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X Estab. 1875. X You may go a long way and pay a big price, but there are few that can Cure CORNS, BUNIONS, and ESPECIALLY INGROWING NAILS like our friend D. Jaqes, 68, Ynyslwyd St.,Aberdare and as to MAKING A GOOD HAND- SEWN BOOT he is without an equal. He has lived in the same house over 30 Years. His Testimonials are many. Truly it can be said of him: He makes the lame to walk." His porous plaster never fails to cure Lumbago, etc. X X Possesses the GREATEST HEALTH AND LIFE-GIVING PROPERTIES the World can producer and which exist in no other preparation. REMARKABLE RECOVERIES. Beware of Piracy and Fraud. NEW LUNG HEALER DEAKIN S MIRACULOUS CHEST, COUGH, AND LUNG HEALER. Will immediately arrest the course of the disease and guard against all ill effects; possesses marvellous healing and tonic pro* perties, and gives instant Relief to Ctrngas, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Difficulty Breathing, etc. It is very beneficial, and proved for many years a BOON and a BLESS- ING to THOUSANDS of SUFFERERS. Prices, iai and 2/3, of all Chemists and Stores* 1/3 or 216 from the sole proprietors and inventors. G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. The Inflammation Remedies Co., BLAENAYON. A Fortune waiting for you. In the most fortunate Payment of event, you can win all prizes 600,000 marks is guaranteed say JC30,000 by sterling. Government. An invitation to take part in the ■■ Great Hamburg Money Lottery j in which payment of all the prizes is ( guaranteed by the Government of the State of Hamburg. > M9,841,476 or about 1492,070 Sterling is the total sum of all prizes. The entire number of tickets issued is 100,000 of which 48,405, consequently } nearly one-half of all tickets issued must draw a prize. The highest prize will eventually be { 600,000 Marks or 430,600 i sterling in the most fortunate case. Especially there are the following principal prizes:— i premium of 300,000 Marks I premium 200,000 ,t J i premium 60,000 i premium 50,000 I premium 45,000 i premium 40,000 ? i premium 35,000 i premium 30,000 1 prize 100,000 „ 1 prize 60,000 } 1 prize 50,000 1 prize 40,000 i prize 30,000 H 7 prizes 20,000 t. i prize 15,000 ,t i II prizes 10,000 46 prizes 5,000 103 prizes 3,000 163 prizes „ 2,000 539 prizes 1".000 It 693 prizes 300 II 181 prizes 200 One German Mark is equal to one English Shilling. In all, the Lottery contains 48,4°5 prizes and 8 premium-prizes. The latter are additional prizes awarded in each drawing to the re- spective ticket drawn the last with a principal prize in accordance with the regulations of the official prospectus. All prizes must be surely won in 7 drawings within the space ot a feW months. The highest possible prize of 1St drawing amounts to Mk. 50,000 in- creases in 2nd drawing to Mk. 55,000 in 3rd to Mk. 60,000 in 4th to Mk. < 65,000 in 5th to Mk. 70,000 in 6th to Mk. 80,000 and finally in 7th drawing to Marks 600,000. A whole ticket for 1st Drawing I costs 6/- Half-a- Ticket 3/- Quarter-of-a-Tic^et 1/6 I send the official prospectus showing the stakes for participation in the fol- lowing drawings and the detailed list of prizes to everybody gratis and post-free k on application. ) The official result-sheet is sent to .• every ticket-holder immediately after the drawing. I; The payment and forward- ing of the amounts won has my personal and prompt attention- Every transaction is treated confiden- I tially,absolute privacy being guaranteed. Tickets are sent only against cash which thereforeshould accompany all orders. Remittances may be made by Cheque, Bankers Draft, Post Office Orders, or Postal Orders made payable to Samuel Heckscher, senr., Hamburg, and should always be crossed. The postage on ordinary letters is zid. Seeing that the drawing is now fast appoaching, I shall be obliged if you will send me your erder at once, how- ? ever, not later than OCTOBER 31st. SAMUEL KECKSCHER, Senr., i BANKER, Hamburg, Germany. -[, To save writing a letter, fill out this blank form and address same to Mr. SAMUEL HECKSCHER, senr., BANKER at HAMBURG, Germany. ORDER FORM. Please send me ticket for next drawing of HAMBURG LOTTERY for which I enclose by Postal Orders have sent separately by Order the sum of Name and full address: Printing of every description dot rfteatly and promptly at the "Leader Office. Coloured work a speciality.

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