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Abercynon Lad Drowned.



AUTUMN BHEilMTISM An Obstinate Enemy. A Lady crippled and tortured Finds New, Good Blood and a complete Cure in DR.WILLIAMS'PINK PILLS Our uncertain climate is responsible for many ailments, of which few entail more suffering than Rheumatism. Yet the fact is not fully recognised that Rheumatism's acute agonies are the result of a vitiated condition of the Blood, and only when the veins are re- plenished with new, good blood can the poisons causing Rheumatism be driven out of the system. The one great remedy capable of building up and puri- fying the blood is Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People; and the manner in which they cure Rheumatism is illus- trated in the case of Mrs Rooney, 51, Hayes street, Haslingden, Lanes. In--spite of warm clothing during changeable weather, I was attacked by Acute Rheumatism," she said, .1 and it threatened to ruin my constitution. The pains began in my hands, and grad- ually spread to my feet. All my joints became inflamed, and pains shot through my limbs and muscles day and night, nearly drivingme mad. I couldn't work, and I couldn't sleep. Indeed, I could not bear the weight of bedclothes upon my body. My hands became so contracted that I was crippled in every finger. Then my diges- tion was affected, and food caused sharp pains through my chest and back. The least change in the weather increased the tortures of Rheu. matism, and every draught punished me. I fought hard with every means in All her joints inflamed with Rheumatism; cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pill*. my power to conquer the Rheumatism, and besides taking medicine I applied powerful embrocations, but nothing gave hope of the least improvement. My breathing became difficult, and the least excitement caused my heart to palpitate distressingly, while all my strength van- ished. 1\ Friends then advised me to take a course of Dr Williams' Pink Pills, and I bought some, though I had no hope of ever being well again. To my joy 1 found this wonderful medicine gradually restoring my strength. After the third box I was well on the road to health, and after the sixth box I felt a tingling through my veins, and a comfortable warmth all over my body. I slept well at night, and food no longer caused indi- gestion. My breathing was easy, and as I continued Dr Williams' Pink Pills the inflamation left me, my joints grew supple, and eveiy trace of Rheumatism vanished. Dr Williams' Pink Pills cleared my veins of all the poisons of Rheumatism and gave me rich, pure blood." Not only Rheumatism but all diseases resulting from bad or impoverished blood have been cured repeatedly by Dr Wil- liams' Pink Pills for Pale People; they are in valualle in Ansemia, General Weakness, Indigestion, Eczema, Sciatica, Neuralgia. Nervous Dissorders, Paralysis and Ladies' Ailments. Sold at shops (but take care that the full name, Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, is on every package), or direct from the British Depot, 46, Hoiborn viaduct, London, post free for 2s. 9d. a box, or six boxes for 13s. 9d- An illustrated pamphlet describing many cures will be sent post free on application to above address.

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