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Scraps. BY r SCRIBE" "'God's Acre" in Aberdare has grown to a great number of acres. The Rev. R. J. Jones, M.A., in the course of an interesting sermon on Sunday even- ing, thinks it is growing too fast, and that we shall soon have to adopt some ether method of disposing of our dead. Forty-nine acres have been filled with dead bodies in about 40 years. This is at the rate of over one acre per annum in the Aberdare District alone. As in many another problem, the land is at the bottom of this question. Sha'J the dead be allowed to oust the living? Must the, latter be huddled up in COIl-, gested areas while the departed mono- polise large tracts of land which is suit- able for building purposes? Mr, Jones declared that man's reason had decided this question, but that his sentiment, nhich was stronger thin reason, could not consent to the change. Mr. Jones looked at the matter from the hygienic standpoint as well. This was a strong argument against the bur- ial system. The Late Du Mauriei had YEt another reason why he wished to be cremated. Like a good many leading men of the age, he desired cremation, not so much from the hygienic stand- point, but because his artist mind shrank from the mental contemplation of the loathsome decay that accompanied de- composing humanity. Mr. Jones has taken a lead in this question. It is hoped that others will express their views. At Cardiff last week a Dairy Comiiany was summoned by Inspector John Strange for selling a sample of milk which was said to have been deficient in milk fat to the extent of 30 per cent. The suggestion of tampering was strenu- ously denied, and the summons was dis- missed. Aberdare Valley Magistrates are not so lenient. Here a milk vendor is deemed to be liable even if he has not touched th,e milk. If the milk has been diluted in the cow's udder by the grass of earth and the showers of heaven, even then, according to Sir Marchant Wil- liams' dictum, the man with the pail has to suffer. Really it is the Clerk of the Weather that ought to pay the fine for the attenuation of cream and deficiency in butter fat caused by his own vagaries. Arthur Marks, a well-known Merthyr cyclist, has succumbed to heart failure at the early agie of 29. 1 believe that it was at this age that Arthur Linton's brillia nt career was closed in death, and from the same cause Jimmy Michael, the other remarkable Aberaman cyclist, also died too young. Most of our professional wheelers appear to be enamoured of the gods. for they die young. The racing cyclist's life is bright but brief. The excitement of the cycle track and the strain of competition is too much for a weak heart. Weather forecasts at seaside resorts are about Its unreliable a.si the weather itself. Nevertheless, those who are held responsible for them claim infallibility for them. If the weather in town tallies with the prognostication on the forecast board, then all is well. But if they hap- pen to be at variance, we are told that the forecast applies to the district, which is. of course, vel-y large, and sub- ject to a multiplicity of weathers in var leus parts. The Breton has been singularly evi- dent in the land of his Cymric cousin this .suminer. We had the delegates to the National Eisteddfod in our midst, and their presence was the means of un- earthing many a mute, inglorious Breton scholar- that blushed unseen in the shades of Gwalja. Then we have had the usual crowd of onion vendors. It is the reverse of the usual legend, "From stage to cross." In the, case of Capt. Bailey it is "From cross to stage." Some time ago he was converted to the Salvation Army. Now he has been per- verted to the stage. U I have become convinced," he said to a a Daily Dis patch" reporter, "that my musical abilities would never be recognised in the Army, as they would be on the stage, and I cannot see the slightest objection to my taking the step I propose. Until I was 22 years of age I had never seen the interior of a theatre or a. music-hall, and imagined that actors and actresses must necessarily be wicked. Lately, however, I have been afforded ample opportunities of observing stage life behind the scenes, and, as a resnlt, my ideas have totally changed." Shades of Clement Scott! At a meeting of the Monmouthshire Baptist Association at Bassaleg it was stated that the Welsh language wa,s dy- ing. The S.W.D.N. says: — "We are bc'und to confess we do not understand what such astatemenl means." Well, well! And to me it is so very simple and clear. If a language is taught in the home it will live. If not it will ere long be relegated to the classic dead. I think that, the meaning of that statement is plain enough. Two or three Aberdare men who were holiday-making in Aberystwyth went to Lampter one day. Their absorption in the charms of Llanbedr was so deep that they missed two trains with which they intended to return to Aber. And the funny part of the story is that a local police officer is blamed for their deten- tion. But it should be remembered that the officer was also off duty, he being on furlough at the time. Sir Marchant Williams has the sense and shrewdness to see that, the' Sundar Trading prosecutions are, silly and qirte useless. Of course, they will not put a stop to trading on the Sabbath. The refreshment vendor—especially if he is fairly well to do-pays his 5s. weekly fine (or license) cheerfully, knowing full* well that this breeze of prosecution will soon blow over," and then he may go on selling his Sunday pop and lollipops to heart's content. I see from the Stipendiary's observa- tions that it was the County Council that planned this anti-Sunday breaking cam- paign. But who prompted the County Council to take action r Did not the good old dame, Mrs. Grundy, have a hand in the matter? You cannot make people good by Acts r, oF Parliament—or bye-laws—if they are or a coercive nature. A prosecution that is a persecution defeats its avowed ob- ject. Gold discovered again! This time it is in the valley of the Wye. We are told on the usual reliable authority that it is (õ as fine a property as the Rand itself." -kl.t I this will put Mount Morgan in the shade. Who will be the next Gold King? And will he come over to the Merthyr Boroughs to try for a Parliamentary seat ? Speaking at Blackwood the other day the Rev. G. Neighbour, Mountain Ash, said that the reason why there were so many "Weary Willies" and "Tired Tims at .e, end of the scale was be- cause. there were so many of the same fraternity at the other end, men who were to be found doing no other work than sucking1 the; knobs of their gold cones. Socialism stood for the humanis- ation of politics. The last phrase may be true, but I hardly think that the abolition of cane- sur-king among the idle genteel would lessen the number of "Weary Willies" cr abate the indolence which is the car- dinal characteristic of "Tired Tim." Socialism may work wonders, but I fear that William and Timothy will continue to provide problems for us. The millen- nium may come and capitalism and land- lordism may go, but the knight of the road will tramp on for ever.

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