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—T—————' ABERDARES WELSH SOCIETY. "Y ddraig goch a ddyry gycbwyn." The Welsh Society at Aberdare has com- menced its career. The most notable feature of the preliminary meeting held at the County School on Friday evening was its representative character. Min- isters of various denominations, and laymen drawn from the classes and masses were present. Many local men who are distinguished in literary circles —for Aberdare is still a power 'n Welsh literature,-had assembled We trust that the energy and enthusiasm dis- played at this first meeting will not eva porate into inactivity and indifference. Patriotic stamina has in past years been characteristic of the public life of Aber- dare. For many years, however, Welsh Nationalism has been .an abstraction here. Now that it has assumed a con- crete form in the shape of a Welsh Society, we trust that the Welsh spirit will resuscitate, and that the dry bones of patriotism .vill put en flesh. We are assured by our national seers that a Welsh renaissance is sweeping over the land of our fathers. A renaissance or revival of any kind must, to be success- ful, possess a strong element of spon- taneity It cannot be engineered by means of organisations. But to make the movement a living one, it is neces- sary, not only to breathe into its nostrils the breath of patriotic enthusiasm, but also to provide it with a healthy body. IV. make the national movement power- ful and permanent, Welsh societies of some kind should be established through- out the Principality. If these could be made the mouthpieces of the national sen- timent in each district, Welsh National- ism would not die. Too much import- ance should not be attached to our nation's vocabulary. A healthy tongue is not the one and only test of vitality. We must watch lest the Cymric consti- tution should show symptoms of organic deterioration in other directions also. Let us see to it that the heart and spirit of the nation aro also healthy and robust.

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