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Abercynon Police Court


Abercynon Police Court WEDNESDAY.—Before Sir T. Marchant Williams (Stipendiary) and Capt. G. A. Evans. LANGUAGE. W. Williams, using indecent language iH Mountain Ash-road, Abercynon, fined 5b. and costs. OBSTRUCTION. Michael Fardy and Frank Luckers were charged with obstructing Margaret- street, Abercynon, by fighting. Police-constable Wilson said that defend- ants had only just commenced fighting when he appeared on the scene. They did not have their ooats off.—Fardy was fined 10s. and costs, and Luckers, who did not appear, 15s. and costs. FIERY CHIMNEYS. Henry Lewis, Rd. Squance, and David Price, Abercynon, and John Thomas, Ynysybwl, allowing their chimneys to catch fire, the first three 5s. each, and the last-named, who appeared to answer the summons, 2s. fd. SCHOOL ABSENTEES. David Richards, Ynysybwl, 5s.; Hugh Lewis, Ynysybwl, 5s.; Mrs. Nash, Ynysy- bwl, fine of 5s.; David Bateman, Aber- cynon, 5s.; David J ones, Abercynon, 5s.; Lewis Hughes, Abercynon, attendance order; John Owen, Penrhiwceiber, ad- journed for the month; David Davies, Penrhiwoeiber, whose little girl had been kept at home to nurse the baby, fined 10s.; Thomas Jones, Miskin, was ordered to send his boy to a Truant School, de- fendant to pay 6d. a week; Milsom White, Miskin, 5s.; Wm. Stanford, Mis- kin, was summoned in respect of his boy and girl. The child's grandmother ap- peared and handed a number of attend- ance cards to the Bench. The Stipendi- ary after examining these cards said they were too ancient, and inflicted a fine of 5s.; Wm. Bowen, Tyntetown; John Wil- liams and Benjamin Teague, Ynysboeth, 5s. each; Mary Eynon, Mountain Ash, dismissed, the Stipendiary stating' that the attendance was 90 per cent., which was not at all bad for Mountain Ash. John Parrington, Mountain Ash, 10s. in respect of his boy, and 5s. in respect of his girl; Wm. Jones, Mountain Ash, 20s., and David Jones, Mountain Ash, 208. COLLIERY OFFENCE. Daniel Harding, collier, and John Wil- liam Hughes, lampman, were charged, the former with having used a lamp which was not fit for use, and the latter with having given it out for use. Mr. F. P. Chaarles, who appeared for the Colliery Co., said that defendants were employed at the Dowlais Cardiff Colliery. It was not a serious offence, but it could not be over-looked. How- ever, the Company did not want to press the charge. Evan Humphreys, fireman, gave evi- dence of having seen the lamp, and Mr. Bruoe Jones, manager, proved the rules. Fined 10s. each. TRESPASSING. John Taylor and Thomas Stonary, tres- passing in search of game near Pont- cynon, 10s. and costs each. HAVING HIS OWN BACK. ALLEGED WOUNDING. Evan Evans, collier, Abercynon, was charged with unlawfully wounding P.S. E. Bees in the execution of his duty. P.S. E. Rees, who had his head band- aged, Slai that about 10.45 p.m. on Nov. 25th he saw the prisoner and other men outside the Ynysmeurig Hotel. P.C. Jones was with witness. The men were drunk, and were cursing and swearing. The landlord's son was on the door try- ing to keep them out. He (witness) re- quested them to go away, but they re- fused. P.C. Jones and himself then re- moved them by force. The men then went away, and witness proceeded to the Thorn Hotel. After seeing that place closed, he returned alone along Mountain Ash-road. Witness was about 40 yards from the Workmen's Hall, when the prisoner passed him on the left side. Witness took no particular notice of him, but jufet after he passed he received a blow on the left ear. He fell on his knees, got up, and fell again, completely stunned. A young' man came to his as- ne40 sistance, and prisoner ran away. P.C. Jones then came on the scene. They went to prisoner's house, but he was not in. They then went to Dr. Griffiths' surgery, where witness had two or three stitches placed on his ear. P.C.'s Jones and Williams then arrested prisoner next door to where he lodged. Witness asked what he meant by throwing a stone at him, and he replied, "I had my own back." Prisoner was drunk at the time. Next morning prisoner was charged, and he said: H I don't remember much about it. I don't know what I was about." He was asked what he did it with, and he replied, H With a stone something like this (pointing to a &tone as big as a man's first). Prisoner: Why did you punch me about near the Ynysmeurig? Witness: I did not. It was P.C. Jones that caught hold of you. Prisoner: You punched me. The pub- lic has got to be protected a,s well as you. Ivor Jones, ,Toll.ier, Abercynon, said that on Monday night, about 11.16, he heard a blow and he saw some one fall, and afterwards saw P.S. Rees staggering. He had seen prisoner passing before he heard the blow, and saw him running away. Cross-examined by prisoner, witness said he did not see the stone thrown. In reply to the Clerk, he said that he did not see prisoner's face that night. He identified him that morning by his clothes. Prisoner had been placed amongst several men. P.C. David Jones corroborated P.S. R,ees' evidence. Dr. J. Griffiths said he first saw Sergt. Rees at 12 o'clock on Monday night. He was suffering from shock, and from a wound on the side of the head. There was a lacerated wound from the back of the top of the ear down to the centre of the ear in front. It completely divided the skin. The ear was separated from the attachment to the skull. He had to put four stitches in it. Then there were two other wounds on the ear. There was also a number of scratches, and a con- tusion of the temple muscle. Prisoner was committed to Quarter Sessions, bail being allowed in two sUm of .£50 each. DRUNKS. Harriet Lineger, drunk in Victoria- square, Aberdare, 5s. and costs; Wm- Pugh, in Ynysineurig-road, 158. and- costs; J. Parry, in Ynysybwl, 10s. and- costs; John Oakley, in Abercynon-road,. 5s. and costs. LOCAL LLOYD GEORGE. The case of Elizabeth J. Williams v. her husband, from Mountain Ash, was called. M r. S. Shipton said it was a case of desertion. He acted for the parties,; and a settlement had been effected. Catherine Conway v. James Conway was next called. Mr. Shipton announced- a settlement in this case also. Stipendiary: Did you settle that, too.? Mr. Shipton: Yes, sir. Stipendiary: Mr. Lloyd George will be getting envious of you. ASSAULTS. Chas. Davies, Abercynon, summoned' Frank Luckers for assault. The parties lodged in the same house. Davies said; that Luckers struck him without any provocation. P.C. Wilson said that Davies came down to the Police Station. He had his eye discoloured. Fined 20s. and costs or one month. Ellen Mainwaring, Abercynon, was summoned by Alice Edwards for assault. The parties lived next door to each other. The assault was of a trivial nature, and the case was dismissed. Robert Farrow, Mountain Ash, charged, Owen Wm. Rees with assault. Mr. Ship- ton represented Re,es, who complained of having been struck outside the Allen's- Arms. Witness added that defendant was a chucker-out in the Jeffrey's Arms. Jeremiah Murphy deposed to witnessing- the blow.—Fined 406. and costs. JUDGMENT SUMMONS. Richard Pugsley, Resolven, was or- dered to pay X5 lis. Gd. a month ago for fraudulently removing furniture. — He was now ordered to pay within a month or go to prison for a month.—Mr. Proe- ser (C. and W. Kenshole) appeared for Messrs. Nixon Co., who prosecuted.


Presentation at Aberaman.


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