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Abe rd a re Police Court.1

.Mountain Ash District Council.

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Miners' Federation.J

Aberdare Miners' Meeting


Aberdare Miners' Meeting The above was held on Monday, Mr. M. J. Morgan, Glyn Neath, presiding. There vere also present Mr. C. B. Stanton, miners' agent, and Councillor Illtyd Hopkins, secretary. A LEVEL DISPUTE' The Agent reported that the men wei e again out- at Parrisih's new level, having been sent back by the management. The District. instructed Mr. Stanton some time ago to ,st,op the place alto- gether if he thought -such a step fit to ttke. It was agreed that unless Mr, Parrisli was prepared to adhere to the ola system as to wages, hours, etc., the men should not return. WINDBEE COLLIE Tl Y. The men engaged at the ( d1- liery were going to meet Mr. Stanton for the purpose of drawing out a, price list. Mr. D. R. Llewelyn, the proprietor, had been aske"d for a scale of prices, Lnt he lad not yet submitted it. CWMNEOL BUTE SEAM. The A;follt had examined this seam, and was going to see +:he management in the course of the week, with the object of fixing the price list. If th? management continued in their present attitude, the men were to come out on strike. TREAMAN BLACK BEND, SEAM. A settlement had been practically effected here, the men having agreed to an increase of 6.66d. in the £ EMPIRE COLLIERY. It was reported that n per cent., which the men had le,t their employers off their wages, would be refunded. LLFA AND NA VOIELY X. Re these collieries, where n grievance existed over the payment for house coal, it was reported that Mr. R. Llewelyn had refused to improve the present system. Mr. Stanton will bring this matter he- fore the Conciliation .Board. FFORCHAMAN YARD SEAM. It was reported that the management had fixed a price list without the know- ledge of Mr. Stanton. The Agent was instructed to remind the Company that the price list in question was not to pre- judice any other which might he sub- mitted at a later stage. NEW COMPENSATION ACT. Numerous complaints had been re- ceived dealing with the operation of the New Compensation Act, regarding the action of tlil, citliloyer-s' medical men in insisting upon more than one examin- iition of an injured man. It was stated that legal opinion had been obtained, and the Agent was asked to warn the work- men at all the collieries that in case of an accident they were to bear in mind that no employers'" doctor had the right to examine any patient more than once until the claim had been submitted and paid. Mountain Ash Police Court. WEDNESDAY.—Before Capt. F. Is. Gray and Lieut. G. A. Evans. VACCINATION. Albert Beynon, Mountain Ash, applied for an exemption order—Granted. PATERNITY. Robert John Davies was summoned by. Nellie Williams, Pontypridd, to show cause. This case was adjourned from last court to enable complainant to pro- dace witnesses. No witnesses were forthcoming, and the case was further adjourned for six weeks. NON-PAYMENT OF RATES. There were 30 cases for non-payment of rates. Mr. D. T. Evans and Mr. W. Phillips, rate collectors, asked to have a few adjourned, defendants having paid something en account. Other cases were settled, 'the amounts having been paid in full. Distress warrants were issued against those persons against whom the cases were proved. DRUNKS. Daniel Leharne, in Oxford-street; Dd. Morgan, in Commercial-street, Moun- tain Ash; Jabez Herbert, Merthyr Vale, in Woodland-street, Mountain Ash, 10s. and costs each. OBSTRUCTION. Robert Broadbent, greengrocer, Ox- ford-street, was summoned for obstruc- tion. P.C. R. Thomas said that de- fendant was serving customers on the pavement. There were 30 or 40 persons standing in front of the shol).-Eined 5s. and costs. John Rossiter was brought up for ob- structing Penrhiwceiber-road, P.S. Bryer said that defendant had his coat off and wanted to fig said he had been tackled by a number of workmen who charged him with being a iiui,u-n,Loiii,t.-Fiiied 10s. and costs. NON-ATTENDANCE. John Charles, Pontvpridd, was sum- monecl for lea ving his "horse and cart un- attended. Defendant said he left the horse in charge of a boy, who ran away. Clerk: You must put the boy in the County Court for breach of contract, and make him pay your fine. (Laughter.) Fined 10s. and costs. SWINE LEVEE. Thomas Rees Evans, I, Thomas-street, Miskin, was summoned for not report- ing swine fever to the police. ing swine fever to the police. I Fined £1 and costs. I SUNDAY TRADING. For trading on Sunday the following vere fined 5s. each:—Annie Allen and Elizabeth Hobby, Tyntetown; P. Luigi, I Oxford-street, Mountain Ash; D. Sara- fino. Commercial-street;. Andrea, Oxford- street; and Sarah Clive, Mountain Ash. A VOLUBLE DEFENDANT. Henry Lloyd Tones, Oakwood, Moun- ¡ tain Ash, about 17 years of age, son of Aid. Wm. Jones, charged George Herbert Asplin with assault. Mr. X^wilym Jones, Mountain Ash appeared for complain- ant. Jones said that he was visiting h*s snster's house in Glancynon-street. Ho was crossing a garden, when defendant. who lived close bv, called him and asked what had he been saying about him at ilie Brick Works. Upon that defendant struck him on the jaw and afterwards caught hold of his throat and threw him down on a pile of stones. Defendant, who was very voluble, put a large number of questions to witness. Frederick Langley. in reply to Mr. Gwilym Jones, said he saw defendant catch hold of Jones' threat, and say, « You litfle swine of h I'll choke ,vcu." Defendant: You were a long distance away, and couldn't say whether I hit him, struck him, shook him, kicked him, or anything else. (Laughter.) A police constable said he saw marks on complainant's neck. A fine of 20s. and costs, .£1 14s. in ah, was imposed. MISKIN SEPARATION CASE. M. A. Davies, Glyngwyn-street, Mis- kin. a delicnte looking woman, who was allowed to sit whilst giving her evidence, Applied for a separation order from Unas. Davies. her husband.. Mrs. Davies said she had been married 16 years. She had leit her husband niue weeks ago because cf his cruelty towards her. A daughter of the parties gave evi- dence of cruelty, and an order of 12s. a week was made. Just after she completed her evidence complainant fainted, and had to be car- ried out of the court. V PENRHIWCEIBER THEFTS. Henrv Howells, Penrhiwceiber, was brought up for steeling wood, the pro- perty of (he Penrhiwceiber Colliery Co. P.S. Davies said he met defendant com- ing Itome from. work one evening. De- fendant appeared to be very bulky, and on searching him witness found that he was carrying a piece of pitch pine block vnder an overcoat, which was on his shoulder. Finjm lOs. John Chick, Penrhiwceiber, was charged with stealing wood and coal. P.S. Davies said that on Thursday, the 19th ult., he saw defendant leaving the Penrhiwceiber Colliery premises. Upon being marched he found that defendant had a block of wood 18 inches long, and about 28!bs. of coal inside an overcoat. Defendant was told he would be reported and he replied, "I hope you will look over it this time. I won't do it again." Fined 10s. Frank Mansel, Penrhiwceiber, was charged with stealing timber from the Penrhiwceiber Colliery. P.S. Davies said that on August 1st he saw defendant en the new road lead- ing from Tyntetown to Penrhiwceiber. He got over the cailingB and on to the colliery premises. He caught hold of 8 pieces oi timber, each about 4 ft. long. When he got back to the road he eaW witness, dropped the timber, and ran away. Witness gave chase, caught him, and told him he would be prosecuted. j Defendant asked witness to look it over. Fined 20s. .James Fitzgerald, Penrhiwceiber, was likewise charged. P.S. Davies again gave evidence, ancl a fine of 10s. was imposed P.C. Griffiths, Tyntetown, gave evi- dence against Margaret Cooper and Annie Griffiths,'who were charged with stealing coal from the Penrhiwceiber Collierv Tip. Fined 10s. each. THEFT OF A TABLE CLOTH. Thomas John Benbow, a boy, nine years of age, from Penrhiwceiber, was summoned for theft. Emma Blake, TyrfeKn-styeet, Pen- rhiwceiber. said she washed a table cloth OF Sept. 4th. and afterwards placed it en a line at the back of the house. A boy living in Woodfteld-terraea sard be was with Benbow, who jumped over the garden wall and threw the cloth out over the wall. Someone came along and defendant placed it in a grating. P.C. Charles said that he arrested the bey oh the evening of Sept. 4bh. The Bench bound the defendant over to come up for judgment when called upon. Asked by Col. Lewis what he intended doing with the cloth, the boy said he thought of pawning it. Col. 'Lewis: To buy sweets or to go to the theatre is it? Defendant No, to go to the Baths. 'Laughter.)

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