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Hirwain Publican Fined,


Barry Summer School.

Striking Trecynon Evidence.

New Inn, Mountain Ash.

Taff and Cynon Miners.

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Aberdare Police Court.

Aberdare Liberal Club.

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

Aberdare Liberal Club. A SUCCESSFUL FLOWER SHOW. This year the members of the Aberdare Liberal Club experimented on an innova- tion in the form of a Flower Show, v.hich was held in the Gymnasium of the Club. There were 108 entries in all, each entrant being a member of the Aberdare Liberal Club. Mr. J. Comley, Llwydcoed, acted as judge, and Mr. A. Watkins, steward, had charge of the ar- rangements. The following is a list of awards: FRUIT. Grapes: 1, Michael Thomas. Plums: 1, D. Griffiths, Stuart-street. Apples: 1, T. Roderick, Clifton-street, 2, W. G. Phillips, 36, Cardiff-street. Tomatoes: 1, T. Roderick; 2, G. Thoma.s, Catherine-street PLANTS AND FLOWERS. Fuchsias: 1, Davies and Sons, Albert- street; 2, Ted Thomas, Gadlys-road. Geraniums: 1, Ted Thomas. Begonias: 1, Ted Thomas; 2, Davies and Son; 3, J. John, 12, John-street. Coleus: 1, Davies and Sons; 2, Ted Thomas. Table Plants: 1, T. Gerrish, junr.; 2, W. F. Jones, Robertstown; 3, M. J. Harris, Greenhill. Musk Plant: 1, Davies and Sons and Ted Thomas equal. Hanging Plant: 1, Davies and Sons; 2, Ted Thomas. Dahlias: 1, G. Thomas, Catherine- street; 2, W. G. Phillips; 3, W. F. Jones. Asters: 1, G. Thomas; 2, Davies and Sons; 3, T. Gerrish, junr. Sweet Peas: 1, T. Gerrish, junr.; 2, T. Roderick; 2, Ted Thomas. Pansies: 1, T. Gerrish; 2, W. F. Jones. Roses: 1, T. Griffiths, Glanant-street, and E. Ruther equal. Basket of Wild Flowers: 1, A. S. Morris, Cartref; 2, E. Thomas; 3, T. Moss. Fern: 1, E. Thomas. Carnations: 1, G. Thomas; 2, Ted Thomas. VEGETABLES. Collection of Vegetables: 1st and Special, Davies and Sons. Kidney Potatoes: 1, M. J. Harris; 2, Davies and Sons; 3, Ted Thomas. Potatoes (Round): 1st and Special, Ted Thomas. Cauliflower, 3 heads: 1, Ted Thomas. Carrots (Long): 1, M. J. Harris; 2, T. Roderick. Carrots (Short): 1, Ted Thomas; 2, D. Edwards. Parsnips: 1, D. Edwards; 2, M. J. Harris; 3, Ted Thomas. Onions: 1st and Special, Ted Thomas; 2. Davies and Sons; 3, T. Roderick. Shallots: 1, Ted Thomas; 2, W. F. Jones; 3, M. J. Harris. Peas: 1, D. Edwards; 2, W. F. Jones; 3, Davies and Sons. Beans (Runners): 1, Ted Ruther; 2, D Edwards; 3, W. G. Phillips. Beans (Broad): 1, Ted Thomas; 2, T. Roderick; 3, W. F. Jones. Cucumbers: 1, Ted Thomas. Red Cabbage: 1, W. G. Phillips; 2, Davies and Sons. White Cabbage: 1, W. G. Phillips. Turnips: 1, Ted Thomas; 2, D. Ed- wards; 3, W. F. Jones. Leeks: t. D. Edwards. Lettuce: 1, Ted Thomas; 2, T. Roder- ick. A large number visited the Gymnas- ium during the day and expressed them- selves highly plcased with the exhibits

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Musical Successes.

Fashionable Wedding.