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.Mountain Ash District Council.


Mountain Ash District Council. On Tuesday, Mr. Thos. Jones, J.P., in the chair. Other members present: Mr. Bruce Jones, Capt. F. N. Gray, J.P., Rev. E. V. Tidman, Messrs. W. Millar, W. Griffiths, T. W. Jones, W. Fenwick, Evan Morris, J. P. Davies, R. Parsons, and W. Davies, with Mr. H. P. Linton (clerk), Mr. F. Stock (assistant clerk), and Mr. W. G. Thomas (surveyor). REFUSE TIPS. A committee recommended that the Council do not entertain any proposal to introduce a refuse destructor in the dis- trict at present, inasmuch as there was ample room for the depositing of ashes, etc. for some years to come. The com- mittee suggested that land near Pont- cynon be obtained from Messrs. Nixon, and that negotiations for land on Graig Evan Leyshon, Abercynon, and land near The Duifryn, be entered into with the Marquis of Bute and Lord Aberdare. The report was adopted. SCAVENGERS' WAGES. A committee which had considered the above, now recommended that the scavengers' wages be raised to 4s. 3d. per day, this rate to be equivalent to 57 per cent. on the standard wages of miners. Should the miners' wages be further ad- vanced or reduced, the rate of the scavengers should also be altered accord- ingly- Mr. R. Parsons: Is this the first time WE, are adopting this sliding scale sys- tem ? The Chairman said that it was. Mr. Bruce Jones thought that other workmen and officials would probably re- quire a change after this precedent. Mr. W. Griffiths thought likewise. Mr. R. Parsons said he did not believe in this new system. Finally the report was again referred back to committee. HOSPITAL MATTERS. The Hospital Committee reported that they had instructed the Surveyor to exe- cute some repairs at the hospital. The cost of provisions, etc to the patients was 4s. 8d. per patient per week, to mem- bers of staff 9s. 6d. each per week. Report adopted. GAS MANAGER'S APPLICATION. The Gas Manager, Penrhiwceiber, ap- plied for an increase of wages. He pointed out that the work had greatly in- creased since he was appointed. The application was referred to com- mittee. ABERCYNON SUBWAY. The Clerk read the agreement which he had drawn up, relating to the enlarge- ment of the subway under the Talr Vale Railway at Abercynon. The proposed expenditure would be about t2,200 on the part of the Council and a like sum by the T.V.R. Co. Mr. Bruce Jones asked that the Coun- cil should be represented* at the local en- quiry, whenever that would be held. The Clerk said that ample notice would be given before the Inspector would ar- range an Enquiry. COUNTY COUNCIL OFFICES. The Clerk of the Pontypridd District Council wrote that delegates represent- ing various Councils had met at Bridg- end to protest against the County Coun- cil Offices being erected at Cardiff. A further meeting would shortly be held. Mr. Parsons proposed, and Mr. T. W. Jones seconded, that Mountain Ash Coun- ci' be represented at the next meeting. Captain Gray moved, and Mr. W. Mil- lar seconded, that no action be taken. For the motion 6 members voted, and (j (including the chairman) for Capt. Gr as's amendment. The Chairman gave his casting vote in favour of the latter, and added chat in personal matters he had refused to vote in the first instance, but this was a pub- lic matter. LAND FOR ALLOTMENTS. Mr. G. A. Evans, acting for certain parties, said he would be very pleased to accommodate the Council if they would name the piece of land and state how much they required for the purposes of allotments. Mr. T. W. Jones having spoken in favour of entering into negotiations for the land, three members were appointed t') see Mr. Evans and to visit the spot. ELECTRIC LIGHTING. The Clerk read letters from the South Wales Electric Ptower Supply Co., Tre- forest, in reply to com.municatj.ons from the Council regarding a proposal to light the district. They were referred to the Electric Lighting Committee. PAYMENT FORTNIGHTLY. Mr. Parsons asked chat the stcne- breakers be paid fortnightly and not ir-, ontlilv.-Agi,eed. FIRE AT PENRHIWCEIBER. P.S. Bryer, Penrhiwceiber, reported that a fire had occurred at Penrhiw- ceiber. The damage was estimated at £ 280. CHANCERY COURT GRIEVA-NCES: It was decided, on the motion of Mr. Parsons, to erect a gas lamp in Chancery Court, Mountain Ash. Mr. Parsons observed that there was another grievance coming from Chan- cery Court, which consisted of four houses. The landlord had placed a wooden structure in front of the houses, with the result that the frontages had been completely blocked. The occupants had no access to their houses through the front door, and had to go in and out through the back entrance. He would like to ask the Clerk his opinion as to whether the landlord had any right to block the front entrance. Clerk: It is a matter between landlord and tenant. Mr. R. Parsons: The tenants are obliged to keep the front doors fastened. Clerk: If it is some offence against the health of the district, then you have a right to interfere. You may send the sanitary inspector there. Capt. Gray: Why do they not refuse to pay rent ? Mr. Parsons: I have told them to knock the obstruction down. Mr. Bruce Jones: Expose it in the press. Mr. Parsons: I have called attention to it. I don't care whether the press take notice of it or not. Would you, Mr. Jones, like if your front entrance were blocked ? (Laughter.) I It was agreed that the Sanitary In- spector should report. IMPROVEMENTS. Mr. W. Davies moved that the Sur- veyor report regarding a drain in Wood- land-street, Mountain Ash.—Agreed. Mr. W. Fenwick referred to the need of carrying out private improvements in North-street, Abercynon.

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