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Aberdare Horse Show.

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Aberdare Horse Show. ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL EVENT. Favoured by a gloriosuly fine day, and the Athletic Grounds in an excellent con- dition, the Aberdare Horse Show, held on Monday last, was a grand success in point of number and the quality of ex- hibits. One of the judges said that some of the horses were almost worthy of Olympia, while another remarked that he had seen as good horses there that day as one could see in a day's, march. The Shoeing Competition was a phen- omenal success, no less than 251 having entered the various classes. Messrs. W. R. Morgan and F. J. Caldi- cott performed the secretarial duties, and to their painstaking efforts much of the success ef the show is due. The President of the Show this year was Mr. A. P. Jones, High Constable. Committee: Mr. L. N. Williams (chair- man), Mr. A. S. Pleace (vice-chairman), Messrs. J. L. Hiley, W. Whiting, D. Rees Jones, J. D. Hughes, David Grif- fiths, H. C. Francis, M. Isaac, E. Evans, J. G. Churchill, G. V. Jones, Edgar Mor- gan, R. J. Tucker, W. Davies, It. Grace, Ernlyn Morris, M. W. David, J. Britton, W. Twigg, T. H. Davies, David Wil- liams, D. C. Davies, Tom Rees, W. Oliver, Lewis Jones, F. W. Hall, and M. J. Harris. Hon. Veterinary Surgeons: Messrs. J. Temple, A. W. Oxenham, and Arthur Jones. Handicapper, Mr. T. Williams, W.R.F.U., Lhvynypia. Start- er, Mr. A. J. Sheen. The Judges were: Heavy Horses, Mr. D. Rees, Ferndale. Harness Horses, Mr. S. B. Carnley, Al- ford, Lincolnshire. Saddle Horses, Mr. T. Bowen Davies, Yelvertoft, near Rug- by. Shoeing, Messrs. J. Stanley Saun- ders, Swansea, and Evan Owen, Mer- thvr. Messrs. M. W. David and R. Grace were chief stewards; Mr. YV. Davies ring steward; Messrs. G. V. Jones, Emlyn F. Morris, J. L. Hiley, Morgan Isaac, Lewis Jones, and E. Evans, collecting stewards. Shoeing, chief steward, Mr. H. C. Francis Time-keeper, Mr. William Twigg. Mr. J. H. Clarke was the marker. The Aberdare Town Band, under the conductorship of Mr. J. Manley, went through an excellent programme of music during the day. Luncheon was served in a tent on the field at 1.30, Mr. W. Hill, Aberaman, catering. Mr. A. P. Jones, High Con- stable, who wore his chain of office, pre- sided, and he was supported on the cross- table by Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., Mr. A. S. Pleace, the judges, and the secre- taries. The High Constable proposed The King." He afterwards proposed The Judges," and added that Aberdare had been most fortunate in having fine weather when they had any big event on. The Aberdare Fire Brigade, the Aber- dare Flower Show Committee, and now the Aberdare Horse Show Committee, had all been pleased with the clerk of the weather, upon whom depended, more than any others, the success of such gatherings. MR. D. A. THOMAS AND THE COAL TRADE. The Judges having responded, Mr. D. A. Thomas proposed The Aberdare Horse Show." Referring tc the Coal Trade, he said that the London Press had been writing a lot of nonsense con- cerning this subject. Those interested in the coal trade had been told that they were making too much money, and that the price> of coal was too high. He agreed with that to the extent that prices were high enough at the present time. The coal trade was in a very prosperous condition, but he would strongly recom mend the employers to shut off steam and put on the brake just a little bit. If the price were further inflated, a pre- judice would be raised against them in London and elsewhere. This would act injuriously on the miners when a Bill tc reduce working hours came on before the House of Commons. Many people would differ as to the cause of the boom. He would say it was due to the pros- perity of industries throughout the world. The removal of the coal dutv was but a small contributory cause. It had also been stated that the frequent holi- days taken by the miners had something to do with it. He did not believe it was due to excessive holidays, and he was dis- posed to think that the miners had taken less holidays this year than usual. So long as the miners used these holidays properly, they had no right to complam. However, he would like to point out that things had altered during the past six or seven years- At the present time there was a limit to the percentage. The price of coal was high enough now to enable the men to g'et the maximum percentage—60 per cent., so it was no use to take more holidays with the view of further increase. He advised the men now to work regularly and take advant- age cf the present good times. He pro- posed the Aberdare Horse Show, couplgd with the names of Messrs. A. S. PleacL- and W. R. Morgan. Messrs. Pleace and Morgan responded. LIST OF PRIZE-WINNERS. For the best dray or cart horse (mare or gelding): 1, Thomas Skeats, Whit church, Cardiff, "Hope 1st." 2, A. Buchan and Co., Brewery, Rh vinney, "King's Ale." 3, W, Whiting, Aber- dare, Jumbo." For the best Mare or Gelding not under 15 hands: 1, A. Buchan and Co., Brewery, Rhymney, King's .Ale 2. W. Whiting, Aberdare, U Jumbo"; 3, T. K. Lukey, Mountain Ash, "Darran Las Boy." For the best Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, not exceeding 14 2, driven in a. cart for light trade purposes: 1, T. E. Jerman, Dowlais; 2, Jabez though, leav merchant, Mountain Ash, "Johnnv Bach"; 3, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare, (ó Emlyn Squire." Special Class: 1, D. Jones; 2, T. E. Jones; 3, J. Jones, Godreaman. For the best Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, over 14.2, driven in a cart for trade purposes: 1, W. Whiting, Aber- dare, "Jumbo"; 2, T. K. Lukev, Moun- tain Ash, "Darran Las Boy 3, W. Whiting, Aberdare, Gomc-r." For the best Mare or Gelding not ex- ceeding 15 hands, most suitable for underground purposes: l John Davie.s, Buttery Hatch Farm, Maesvcvmmer, "Farmer"; 2, Powell DuSFryn'Ccal Co., Dragon," per Mr. J. James, Abe7'aman Farm; 3, Thomas Richards, contractor, Ynyshir. For the best Mare most suitable for breeding Colliery Horses: 1, John Mor- gan, N alltgoy Farm, Crumlin, Snow fake 2, E. T. Morgan, Bromiskin, Pontyclun, Blue BeIl"; 3, James J ones, Danygraig-terrace, Mardy, "Jolly." For the best Pony, not exceeding 13.2, to be ridden by a bov under 15 years of age.- 1, Tom J. Mathias, Llyn-y-Felill, Cardigan, "Queen of the South"; 2, J. H. Tate, 92, Freeman-street, Grimsby, "Monafly- 3, John Williams, Belle Vue, Penrhiwceiber, Speckleface." For the best Hack, Mare, or Gelding, exceeding 13.2, and not exceeding 14.2, to be ridden: 1, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare, "Alice Garton 2, John Williams, Pen- rhiwceiber, "Speckleface"; 3, Richard Evans, Penygraig, Bravo." For the best Hack, Mare, or Gelding, over 14.2 to be ridden: 1, Tom Morgan, Maesycoed, Ptontypridd, Flutie 2, ditto, Twilight 3, ALstf Leigh, Glyn Bargoed, Treharris, "Lady Briton." For the best Mountain Pony, not over 12.2: 1, M. Isaac, grocer, Aberdare, Cor- onation Starlight 2, J. James, Mon- achey, Ynysybwl, "Skylight3, Wm. Thomas, 15, Park Place, Merthyr, Venus." For the best Single Harness, Mare or Gelding: 1, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare, Alice Garton"; 2, Richard Evans, Pen graig, "Bravo"; 3, D. G. Jenkins and Co., Aberdare. For the best Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, exceeding 14.2: 1, Dr. T. H. Morris, Tylorstown, "Aslifield Squire 2, Richard Evans, Penygraig, "Maggie Tempest"; 3, David Jones, 36, Wood- land-street, Mountain Ash, Lady Bang." For the best Hack, Mare or Gelding, not exceeding 14.2 to be ridden: 1, J. H. Tate, 92, Freeman-street, Grimsby, "Monafly"; 2, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare, Alice Garton"; 3, Richard Evans, Penygraig, "Bravo." For the best Hack,'Mare or Gelding, exceeding 14.2, to be ridden: 1, Mrs. W. Chapman, Heppington, Canterbury, Miss Trix 2, Tom Morgan, Maesy- coed, Pontypridd, "Flutie"; 3, ditto, Twilight." For the best Pony, Mare or Gelding, not. exceeding 13.2, to be driven: 1, T. E. Jerm an, Dowlais, Pinderfields Ruby 2, J. H. Tate, 92, Freeman-street, Grimsby, "Monafly"; 3, Tom J. Mathias, Llyn-y-Felin, Queen of the South." For the best Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, exceeding 13.2, and not exceed- ing 14.2; 1, David Evans, Llwyncadifor, Henllan, "Emlyn Dasher"; 2, D. Rees J ones, Aberdare, "Alice Garton"; 3, Mrs. L. Butcher, Victoria Hotel, Bristol, The Gentleman." For the best Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, exceeding 14.2: 1, Dr. G. P. Francis, The Bulwark, Brecon, Ladv Dandy 2, Dr. T. H. Morris, Tylors town, Ashfield Squire 3, David Jones, 36, Woodland-street, Mountain Ash, "Lady Bang." For the best Tandem: 1, Dr. G. P. Francis, The Bulwark, Brecon, Lady Dandy" and "Mariola" 2, Adam Mathews, Corn Hill Villa, Swansea, Lord Aberdeen & County Squire 3, T. Ei. Jerman, Dowlais, "Lord Grey and "King Crafty." For the best Jumper: 1, Thomas Glen- cross, Garth House, Frome, Somerset, Nomination 2, F. V. Grange, Oak House, Farndon, Cheshire, "Rufus"; 3, Arthur H. Jones, Merthyr, "Molly Sea- more." Best Jumper (Consolation Prize): 1, Thos. Glencross, Garth Hcuse. Frome, Somerset, "Blink Bonny"; 2, W. W. e' Grundy, 30, Broad-street, Worcester, Nomination 3, W. Fletcher, Horse and Jockey, Poiitvpool, "Black Bess." H Mile Open Trotting Handicap in Saddle.—First heat: 1, Vaisey, Ponty- pool, Welsh Kitty 2, T. H. Davies, Aberdare, « Nobby." 2nd heat, 1, S. S. Fisher, Rhayader, "Lioness." 3rd heat, 1, R. Davies, Gwauncaegurwen, Welsh Mary"; 2, G. Norman, Ynyshir, "Mona." Final: 1, R. Davies; 2, T. Taisey; 3, G. Norman. H Mile Galloping Handicap.—1st heat: 1, W. Morgan, Pontypool, Prism 2, P. Robinson, Pontlottyn, "Euclid late Dreyfus." 2nd heat: 1, E. P. Morgan, Abereynon, Ladas • 2, Miss A. Gwil- lim. Pontrilas, "Little John." Final: 1. P. Robinson; 2, Miss A. Gwillim; 3, W. Morgan. Shoeing competition, shoer of a cart horse. Out of 56 entrants the first prize and silver cup were won by B: Davies, Pontypool; 2. J. C. Mann, Birmingham; 3, R. John, Kenfig Hill. Sheer of a horse suitable for colliery purposes, one hind shoe (open to colliery smiths only): 1, E. Jones, Hendre; 2, D. H. Jones, Brecon; 3, W. Rooke, Port Talbot. Shoer of a cob, one fore shoe: 1, W. Dalton, Mountain Ash; 2, Robert John, Kenfig Hill; 3, J. Evans, Blaenji'vvnfi. Cart horse shoe: 1, A. S. Y aughan, Rhondda; 2, Henry J. Hanney. Cwm- tillery. Bevelled or undercut cart horse shoe: 1, J. Tucker, Cvnimer; 2, B. Davies, Mountain Ash; 3, B. J. Thomas, Cvm- mer. Medals and money prizes had been given for the Shoeing Competition by Mr. A. S. Pleace, Black Lion; Messrs. Rhydderch and Thomas, coal merchants; Mr. Chas. Reed, ironmonger; Mr. W. T. Morgan, chairman Aberdare District Council; and Mr. D. M. Richards.

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