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Mountain Ash Jottings. BY "LUCIFER," I remember hearing some time ago of a petition for the abatement of the dust nuisance from the Deep Duffrvn Collier- ies. The. nuisance has not lessened one whit. In fact, a friend of mine thinks it is considerably worse He ask-ad me tc step into his garden (Richmond Road) and see the effect it had on the flowers growing there; they were simply smothered with ashes. The lady next Clonr also called my attention to some white sheets hanging out to dry, and I quite believed her -when she said they were dirtier than when they were placed ir the tub. I wonder if a deputation of the women, with last week's washing as an ocular demonstration of the foul nuis- ance, would prove of any avail. I understand that Mr. T. Glyndwr Richards has finally decided to take his Male Voice Party to America. He has been offered a five months tour, but I be- lieve it is by one of those numerous farm- ing entrepeneurs with which the States abount. Yet methinks T.G.R. is too old a bird to be caught by such foreign chaff. Nothing is more likely to give satisfac- tion to the general public than. the smart- ness displayed by one of our local police officers. P.C. Wm. Rees is one of the youngest addition to the force, and his recent captures redound greatly to his credit. This sort of thing gives one a lietter feeling of security, and to know that our lives and property are being looked after by such zealous officers. The benefit concerts have passed away, but there was one pleasing feature that stood out boldly. I could not help notic- ing the blind boy Stanley Gregory. I feel sure that Mr. Tudor Davies and his hard working committee must feel highly de- lighted and proud of the hand they held cut to a helpless boy. He has the mak- ing of a splendid musician, and above all is a gentleman. What a number of choirs and parties there are now. I was having a look round, and could count no less than 11 distinct choirs, etc., in the district. I notice Mr. Richards has formed another choir, but the practices are badly attend- ed only two sopranos turned up to prac- tice a fortnight ago. Mr. Herbert Llew- ellyn is also going great guns with his happily styled "Gleemen." There r- Mr Hugh Ellis and his party, and Miss Morris and her ladies choir. Oh, the rity of it! Would there were some octc- pus-li'ke individual that would stretch out his tentacles and enclose them all in one happy fold. Everyone will rejoice with me that the threatened extinction of the Evening Continuation Classes has been avoided. The news will come as a great relief to many intending students. Dear Mr. Editor, pardon my excursion into the regions of Sweet 'Berdar, but I felt so sorry for 'that happy little party who started away, regardless of expense, etc., end returned home minus a wheel, and never even splashed a mudguard.


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