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SUNDAY TRADING. Sir,—It is more than likely that we are going to be treated in Aberdare much as Swansea has been dealt with during the past few years. There, it seems, the tewn is governed by a crowd of Sab- batical Faddists. These over-zealous puritans are responsible for over 2,000 prosecutions up to December, 1906. One newsagent alone has been prosecuted 320 times, and has paid t200 in fines. Others have had to pay similar amounts and yet the town has not got rid of Sun- day trading. This proves that Sunday trading is strongly supported by the pub- lic, and also proves that there is a great demand for various things on Sunday, and that this demand must be met. I am told that when the Welsh Sunday Closing Act came into operation, argu- ments were adduced by the supporter" of the Act that non-intoxicants could at all times be obtained outside iicensed houses. But now all almost pre-historio Act is being revived and people cannot get beer or small beer with their Sunday dinner. The rich man has his cellar and can enter it on a week-day or Sunday, but the poor man has to depend on these small shops for driuks. One thin amongst several others that strikes me as extraordinary about this Act is the difference made between a COllsumption on the premises and Consumption off the premises." The real Sunday trading is carried on inside the .shop, no matter whether the stuff sold is consumed on or off the premises. Modern Licensing Laws discourage the custom of people standing or sitting down for hours at a stretch in public-houses. The man who takes his bottle of beer home for dinner or supper is regarded as superior to him who consumes it on the premises. Why should it not be likewise on Sundays with respect to Temperance drinks? Tf this Act of Charles II. is going to lie enforced much longer, we must start an agitation for the repeal of the Sunday Closing Act. In England, when the Temperance estab- lishment is closed, they have the hotel supply to fall back upon, but here in Wales we are bound hand and foot, with both places closed. The Stipendiary rf-rcastically re- marked at Mountain At h last Wednes- day week that the County Council were not going far enough—they should not only close the coffee taverns and other places, but they should nlso pass a bye- law compelling people to attend churches and chapels! This addition may come later on, if we tolerate their present in- terference. I hope that our local County Councillors, who are, I know, sensible men, and hardly in sympathy with this modern persecution, will do their utmost at the next meeting to drop" the Act and consign it where the bones of Kiag Charles II. were laid centuries ago.- I am, etc., ANTI-FADDIST.



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