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Aberdare County Court.



Ynyslwyd Baptist Church, Aberaman.








ABERDARE. UNR TV A LLED.-—The Smart Up-to-date splits from 19s. 6d. obtained at J. A. Evans's, the Noted Hat Shop, Top of Canon Street, are the talk of the Aber- dare Valley. I.O.G.T. The weekly meeting of the "Prido of Aberdare" Lodge on Wed- nesday was in the charge of Bro. W. Griffiths. A recitation was rendered by Bro. David Davies. The lodge was closed by Bro. L. Cook. PERSONAL. Mr Evan Davies, junr., of 8, Cardiff Street, has passed the examination for admission to the Surveyors' Institute. Though he has only been in the profession for one year he was elected a student-member of the Society of Architects last November, and now becomes a student of the Sur- veyors' Institute. We hope that this successful start is a forecast of a successful future. "AT HOME." On Tuesday evening at Siloa Hall Mrs D. P. Davies. Ynys- lwyd, entertained the lady workers in connection with the recent Siloa Bazaar-alxmt 90 in number—to an "at home," and afterwards all were en- tertained at her expense at the Cinema. Mrs T. Phillips moved, the Rev. Silyn Evans seconded, and Messrs Morgan John and Richard Morgan supported, a cordial vote of thanks to Mrs Davies for her generosity. JUVENILE I.O.G.T. The "Rose of Aberdare" Lodge was opened by the Vice-Templar Sister J. Leek. The min- utes were read by the financial secre- tary, Bro. Edwin Arnold. Eight new members were enrolled. The total num- ber of members now stands at 48, and the lodge has been formed only two months. A solo was rendered by Sister [ L. Davios. Bros. King, D.C.T.; JaIne", District Sec.: Price. F.Sec., :tnd Evans, secretary of the Senior Lodge, were pre- sent. The lodge was closed by Supt. Sister B. M. Jone.i. ST. ELVAN'S. At this church on Friday evening an eloquent sermon was preached by the; Itev. Arnold F. Evans, M.A., rector of Neath. Mr Evans, who was formerly an assistant curqie in this parish, is welcomed in the pulpit of St. Elvan's.—On Sunday morning the Benedicite was sung to Champney's setting, and the Benedictus to Wood- ward in E flat. The Rev. D. J. Row- land, B.A., officiated and preached. At the evening service the choir rendered the anthem, Come and let us return (Goss). The Rev. W. E. Davies, B.A., took the service, and the Vicar preached. The collections were given to the Diocesan Societies. CYMRODORION. At the meeting of Cymrodorion Aberdare held at the Higher Standard School on Friday last Mr J. Griffiths presided. The Rev. W. Davies, M.A., gave another of his series of addresses on "Y Mabinogion," deal- ing in a masterly way with some of the stories and characters in those old Welsh mythologies. Mr Timothy Davies, B.A., Rev. R. J. Jones, M.A., Rev. R. Williams, and the chairman contributed to the discussion. A full report appears in the current issue of H TariMl y Gweithiwr." Miss Morfudd Davies, Miss S. M. Morgan, and Messrs Timothy Davies, J. Davies (Iwan Goch), and the chairman were appointed to attend a conference of Cymrodorion and kindred societies at Barrv in March. BROTHERHOOD. At the Brother- hood meeting held in Green Street Chapel on Sunday afternoon the lesson was Genesis 20, where God's call to A bram is recorded. After the lesson the Rev. J. Ellis, president, gave a stirring address on "The divine impulse in Ahram and us." He remarked that now- <\tIa we did not use the foriii "divine impulse," but rather said flippantly we had a "notion" or a "fancy." How were we to identify the divine suggestion? W-11 the first impulse was generally less -Ifisli than the seCond, and WI"- might. IK* certain that every unselfish im- pulse came from God. God gave a great command to Abram. but it was accom- panied by a great promise. It was worth otir while to make an alliance with God. Abram obeyed the call, and his track out of Chaldea was marked with altar-which denoted sacrifice. | Abram trusted his destiny to God, and yet he could not trust one little detail to God. He told a king a lie concerning his wife, and this heathen monarch re- buked Abram for his lying conduct. We could not excuse our errors by saying that the father of the faithful erred. We should copy his virtues and not his failings. FAREWELL AND PRESENTATION. —Last Wednesday evening the Aberdare and Mountain Ash Staffs of the London and Provincial Bank met at Miles's Restaurant, where an interesting func- tion took place in honour of Mr E. L. Jones, late chief clerk at the Aberdare L. and P. Bank, and who has been ap- pointed to the managership of the Wrex- ham Branch of the same Bank. Mr C. M. Lewis, manager of the local branches, occupied the chair, and in presenting a silver salver to Mr Jones, said: "There is to me a side other than pleasant to gatherings such as this, from the fact that they invariably precede a parting. And while sincerely congratulating Mr Jones-as we all do-on his well-de- served promotion, I cannot but feel that I am losing a very capable and loyal lieutenant, and you a true friend, one who has performed his duties with marked credit and an absence of osten- tation that must have endeared him to each and all with whom he has come in contact. These are characteristics, gen- tlemen, that will carry him far in his new sphere, and will outweigh the self- advertising methods so generally adopted in the present day, and as some evidence that while earning the "Come up high- er of the dominating powers of the Bank, you, Mr Jones, have also earned the "well done" of your fellow-workers. We beg your acceptance of this silver salver that you may, be reminded of some of the happv hours spent in the society of those who know how to value merit at its true worth, and who found in you an example at its highest stand- ard. You are taking UP your new ap- pointment well equipped with the ar- mour of experience and ability, backed by a splendid institution, and we de- sire to add to that equipment this little token of our esteem and affection to as- sure the success we so heartily wish you. (Applause}.—Members of the staff heartily endorsed the words of the chair- man, and Mr Jones briefly and suitably acknowledged. TABERNACLE CHURCH. The annual meeting of Tabernacle English Congregational Church was held on Thursday. The meeting was preceded by a first-rate home-made" tea, all the edibles having been supplied by the members. The deacons' wives had charge of the function, assisted by a few others. Mrs John Morris superintended, and the trayholders were Mrs J. E. Thomas, assisted by Mrs J. Saunders, Mrs D. Phillips, assisted by Miss Morris, and Mrs J. A. Lloyd, assisted' by Miss Davips and Miss May Hopkins. Assistance in cutting, etc., was given by Mrs (Rev.) J. M. Jones, Mrs David Thomas, and Mrs J. Griffiths. Mr and Mrs Bevan (caretaker) attended to the brewing. The vestry had been very prettily de- corated by Mrs J. A. Williams and Miss Alice S. Williams. The Rev. J. M. Jones, M.A., pastor, presided at the meeting. Mr Jchh Morris, secretary of the church, read the report of the officers, which was considered en- couraging, the finances of the church being fairly satisfactory. Mr D. Law- rence moved and Mr J. A. Lloyd sec- onded that the report and balance-sheet be adopted, both paying a tribute to Mr Morris' efficient service as secre- tary. The pastor referred to the flourishing- condition of the Sunday School, of which Mr David Thomas is superintendent; Mr Tom Morgan secre- tary, and Mr T. Williams assistant secretary. Mr J. A. Lloyd moved and Mr J. Davies seconded a vote of thanks to all the officers of the church and Sun- day School for their services. Both motions were carried. Also it was de- cided, on the proposition of Mr James Jones, seconded by Mr J. Davies, that there should be a separate debt account, with Mr Saunders as secretary and Mr J. E. Thomas as treasurer. In the minis- ter's address to the members of the church, which appears in the annual report, Mr Jones refers to the lamented death during the year of three of the older members of the church—Mr W. Lloyd, Mrs Grubb, and Mrs Taylor. Mr Lloyd was one of the oldest officers of the church. He also expressed regret at the continued illness of another deacon, Mr D. M. Richards, who had the sym- pathy, not only of the church, but of the whole town with him in his severe trial. Recently the diaconate had been streng- thened by the addition of six new mem- bers, and he (Mr Jonesi was gratified to see the appointment having been made with such ease and agreement.