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Choral Contest at Mumbles.

Growing Girls


Growing Girls WARNING TO PARENTS. Weak, Thin and Ansemic, they need the strength that lies in New Good Blood. A Suffering girl restored by I)r. Williams'Pink Pills. The health, beauty, and welfare of growing girls depend upon the condi- tion of their blood. Neglect of health during the years of development means a life of misery, with the sufferer robbed of every spark of vitality and reduced by Anaemia to a nerveless, lifeless invalid. At this period Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are a positive bless- ing to weak and bloodless girls; as a proof read the statement of Miss Beatrice E. Bayliss, Sneachill, Spetchley, near Worcester, now 18 years of age. °iL i Ve Miss Beatrice Bayliss cured years after leav- of the Ancetina of Development ing school," she y Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, remarked to a. Worcestershire Echo reporter, "I suffered. I tried to bear up against it, but in time grew so weak and helpless that 1 could do nothing. My legs trembled with the weight of my body, so that I dare not trust myself to walk. Going up or downstairs I reeled through dizziness, and I was always lan- guid, worn out and miserable. In spite of all kinds of medicine, doctor's help and nourishing diet, I became weaker and weaker life was a burden. 1; Friends advised various remedies to put life into me, and blood into my veins. But everything failed completely. I could not then eat anything, because of acute pains across my chest and round my heart nervousness kept me from sleeping, and my flesh was almost trans- parent. Why did you try Dr Williams' Pink Pills? It was like this," added Mrs Bayliss. A married daughter of mine took Dr Williams' Pink Pills and grew so well that she said, 'Why don't you give Beatie Dr Williams' Pink Pills ? So I did. And," concluded Miss Bayliss, "they cured me. I felt a new girl after taking a few boxes. I lost all languor and sick- ness, slept better, and felt more con- tented. I took my meals with relish, and could digest them. My cure was complete, and now I never feel ill or even weary." Transformed from ailing girlhood to the full beauty of womanhood, robust, cheerful and healthy, thousands of the suffering sex tell gratefully how Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People cured them. These pills have proved le invaluable in Anaemia, Indigestion. Rheumatism, Eczema, and Skin Diseases, Nervous Disorders, Neuralgia, St, Vitus' Dance, Paralysis, and Ladies' Ailments. Sold by all dealers, or direct from the British Depot, 46, Holborn viaduct, London, post free 2s. 9d. for one box, or 13s. 9d, for six. Send for an illustrated booklet of cures, post free.

Fire at Penrhiwceiber.

A Twice Told Tale.

[No title]

Rugby Suspensions.

Llwydcoed Tragedy.

c----Mr Bibbings, B.A., and…


A Boy Not a Man.

"Truth" and Sunday Trading.


Motor Accident,

Abernant Man drowned at Grimsby.…

[No title]

Women and Non-Unionists.

Football Notes.