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Carmel, Aberdare.

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ILabour Jottings. !-


The Railway Crisis.

Liberal Club, Aberdare.

Moral Teaching of Jesus.


Moral Teaching of Jesus. A REPLY TO THE SECULARIST LECTURER. Referring to the Secularist lectures de- livered at Aberdare last week, Rev. M. Evans, pastor of Highland Place Uni- tarian Church, said in the course of his sermon on Sunday morning that they had been told that the moral teaching of Jesus Christ was simply damnable. That did not mean simply that it was im- practicable, but also that it was injur ious. Far from believing that, he (Mr. Evans) would say that the moral ideal eet before them in the New Testament was perfectly scientific. If men had a clear vision. and had the courage of their convictions, and applied the sermon on the mount in their daily lives, then the ideal which they had been dreaming about would become an actual fact. The preacher then dealt with the beatitudes, pointing out the truth in relation to each of them. The Secularist lecturer had stated that it was a bad thing to re- ward a child for doing what was right, and that children as well as adults should be taught to speak the truth for truth's sake. He (Mr. Evans) could only say to that that it was absurd to expect of humanity in the present day to do the right without an eye for reward. It had been stated that Mr. Foote, the president of the N.S.S., was the last man who had been to prison for blasphemy. Mr. Foote was a brave man, no doubt, ani he was willing to give him credit that he was suffering for rignteoushess* sake. Whatever Mr. Foote had done for right- eousness' sake, even though he denied the Father, Jesus included him in the beatitude, « Blessed are they that are being persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." The ideal set by Jesus was far above u-.o, 1 and it expanded as our perception grew. That was no reason, however, why 1 people should decry it. | <01