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CymmrodoHon Aberdar.


CymmrodoHon Aberdar. On Friday a meeting of the Aberdare Cymmrodonooi Society was held at the County School. The Rev. J. Mcrgui, vice-president of the Society, occupied the chair, and there was a good number present.—Mr. J. Griffiths, Park Schoolb, read a brief but comprehensive paper on the late Mr. W. Williams (Caarw Coch;, and gave quotations from his works. Carw Coch, the father of Councillor L. N. Williams, Aberdare, was a. clever man in many respects. He was a man of considerable literary abilities, an excel- lent poet, an ardent Eisteddfodwr, and very hospitable in his entertainment of all peregrinators, especially those who were of the household of the bardic faith. —The Chairman remarked that in his son, Councillor L. N. Williams, Carw Coch had had a better resurrection, lie was rightly named "'Carw (stag) for in- tellectually he was swift, nimble, and powerful. He was giad to see present Mr Williams, who was the illustrious son of an illustrious sire. He was sure they were all glad that he had safely returned from the far West.—The Chairman now called upon Mr. T. J. Thomas, B.Sc., Abertillery, who is perhaps better known by his pen-name Sarnicol. His subject was "Tcsbryd y Celt." Sarnicol's de- scription of the Iberian of old was most poetic and thrilling. The Iberian pre- ceded the Celt, who was quite another type of man. The latter came to Britain from the Netherlands. It was believed that the Iberian came originally from Egypt, and the two met in Britain. They intermingled and became one nation. It was from this combined David and Goliath—the Iberian and the Celt-that. the Cymro issued. He inherited the harp of David and the shield of Goliath. The speaker then read Kenan's very vivid and realistic description of the Celt, and followed with Matthew Arnold's defini- tion of him. That the Englishman had inherited to a large degree the Celtic spirit was proved by the Celticism which was so very evident in some portions of the works of Shakespeare. For instance, that very pretty passage from "The Tempeet/' We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is round- ed with a sleep." What a fine specimen of Celtic sentiment! Mr. 0. M. Edwards had remarked that the geographical fea- tures of England and Wales respectively were emblematical of the characteristic features of the Englishman and the Welshman. The lecture was very fre- quently and loudly applauded. xh« Chairman, rising, referred briefly to the distinctive traits in the characters of the various nationalities.—Mr. G. George (Gruffydd Dyfed) was the next speaker. He held that the worshipping element was more pronounced in the Welsh than in any nation under the eun. He de- plored the shyness which handicapped the Cymro in his life struggle. Probably it was the effect of the spurning heel of the oppressor. Perhaps also the plain- tive mood which was so evident in his melody had some play in the formation of his chara,-ter.-The Rev. J. Tudor, B.A., alluded to the similarity between some of the Welsh idioms and those in the Hebrew tongue, and he believed that in their ancestral sources the Hebrews laid the Celts had not been very far fcpart. Mr. Tudor proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Thomas. The Rev. M. iSvan6, Highland Place, seconded the vote of thanks. He remarked that in listen- ing to Mr. Thomas they had had a re- markable demonstration of the spirit of the Celt. The vote of thanks was cord- ially carried. Mr. Thomas proposed a >ote of thanks to the chairman and to Mr. J. Griffiths. Mr. L. N. Williams seconded. Mr. Williams greatly appre- ciated the kind references made by Mr. Griffiths to his (Mr. Williams) father. One of the first acts that he recollected in connection with his boyhood days was heading the sign which hung outside the Stag Hotel in Trecynon, where his father ided. He purposed, if spared, to pub- lish some of the works of his beloved father. (Applause.)

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