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Mountain Ash Jottings.


Mountain Ash Jottings. BY "LUCIFER," I notice that the veteran cyclist, Tom James, is on the warpath again. His latest challenge to the champions will come as a bit of a surprise. Considering that 18 years have sped by since Tom first began winning championships, it nothing short of marvellous. May your legs, Tom, never grow less, for I'm sure your pluck won't. I I hope the Post Office authorities will r forgive me for drawing attention to a small matter. I refer to the lamp over the letter-box, ürnetimcs it is lighted and sometimes not, and it is always put out at e;:ght o'clock; why not leave it lighted till the 8.45 despatch has gone? It is exceedingly tiresome fumbling about in the dark, and besides one is not always certain of posting the correct missive. What a number of rag and bone men have been seen lately about our streets. Householders should be on their guard, especially when there are any copper or lead pipes about. It is astounding hew those weary looking nags can hop along when a few pounds of lead or an odd bicycle or two has been stowed on the cart. The Curate of St. Margaret's had a busy time the other evening. No less I than nine children were presented for baptism. Two of these belonged to P.S. Coleman. Now then, seme of you a'j- I eyed bachelors, choose ycur partners, and I procrastinate not ? Those who travel by the T.V.IL train should take note of the fact that the town j clock is a little, more than a minute be- hind the Taff time. I am not going to say which is correct, but I, in company with several others, have missed trains, and a man's language when he misses trains is something similar to that he uses on an obstinate collar-button.

New Showrooms.

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