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Aberdare and Troedyrhiw.

Aberdare Trades Council.


Death of Mr. J. Bosher, Aberdare.





Football. BY "SPECTATOR." Association. Welsh League. — On Thursday last the Darians paid the penalty of fielding a weak eleven at the Vetch Field, Swansea, the Swans winning easily by 4 goals to nil. Three of the points were put on within the space of ten minutes, the home. forwards proving irresistible. While the Premiers were indulging their score licking at Abertawe, the local Thursdays were entertaining Stj. Michael's College, Llandaff. Consider- ing the heavy going the game was not a bad one to watch. The result-a draw of two goals each-about represents the merits of the teams. Cyril Smith failed badly from a yard out, but later made amends by scoring twice. The three in- side forwards of the College were a dangerous trio, and whenever they got away always spelled danger. Evan Wil- liams at outside right is rapidly im- proving, and with very little coaching would not disgrace better company. Cyril Smith continues to hug the ball much to the dislike of the crowd and to the detriment of his own side. 'Tis a a pity he cannot be persuaded to vary his plav a little. • • • On Thursday (to-dav) the locals visit Bargoed in search of league points. The Bargoed boys are hot stuff on their own ground, and will make great efforts to end the long run of successes enjoyed by Arthur Jones and Co. Should the Darians win, and beat Merthyr on the Ynvs, the championship is theirs. w Berrington, who turned out for Aber- dare against Treharris on Christmas Day, came in for special mention in the game Household Brigade v. London on Monday, week. He is a tall slingy play- er, his height serving him well when J laying at full back, his proper position, n the Treharris game he was severely handicapped in having to play at left half, the small ground also puzzling him. It is more than likely he will fcgain figure in the Dare eleven before the month is cut. < George Phillips received a well-earned rest last week. His position in the Swansea game was taken up by Bob Nash, but the latter did not have chance to shine. On Saturday the Darians journeved to Mardy to engage the Rhondda Fach men in a Welsh League match. In view of their Southern League games orr Mon- day (Ton Pentre) and Wednesday (Car- diff City) the Directors re-arranged the team, with the result that Bilson. Nash, Rose, Geo. Phillips, and Arthur Holden were rested. This brought in Fred Lewis at back, Pillinger and Parkes at half, and Bernie Lewis and Garnet Davies in the attacking line. The re- iiult was a foregone conclusion, and when the news came through that the Darians had gone down five to nil, no one was surprised'. Fred Lewis was un- fortunate to kick through his own goal. • • With all due deference to Bernie Lewis, 'tis passing strange that the Directors were unable to find a centre-forward more capable of filling this important position. As a goalkeeper this local product can hold his own with the best in the district, but he has never had any pretensions to shine as the pivot of the front line. Besides, he has given up playing serious football for some years. One cannot, however, but admire his pluck in coming to the aid of the execu- tive.. Lew Tippett has transferred his affec- tion from Risca to Mid-Rhondda. for .which club he made his first appearance I on Saturday against Treharris. Many are of the opinion that the Dare Direc- tors were at fault in not signing him up. But of course they are the sole judges of what they should and should not do. • • Followers of the dribbling code in the Aberdare Valley are wondering as to how many Tommy Daniel Jones's there are in South Wales. A paragraph in one of the evening papers states that Tom Daniel Jones, the international, is now resident at Cardiff, and has signed forms for the City. This is not correct, as Tommy, who recently passed his final law examination, lives in Aber- dare, and intends shortly to open up as a full-fledged solicitor in the town, The Thursdays are anxious to know when the Directors of the Town Team intend giving Cyril Smith a trial. He is worth it they say. 1t' In the Coventry-Merthyr game on Saturday, R. O. Evans, the Welsh cus- todian, gave a fine display between the sticks, and on one occasion only were the home forwards able to outwit him. « • • Southern League, Division II.— On Monday Aberdare entertained Ton Pen- tre at the New Athletfc Grounds. The terrible condition of the ground no I doubt was the cause of the lackadaisical play. The homesters won by three goals to one, and the margin would have been greater had the referee adhered to his decision when allowing the home team a penalty. One of the linesmen, Mr Gaccon, of Pontypridd, and who, by the way, is an old Ton player, raised his flag and the whistler went across for an explanation. The referee agreed with the flagman, and very rightly the crowd did not agree with either. The inci- dent was as follows: The Aberdare for- wards were racing towards the Ton goal, and at the proper moment the ball was slung across to Griffiths, who was in a good position. One of the Ton backs, scenting danger, deliberately pushed the H youngster" in the back and prevented him gathering the ball. Almost simultaneously the Darian u threw out one hand and touched the leather. The pushing incident was im- mediately spotted by the referee, who had no hesitation in awarding a penalty. Griffiths handled 'tis rue, but the foul against the Darians was the point upon which the man in charge should give his decision. Griffiths, Geo. Phillips, and I Thornton scored for Aberdare. Young. Evan Williams, the Thursday outside right, is leaving this country on March 6th for Canada. His presence in the Midweekers eleven will be greatly missed. He goes with the best wishes of all his chums, including yours truly. Aberdare's victory over Ton Pentre on Monday makes their position on the Southern League Table look very re- spectable as the following will show: — r Goals. P. W. L. D. F. A. Ps. Cardiff City 15 12 1 2 38 10 26 i Luton Town 15 10 3 2 32 24 22 Southend U. 14 8 3 3 30 19 19 Swansea Town 10 6 0 4 18 9 16 Aberdare 12 6 3 3 28 21 15 Croydon Com. 14 6 5 3 25 20 15 Pontypridd 14 4 4 6 20 15 14 Newport Co'tv 14 5 7 2 23 5 12 Mid Rhondda 17 4 9 4 18 28 12 IJanellv 13 4 6 3 18 24 11 Mardv 15 4 9 2 27 26 10 Treharris 13 3 10 0 10 32 6 Ton Pentre 13 0 11 2 9 43 2

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