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W | Business Enterprise. <4 @ I HALL & SONS | 9, Cardiff Street, Aberdare, § H Have now opened their I VICTORIA SQUARE SHOWROOMS I (OPPOSITE BLACK LION HOTEL). || ft §§ s @ Newest Designs in Furniture. || s§? & The LARGEST STOGK and the LOWEST PRICES in the Valley. § AA I' SEE WINDOWS. Expiration of Lease. Giving up Business. The whole of the Stock MUST BE SOLD duping the next few days Regardless of Cost. ( Sweeping Reductions in Hats, Ties, Shirts, Caps, Overcoats, &civ These Goods MUST be Sold. nm opoAlV h, mana n MEn 0 MR.MF J. W. MORRIS, Hatter, Hosier, Sc., 39, COMMERCIAL ST., ABERDARE. MOVE AND EMPLOY THE j VsJl TAFF YALE COAL CO's /MT ESTIMATES ON (Jones Bros.) ^-Ttt FU~RN1TURE_RFiirni'l'lirP VQ hq MjV/' Tafff Vale Coal Co. rUrnrUiriS Vaifdi B Y R 0-a Experienced Packers employed Offices: 22, OXFORD ST., MOUNTAIN ASH- Pianoforte Playing! MR. THOMAS HUGHES, Teacher of Master Percy Hughes, the greatest boy pianist in the World, Is prepared to take a limited number of pupils who are anxious to become good players, and are willing to work. Only those who can practise at least one hour each day will be accepted. For terms, &c., apply-I7, SEYMOUR ST., ABERDARE. WM. USHER & Co., ORIGINAL FINANCIERS, 14, Commercial Street, ABERDARE. (Over Mr Lloyd's, Grocer). 7 LENT: UHkHJ No Fees. mgF — Personal attendance on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1 to 7 p.m. Or please write to Head Office: 14, Picton Place, SWANSEA. Are you a Photographer? If so, I should like you to come and inspect my stock of photographic goods Many photo- graphers, both amateur and otherwise, have done so, and have been good enough to say that the inspec- tion paid them. I have the latest styles and makes, and all prices are moderate. I have a good price lis: ask for one it is free. —.— t E. THOMAS, Chemist ABERAMAN. Possesses the GREATEST HEALTH AND LIFE-GIVING PROPERTIES the World can produce, and which exist in no other preparation. REMARKABLE RECOVERIES. Beware of Piracy and Fraud. NEW LUNG HEALER DEAKIN S MIRACULOUS CHEST, COUGH, AND LUNG HEALER. Will immediately arrest the course of the disease and guard against all ill effects. It possesses marvellous healing and tonic pro- perties, and gives instant Relief to Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, etc. It is very beneficial, and has proved for many years a BOON and a BLESS- ING to THOUSANDS of SUFFERERS. Prices, lli and 2/3, of all Chemists and Stores. 1/3 or 2/6 from the sole proprietors and inventors, G. DEAKIN & HUGHES, The Inflammation Remedies Co., BLAENAVON. < Prepaid Small Advertisements Inserted at the following specially low rates. One week 4 wks. 13 wks s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 words 0 6 1 6 3 0 28 „ 0 9 2 3 5 3 86 „ 1 0 8 0 7 9 Remittances may be made by Postal Orders or half-penny stamps. If not prepaid double rate will be charged. Advertisement and Publishing Offices, Market Street, Aberdare. SITUATIONS VACANT. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED an Experienced General, good references.—Apply Mrs George, 24, Seymour-street, Aberdare. WANTED Strong Lad as apprentice to the Grocery Trade or im- prover.—Apply, Tom Evans, Whitcombe Street, Aberdare. GIRLS wanted at Bowen's Mineral "Water Works. Must be over 16 years of age, RIDER AGENT to ride, exhibit sam- ple cycle and take orders. Large profits easily made without interfering with ordinary employment. — Write for full particulars. Mead Cycle Co., Agency Dept. 568y, Liverpool, j APPRENTICE.-Boots Cash Chemists have a vacancy in their Aberdare branch for a well educated gentlemanly youth about 15 or 16 years old as ap- prentice to the Drug trade. Special terms offered to suitable applicant.— Apply in first instance to local manager. WANTED. WANTED Situation as Barmaid; thoroughly experienced.—Apply, Miss V. Jones, 16, Little Wind street. Aberdare. WANTED by young man. good lodgings or rooms at reasonable terms. Near Aberdare railway station. —Willis, C/o. Gibbs, Commercial street, Aberdare. LOST. LOST a Lemon and White Spaniel, answering to the name of Gin- ger." Anyone returning same to In- dustrial Farm, Aberdare, will be re- warded, Detainer prosecuted. FOR SALE. TWO Fish Carts, in very good condi- tion. May be seen at any time. Will sell cheap.—Apply, Vicary & Co.. Aberdare. FOR SALE.—96, John street, Aber- cwmboi.—Apply by letter, Ivor J. John, 71, Monk street, Aberdare. FOR SALE, Gun (bargain)—Double Breech-Loader, latest improve- ments, 12-bore, central fire, top lever, left-choke barrel, extension rib, approval, 38s.-13, Newcastle street, Merthyr. FOR SALE. Gas Engine in good condition. Will sell at a sacrifice. —Apply, J.E Leader Office. TO LET. COMFORTABLE Furnished Sitting and Bedroom to let. Suit gentle- man or two friends. Terms moderate.— Apply, 24, Dean street, Aberdare. BWLLFA DARE FARM, I ABERDARE. Distant 2t miles from G.W.R. and T.V.R. Stations. Annual SURPLUS STOCK SALE. Mr. J. HOWELL, F.A.I., Has received instructions to Sell by Public Auction at the above farm, on Tuesday, October 8, 1907 The following STOCK, viz., 22 Fat and Store Steers, two and three years old. 130 fat Wethers. 130 breeding Ewes. 240 fat Lambs. 6 stock rams. Luncheon at 12.30. Sale at 1.30 sharp. Terms 3 months credit on approved security to purchasers of fxo and upwards, or 3d. in the £ on sums of fio and upwards allowed for cash payments. Auctioneer's offices, Greenhill, Aberaman. NOTICE. I HEREBY give notice that I shall 1 not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, JANE SMITH, after this date. Signed, TOM SMITH. 66, Gloucester street, Aberdare. September 26th, 1907. ABSOLUTE CLEARANCE SALE, to-morrow, Friday, Sept. 27, at, 7 p.m. in the Market Hall, Aberdare. Messrs Burgess & Co., will 3ell by Auction to-morrow, Friday, September 27th, at 7 p.m., the remaining surperior FURNITURE, Piano, Bedsteads. Carpets, 91 Linoleum, China, Electroplate Cutlery, Oil Paintings, and effects, qn view till sale time. No reserve, all must be sold. —r OPENING SATURDAY, OCT. 5th. 'I ^2 ^1 c |.0«» C* I)iv Stpeetis 0 0)(.(0 5" AT 49a, COMMERCIAL ST., ABERDARE. NO FEE FOR CONSULTATION. MMXJ Miles's d R esta Iu r a imalft] L t 2, Canon Street, Aberdare. Proprietors R. H. MILES & SONS, I The well-known Meat Purveyors. HOT LUNCHEONS DAILY 12.30 to 2.30. Large Dining Hall and Tea Robms on Ground Floor. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION. P.O. Telephone, 29 ABERDARE. To Builders. TENDERS are invited for building two houses in Ynyslwyd road, Aberaman, for Mr Davies, 22, Bwllfa road, Cwmdare. Plan and specification can be seen at the Architect's office, 1, Glanant street, Aberdare. Endorsed tenders to be sent in to me, not later than October 3rd, 1907. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ALEC S. CAMERON. Architect. MARKET HALL, ABERDARE. A GRAND COMPETITIVE CONCERT (under the auspices of the Aberaman Silver Band), will be held on Monday. October 28th, 1907" £ s. d. Open Solo. Female voices. Own Selection. 320 Open Solo, Male Voices. Own Selection. 220 Open Solo. Juvenile (under 15 years of age). Own Selection, ist. 10 6 2nd. 5 o Open Duett. Any Voices. Own Selection. 220 Open Solo on any Brass Instrument Own Selection. 1st 1 I o 2nd 10 6 Adjudicators: W. J. Evans, Esq.. Aber- dare, and H. Bentley, Esq., Tonyrefail. Accompanist: Prof. R. Howells Entrance Fee is. for each event, which must be sent to the undersigned, on or before Saturday, October 26th. W. B. Jones,see., 19, Gladstone st.,Aberaman


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