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Aberdare Trades Council.



I NO HOLD ON LIFE. Doctors said she would go Into decline before she was Thirty. Rescued by the New Blood supplied by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. To see other people well and cheerful while remembering the doctor's warning that she might not, live beyond the age of 30, was the mournful lot of Mrs Elizabeth Wright, of 10, Dumple street, Scarborough. Yet to-day she says, "I am 35 years of nge, and am a strong robust woman." The details which she related of this splendid I transformation show the unfailing power of the New, Rich Blood supplied by Dr Williams' Pink Pills. "From early girlhood," said Mrs Wright, "until my cure by Dr Williams' Pink Pills I was worn to mere skin and bone for want of blood. I looked white and waxen, and dreaded going outside the house because people stared so and made remarks. Be- fore my twenty-first year I was so poorly that I could not even walk upstairs with- out the aid of tjie handrail, and a rest every few steps for breath. Nothing that I took helped me to make New Blood, and as I grew older my troubles increased. I could scarce- ly eat a couple of mouthfuls of food without sickness fol- lowing, and at nights I was nervous and restless until day- break. "After I was about twenty five I bad faint ting fits every few days, and suffered al- most contin- MRS. E. WRIGHT, who was cured by Dr. fl,'illiaiiis' Pittk Pills. ually with severe backaches and facial Neu- ralgia. Doctors said that I should fall away into decline before I was thirty un- less a miracle saved me. Yet I am thirty- five years of age and a strong and robust woman. At thirty, however, I was so feeble and helpless that it was dangerous for me to move without assistance. My heart had also become very weak after every few beats it would flutter or thump violently. "I was later treated at two different hos- pitals, and persevered for many months with my medicine, but the doctors said at last I was too ill for anything to cure me. One day, a friend persuaded me to try Dr Williams' Pink Pills. I sent for a supply, and after I bad taken only four boxes of these pills I began to regain stren- gth. I persevered, and after I had taken more supplies of the Pills my breathing grew comfortable, and my heart beat regularly and well again. Very soon my appetite awakened, and I relished meals as I had never done be- fore. Continuing with the Pills my food began to nourish me thoroughly. I soon felt the glow of New Blood in my veins, and my strength increased steadily every day. Within three months my illness was banished, and I was a strong and robust woman." Dr Williams' Pink Pills make women WELL as nb other medicine can, because these pills alone supply New, Rich, Red Blood. Through the New Blood these pills supply overflowing strength, sound nerves, and a clear, healthy skin. Besides Anaemia, Debility and Indigestion, they have' also cured Rheumatism, Eczema, Nervous Dis- orders, St. Vitus' Dance, and Paralysis; invaluable always for the aches and ills that afflict women. 2s. 9d. a box, or 13s. 9d. for six, post free, from Dr Williams' Medicine Co., 46, Holborn Viaduct, London. Always ask for Dr Williams'.


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