver- tisements. Forms of Tender, Specifications, and aU other necessary information may be obtained at the Offices of the several Departments. The Council will not consider any Tender except those on the authorised Form, which must be sent to the under- signed on or before the 8th day of March, 1913, endorsed "Tenders for J » The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. D. LLEWELLYN GRIFFITHS. Clerk. Town Hall, Aberdare, February 12th, 1913. THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ABERDARE. IN PARLIAMENT-SESSION 1913. A T a Special Meeting of the Urban J\_ District Council of Aberdare, dulv convened and held on the 10th day of February, 1913, it was unanimously resolved by an absolute majority of the whole Council: "That it is expedient that the Urban District Council of Aberdare shall in the ensuing Session of Parlia- ment oppose the Bill intituled 'The Pontypridd and Rhondda Joint Water Board Bill, 1913.' promoted by the Pontypridd & Rhondda Joint Water Board. That the costs and expenses in re- ference to, the opposition to the said Bill and incidental thereto shall be charged upon and payable out of the District Fund and General District Rates of the said Urban-District of Aberdare." Dated this 10th day of February, 1913. D. LLEWELLYN GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the Urban District Council of Aberdare. TO BUTCHERS. THE Simplex Sausage Machine for Sale (Gardener's Patent) to take lOlbs. of meat.—Apply Doughton and Hughes, Ironmongers, Aberaman. MISCELLANEOUS. Ladles, Read This. A DVICE FREE for Stamp.— Mrs M. l\ Stewart's famous female Remedy never fails. Address—9, Guinea-st, Bristol, STROLOGY.-Your future, im- A portant events foretold, mar- riage, partner described, money pros- pects, business, changes, journeys, lucky days, planet, etc. Send birth- date and Seven stamps. — Madame Marion, 4 Robertson Avenue, Edin- burgh. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited for the erec- .1. tion of a House in Milton Street, Cwmaman, for Mrs. M. Wilson. Drawings and Specifications may be seen at my Offices. Sealed endorsed Tenders to be sent to me not later than the 21st inst. J. LLEWELLIN SMITH, M.S.A., LIC'E. R.I.B.A, Aberdarci. 11th February, 1913. Grand Theatre, I ABERAMAN. Lessee John R. Poole. Manager Robert Tebbitt. POOLE'S HIGH-CLASS VAUDEVILLE and LATEST PICTURES. TO-NIGHT at 6.45. A 8.45. ALIX LUKOS The Popular Favourite. Vaudeville's Best Actor Vocalist in Character Studies and New Songs, includ- ing "Faces in the Fire" and "Touchwood." "SILENT" TAIT & AMEE The basiest 11 minutes on record. INEZ & PI M Featuring the Finest Lady Gymnast extant. A Selection of the Newest Pictures, includ- ing the Fine Solax Drama, THE STRIKE," etc., etc. NEXT WEEK: ROBERT MACDONALD95 COMPANY IN'THE Greatest of all Musical Comedies, THE GAY GORDONS FROM The Aldwych Theatre, London. BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN. ONCE NIGHTLY. Commence at 7.30. Doors open at 7. PRICES: Stalls and Front Circle, Is. I;d.. Circle, Is.; Pit, 9d.: Gallery and Back Pit, 6d. Seats reserved at Is. 6d. without extra Charge. 'Phone 15, Aberaman. Haggar's Mountain Ash. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 13,14&15 Matiqee oq Saturday at 3 ENORfyOUS ATTRACTION NOIPSH'S MASTERPIECE, A Victim of the Mormons Don't Fail to See It > The Most Sensational Picture Ever Produced. ——— Twice. Nightly, 7 & 9. Prepaid 8mall Advartlsamants inserted at the following apeoially low rate*: One week 4 wks. 18 wks. S. d. A. \1, a. d. 30 worda 0 6 1 6 8 8 4* U i) 2 a o Ul 16" 1 0' 8 0 7 6 loose charges apply only to the fojlow- i■ £ classes of advertiisements -Apart- ments, Situations (Vacant or Wanted), l'u be Let or old, Lost or Found, and Miscellaneous Wants. fteinittances may be made by Poatal Orders or half-penny stamps. if not prepaid double rate will be charged. Advertisement and Publishing Offices, Cardiff Street, Aberdare. TO LET. ROOMS for one or two respectable young men. Central position in Aberdare. Bathroom upstairs, h. and c-Apply, L., "Leader" Office. DWELLING House. Four bed- rooms.—Apply, A. Keast, Unity House, Aberdare. SITTING Room and Bedroom, suit 2 or 3 young men, or lodgings.—93 Gadlys Road, Aberdare. Respectable Lodgings for young man. No children. Centre of town.—Apply, G.O., "Leader" Office. SITUATIONS VACANT. A SMART Office Boy. — Apply, Messrs. C. & W. Kenshole, Solicitors, Aberdare. SITUATIONS WANTED. HIGHLY respectable young person, giving up home, seeks engage- ment as housekeeper to respectable widower or bachelor. Thoroughly ex- perienced. — Apply, H.R., '"Leader" Office. FOUND. FOUND between Trecynon and Cwm- dare, a watch.—Apply, Jones, 6 Bryn Terrace, Cwmdare. WANTED. SLEEPING Cot, loose sides, suit child 4 years. State size and lowest price.-Apply by letter, 19, "Leader" Office. TWO Rooms in Aberdare, furnished or unfurnished, for married couple with no children.—Apply, 23, "Leader" Office. BEDROOM and Sitting Room want- ed by a young man. — Apply, stating terms to G. Hardiman, 69 Monk Street, Aberdare. WANTED by respectable widow in Aberdare, bed sitting .room, with quiet respectable people.—Apply, 20, "Leader" Office. SITTING Room and Bedroom in Aberdare (central) to suit an elderly lady. Rent moderate.—Apply, 21, "Leader" Office Aberdare. A HO USE Wanted. Rent about 30s. per month.—Apply, Mana- ger, Lennards Limited, 16 Canon St., Aberdare. HOUSE and Shop, .in or near Aber- dare* Suit Grocer. Low rent"— Apply, A.J., "Leader" Office, Aberdare. FOR SALE. r- -> FOR Disposal: Share in Mountain Ash Building Club; over £ 60 paid in.— Apply Webb, 6 fewern Ifor Street, Moun- tain Ash. HICKENS.-Pure bred White Wy- J andottes. First Cross Leghorn, Plymouth Rocks, and Buff Orpington. 7s. 6d. per dozen.—Davies, 13 Trevor Street, Aberdare. ABOUT 20 cart loads of splendid soil. Also manure. Delivered, 2s. a load.-Apply, Arthur Hurt, Whitcombe Street, Aberdare. A £ 300 Bond National Benefit, Drawing Section. £ 54 paid in. No roasonable offer refused. — Apply, Oak, "Leader" Office. PIANO, equal to new, cost 35 guineas, sell £ 20. Genuine bar- gain.—Levi Morris, 104 Brook Street. Aberaman.. AMERICAN Organ for Sale. Eight sets of reeds. Cosfc £ 28. No reasonable offer refused. Inspection invited.—Jones, Castle House, ,Aber- cynon. ONE Full-Sized Counter and Window Glass Fittings. Suit sweet shop. Giving up business.-Apply, 84 Jubilee Road, Godreainan. 3 HOUSES in Trevor Street, Aber- dare.—Apply, D. R. Griffiths, Auctioneer and Valuer, Aberdare. EDISON Home Gramaphone and 88 Records, both practically new; L5, bargain.—Bevan, 108 Woodland Street, Mountain Ash. WALLPAPERS from l £ d. per roll. Any quantity, large or small, supplied at Wholesale Prices. Our stock exceeds 250,000 rolls of all classes. Write for patterns -stating what class you require.—(Dept. 147) Barnett Wall- paper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION neatly and promptly executed at forl "Leader" and "Tarian" OMes. )..fdltf JItÚf With which is incorporated the Aberdare Times." Established 1861. Tel., 136. CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE ABERDARE AND MOUNTAIN ASH DISTRICTS, YNYSYBWL, GLYN NEATH, AND MERTHYR <fc RHONDDA VALLEYS

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