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MORIAH AMAN SUPPORTS BETHLEHEM. INTERVIEW WITH THE PASTOR. At the church meeting held at Moriah Aman Cong. Church, Cwmaman, on Sunday evening1, Nov. 8, the Rev. H. A. Davies, pastor, placed before the meet- ing the situation in the sister church at Bethlehem, Abercwmboi, where a num- ber of members had been expelled be- cause they entertained New Theology views. Thereupon it was proposed and seconded: That we pass a vote of sym- pathy with the church at Abercwmboi and of approval with the action of the pastor in dealing summarily with the New Theologians in the church." The minister asked all who were in favour of the resolution to rise to their feet, and every member present stood. Interviewed by a Leader representa- tive on this matter, the Rev. H. A. Davies immediately dropped into a re- miniscent but not by any means a pessi- mistic mood.. "I have been young and am now old," said he in effect. (Mr. Davies, it should be remembered, is the oldest Congrega- tional minister in the Aberdare Valley.) He remembered similar schisms which threatened the integrity of the orthodox church, but they had all come to nought." He well remembered the time when the Latter Day Saints found many converts and much sympathy in the ranks of local churches. Between 35 and 40 years ago the heresy of the Rev. Edward White caught on in many Congregational Churches, but eventually it vanished like smoke. Mr. Davies had vivid recollec- tions of the sensation caused when Dr. John Young, author of "The Christ of History," changed his views and aban- doned his denomination. « (Ne.w Theology,' indeed;" said Mr. Davies. It is as old as Sooiny*s, at any rate." Mr. Davies was perrrotly confi- dent with regard to the future' peace of our local churches. The storm of the present controversy would soon pass away. He was not the least alarmed when the breakers of scepticism assailed ^he impregnable rock," for it was only the "raging waves of the sea foaming out their own shame." out their own shame." Asked if he approved of the attitude of the Rev. J. B. Davies and Bethlehem. Church towards the New Theologians, the venerable rev. gentleman said that he did with all his heart. If other ministers and churches found themselves similarly situated it was their duty to take similar action. "I believe," said he, "in' every man having perfect liberty to hold any views, however heterodox, but it is but fair and honest on the part of these heterodox thinkers to sever their connection with the orthodox church. It is a violation of our Trust Deeds to allow people who deny the Trinity, for instance, to re- main in our churches."


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