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Godraaman. Drink Bowen's Ver-etta. Ask for it. Sold everywhere. FORESTRY. Mr. James Phillips, Pleasant View, district trustee of the Aberdare District of the A.O.F., has been appointed district secretary, as successor to the late Mr. Ozem Cook. Mr. Phillips is also treasurer of the Dyffryn Cynon Court of the same Order. He is also P.P.G.M. of the Aberdare District (M.U.) of Oddfellows. HARVEST FESTIVAL. On Sunday and Monday the harvest festival services in connection with Bethany English C-oug. Church were held. The church had been splendidly decorated with fruits and vegetables. The initial service was held on Sunday morning, when the Rev. J. T. Rhys, paster, occupied the pulpit. In the afternoon a crowded congregation attended, when the service of song, "A Harvest of S orrow," was gone through. I The polos were taken by Mr. Wm. Allen, Cwmaman; Miss Wasley, Cwmaman; Miss Rosie Jones, and Mr. Roger Wil- liams, Godreaman. A quartette, con- sisting of Misses E. Bennett and Lizzie Jones and Messrs. T. Morris and W. Morris (of Noddfa), sang "'Tis just when the night." The octette in one piece was sung by Messrs. George Davies, T. Morris, W. Morris, — Bryant, and Misses E. Bennett, Rose Williams, — Anthony, and Master Albert Davies. Aother solo was taken by Mrs. Evans, Clarence-terrace. The singing throughout was excellent, and reflects great credit upon the con- ductor, Mr. George Moses. His son, Mr George Henry Moses, A.L.C'.M., presided at the organ, and Mr. James Phillips, Pleasant View, read the narrative." In the evening' the special preacher was the Rev. Professor D. Tyssul Evans, M.A., B.Sc. (author of "The Life of I Caleb Morris"), Cardiff. He took his text from 1 Samuel vi., 13-15.—On Mon- day afternoon the sale of fruit and vege- tables took place. Tea was also provided, the trayholders being: — No. 1 Table: Misses Lizzie and Annie Jones, Margaret- street; No. 2, Mrs. W. Evans, George- street, and Miss Alice Griffiths; No. 3, Miss vVarlow and Miss Winnie Davies; No. 4, Miss Williams, Cobden-street, and Miss Bevan. The vegetable stalls were presided over by Mrs. J. Lee, Mrs. Hy. Evans, Mrs. J. Summers, and Mrs. S. Hillier. Fruit stalls: Mrs. T. Milsom, Mrs. T. Smart, Mrs. Griffith Thomas, Mrs. T. Evans, and Mrs. Baluwin. Cut- ters: Mrs. Geo. Edwards, Mrs. George Davies, and Mrs. John Davies, Gladstone- street. Rendering general assistance were: Miss R Bennett, Mrs. Harries (Cwmaman-road), Mrs. Wm. Lewis, and Miss Lewis (New-street). Mrs. (Rev.) J. T. Rhys acted in the capacity of stewardess. Amongst the male stewards were Messrs. David Badham, John Lee, and George Davies. Rendering assistance generally: Messrs. T. Jones, E. G. Har- ries, J. Summers, T. Milsom, and James Phillips. Mr. T. Evans made his sand- wich stall a thorough success. The secre- tary was Mr. Henry Evans, Cvnon-street, and the treasurer Mr. Thomas Smart. FUNERAL.—On Thursday afternoon the funeral of the late Mr. David Jones, 47, Jubilee-road (brother to Mr. Ifano Jones, Cardiff), took place in drizzling rain at the Aberdare Public Cemetery. A large number of messages of sympathy were received by the familv when the news of deceased's fatal accident at the Penrikyber Colliery was circulated. His eleath will be deeply regretted not only in the family circle, but also at Gwaw'r Welsh Baptist Church, where he was a faithful and generous member. He came to the Aberdare Valley when but eight years of age. He leaves a widow, five daughters, and one son. He was 59 years of age, and was well-known locally a, a colliery contractor. A large number of friends attended the cortege. Amongst these present we noticed: Messrs. Yorath, under-manager of the Penrikyber Col- liery; Leonard Bevan, Tredegar; John Dumayne, Harrow Inn; G. V. Jones, Castle Hotel, Aberdare; John Llovd, Dl. Jones, W. Morris, Penrhiwceiber; J. Griffiths, Llwydcoed; D. Griffiths, Mill- street; Rev. J. B. Davies, Abercwmboi. The officiating minister was the Rev. Dd. Davies, Gwawr. The mourners were as follows: -Gentlemen walking behind the hearse: Messrs. William Jcnes, son; George Bowen, Thomas Griffiths, and Fred Perriss, sons-in-law; William Jones, Loughor; Daniel Jones, Aberaman; Lewis Jones, Trecynon; James E. Jones (Ifano), brothers; Owen Jones and Thos. John Jones; Thomas Evans, Ben Thomas, James John Jones, Wm. Jones, Meredith Jones, Morgan Jones, Richard Davies, John Phillips, Ystracl; Fred James, Thomas John Jones and Jonah Jones, Trecynon, nephews; John Dyfrig Owen, David Owen, W. Owen, and J. Owen, Cwmtwrcb; Benjamin John and Thomas John, Morriston; Daniel Williams, cousins; Ben Edwards, Loughor, brother- in-law; John James Edwards and Morris Edwards, Loughor; Thomas John Jones, Scorey, Aberdare; John Taylor, nephews; Reuben Davies, Penrhiwceiber, and James Evans, Loughor, cousins. The other mourners were:—1st coach: Mrs. Jones, widow; Mrs. G. Bowen, Mrs. T. Griffiths, Mrs. E. Thomas, and Mrs. F. Perriss, daughters; Miss Gwen Jones, daughter; Master David Griffiths, and Miss Letitia Bowen, grand-children. 2nd coach: Mrs. Daniel Jones, Mrs. Lewis Jones, Mrs. Wm. Jones, and Mrs. James E. Jones, sisters-in-law; Mrs. Reuben Davies, Penrhiwceiber; Mrs. John, Mor- riston, and Master David Bowen, grand- son. 3rd coach: Mrs. Jane Davies, Mrs. Blodwen Jones, Mrs. Gwen James, Mrs. M. A. Phillips, Miss Maggie Ellen Jones, Mrs. John, Morriston, and Master Johnny Bowen (grandson). 4th coach: Mrs. Maggie Evans, Miss Lizzie Ann Edwards, Miss Sarah Jones, Mrs. M. Harries, and Mrs. M. J. Taylor. 5th coach: Mrs. Thomas, Loughor; Mrs. Owen, Cwm- twrch; Mrs. Nora. Thomas, Aberaman; Mrs. Catherine M. Evans, Mrs. J. Evans, and Mrs. Agnes Jones. 6th coach: Mrs. L. Harries, Jubilee-road; Messrs. D. Jones, L. Jones, and J. E. Jones, and the Rev. David Davies. Two beautiful wreaths were placed on the coffin, the one from Mr. J. Leonard Bevan (formerly of London House), and the other from Mr. John H. Jones, Godreaman.


Mountain Ash.

Diciest Mining Engineer.


Forty-six Years' Ministry.…

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Blind With Eczema.

Nationalisation of Mines.