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Aberdare County Court.



Ynyslwyd Baptist Church, Aberaman.















RESOLUTIONS for 1913. Every Housewife and Housekeeper should resolve to btung their Weekly Orders to the Supply Stores, in CARDIFF STREET, for their PROVISIONS A3fD GROCERIES i during this Year, thereby saving a con- sidcrable sum of money, also securing a supply of perfectly Fresh & Pure Goods of High-Class Quality at POPULAR PRICES. ——— This Week's Special Lines:- FINEST CANADIAN Ch!5I 7id. per lb. y Our Superb and Fresh-made Colonial :ø -a ti-t; Only l/lf per lb. GOOD QUALITY DO., 1/- per lb- Sugars are also Cheaper. GRANULATED Ifd. CRYSTALS 2d. LOAF 2td. 61b. Granulated and) |lb. Packet Tegorra) ■/■■ Our celebrated LONGE LYFFli f g at 1/6, is well-known. Nothing to beat it for fragrance and quality. A Cup that cheers morning, noon and night. Yours obediently, WILLIAMS & CO. CASH GROCERS, Supply Stores, Aberdare, & Jam Pot Stores, Cwmaman. .-+- I BLISS says- The most desirable thing in the world is Health. It insures happiness, content- ment and prosperity.. Health is secured by all whause Bliss Native Herbs, the herbal rem- edy for blood, liver and kidneys. It banishes Rheumatism—over- laria—masters Dyspepsia—makes rich, red blood. It is a tanic—a health-builder. More than eight million boxes have given health to the world. A i More than eight million boxes box contains 200 tablets ior 4/- and a money-back Guarantee. Ask the Bliss agent about Bliss Native Herbs. Learn of those who have used the remedy in your neighborhood. Buy a box today t and be healthy. None genuine unless my portrait is on the box. The authorized Bliss agent is G. TURNER, 1. LEWIS STREET, id 015 NT A IH A SHI. Labour News and Notes. Read Tarian y Cweithiwr." News and arti- cles of special interest to miners. Current Topics discussed. Latest Newt given. Price One Penny.-19 Cardiff Street, Aberdare. XSTOP ONE MOMENT! OH, DEAB DOCTOR 1 JI j MUST MY DARLING Dllr THi&RE IS VERY LITTL1 HOP* I BUT TRY Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey. WHAT IT 181 Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey Is an essence of the purest and mart efficacious herbs, gathered on the Welsh Hills and Valleys in the proper season when their virtues are in full perfection, and combined with Pure Welsh Honey. All the ingredients are perfectly pure. WHAT IT DOES I Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey (;nr", Colughs, Gplds, Bronchitis, Asthma, WLooping Cough, Croup, and all disor- ders of the Throat, Chest, and Lump. Wonderful Cures for Children's Cootcbs after Measles. Tt is invaluable to wenk- chested men, delicate women, and chil- dren. It succeeds where allgother reme- dies fail. Sold by all Chemists tiad Stores in Is., 2s. 6d., and 4è. 6d. bottles. Sample Bottle sent by post for Is. td., 28. 3d., and 5s. Great saving by purchasr ing larger size bottle. WHAT IT HAS DONil FOR OTHERS. A Stipendiary and Magistrate in 1 County of Glamorgan remarks:- I feel it my duty to inform you thaI I have been using your Tudor Williams* Balsam of Honey in my family, which « a large one. for many years, and have proved its preat valno, having used nol h- ing eise tor Cough during Meets) Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis, a? d can highly recommend it to all parer .a for such complaints. YOU NEED NOT SUFFERT Disease is a sin, inasmuch that if you act rightly, at the right time, it can to a great extent be avoided. Here is a pre- ventative. The first moment you start with Sore Throat, take a dose of Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey. It has saved thousands! It will save yon. It is prepared by a fully qualified chemist, and is, by virtue of its composi- tion, eminently adapted for all cases of Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc.; it exercises a distinct influence upon the mucous lining of the throat, windpipe, and small air vessels, so that nothing but warmed pure air passes into the lunp. THE CHILDREN LIKE IT. It's the product of the Honeycomb chemically treated to get the best results. DON'T ACCEPT SUBSTITUTES. THEY ASK FOR IT I So different from most Medicines. !'1 ice to tare I Cures Quickly. For vocalists and public speakers it him no equal, it makes the voice as clear M a bell. Be not deceived! The popularity of Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey has resulted in many imitations being placed on market. When buying, therefore, see that the name Tudor Williams is on each bottle, and refuse any preparation advanced as being uJnt-t as good or A little cheaper." Insist on TUDOR WILLIAMS'. MANUFACTURER. TUDOR WILLIAMS, M.R.P.8., F.B.C.I., Analytical and Consulting Chemist and Druggist, by Examination, MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. Tudor Williams, Chemist, has re- tained all the prescriptions of the late Dr. Conwyl. These renowned recipes are at the disposal of all Tudor Wil- liams' customers. MISCELLANEOUS. IMPORTANT TO MOTHEKS. Every JL Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One applica- tion kills all Nits and Vermin. Beau- tities and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4-id. and 9d. Postage, ld. Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all Chemists. Insist on having Harrison's Pomade. Agent for Aber- dare: Emrys Evans, Chemist, 9-10 Vic- toria Square. Aberaman: 1. E. Thomas. Mountain Ash W. H. Jones, Chemist. Penrhiwceiber: A. M. Jones. Relieves in 48 nouns I Rjj^lk derangements of thi Urinary I ^\k_JLr pA Organs. Superior jpaiba I Cuoebs and Injec • Cures' rapidJy. leaves no ,us{)ting Wf or bad effects 0< Jheruists | or post free for 3/6 fiotr# I WILCOX & CO. (Dept. A 49. Haymarket. I ondon. S.W. j IL 14 EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illustrate* Book, containing Valuable Information how all Irregularities and Obstructions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recom- mended by eminent Physicians, as the only Safe, Sure a-nd Genuine Remedy. Never Fails. Thousand of Testimonials. Established 186S. MR. PAUL BLANCHARD, Claremcut House, Dalston Lane, JUx doD MOUNTAIN ASH COTTAGE HOSPITAL. THE NINETEENTH ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD WILL BE nELD ON EASTER MONDAY, MARCH 24th, 1913. Prizes CHIEF CHORAL (not under 150 voices)—(a) The Challenge of Thor," (b) As Torrents n Summer" 9100 SECOND CHORAL (not under 60 voices)-, I Worthy is the Lamb £ 25 CHIEF MALE VOICE (not under 60 voices)—" The Assyrian camo down" xso SECOND MALE VOICE (not under 30 voioeei- Psalm of Life xio JUVENILE CHOIR (40 to 50 voices) —" Song of Holiday" tio BOYS' CHOIR, (SO to 50 voicc-,s)-l' The Streamlet" £ 8 ACTION SONG (24 to 30 voices)—Own Choice £6 BRASS BANDS (Class A)—" Lortzing 241 BRAS HAND Claps B)—" Linda di Cbaineui-ii £ 20 littrp Solo, t2 2q.; Vocal and Instrumental Solos, and Senior and Junior Recitations, i2 28. andti Is. each Ambulance, JE5 5s Action Song Jor Boy Scouts and Prizes for Literary Compositions. ADJUDICATORS: Music—Granville liantOck, Esq., M.A., John Henry, gsg., Arthur E. Sims, Esq. Bands—Angus Holden, Esq. Literary—Rev. D Jeremy Jones, Henry Lloyd. Esq. (Ab Hevin), & Gwyrosydd. Ambulance—Dr S. Glanville Morris & Dr A. T. Jones. Conductors-Rev. J. Phillips and W. Hicks, Esq. Accompanists—prof. R. Howells, Mr. Harry Morgan and Mr. Arthur Davies. For fall particulars see programmes, now ready, 2d. post free. Ù. r. EVANS, Secretary, T. llUGHES, Assistant Secretary. Maeeyflrwd, Mountain Ash.