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Aberdare Flower Show.

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Aberdare Flower Show. ANOTHER HUGE SUCCESS, GATE RECEIPTS, £ 125. Fine weather again favoured the Aber dare Flower Shew, which was held last Thursday at Abernant Park. It was ex- ceedingly well attended, the tents where the. flowers and vegetables were exhibited being crowded with visitors for several hours in the afternoon. In addition to the usual exhibits, a Brass Band Con- test had been arranged, also an Air Rifle Shooting Competition, both of which attracted a large crowd of spectators. £ 125 was taken at the gate. Me. T. D. Williams, accountant, dis- charged the secretarial duties in a most thorough manner. The president of the show was Sir W. T. Lewis, Bart., E.C.V.O. The committee, at which Mr A. P. Jones, High Constable of Miskin Higher, is the chairman, with Messrs. W. J. M. Herbert, Park-lane; E. Emrys Evans, Victoria-square; T. Lloyd, Com mercial-street (vice-chairman); and Mr. W. F. Parry De Winton, Plasdraw, as treasurer, is made up of the following, all of whom have worked well for the suc- cess of the show:—Messrs. S. Cox, J. Davies, T. Escott, C. Garrett, A. George, F. B. Harrison, D. M. John, T. Moles, Geo. Dean, W. Reed, R. Reed, John Com- ley, Geo. Comley, T. J. Thomas, W. Vallis, Ben Wigley, Llewellyn, George Eynon, Cyrus Thomas, E. Jackman, A. Buckingham, W. Amesbury, James Stroud, M. J. Harries, W. Evans, W. Price, D. J. Chappell, W. Lavender, W. C. Coombes. The judges were Messrs E. H. Battram, F.R.H.S., Abercynon; Thomas Coomber, F.R.H.S., The Hendre, Monmouth; H. R. Farmer, The Castle Gardens, Cardiff; and John Eees, The Gardens, Llanofer. There were 1,400 entries, which consti- tutes a record, and the quality of the various exhibits was exceptionally fine. In addition to the exhibits sent in for competition, there were a large number of fine exhibits sent (not for competi- tion). Of these a very fine show of rare plants was sent from the Gardens of the Marquis of Bute at Cardiff. Mr. W. Marsh, Aberdare, agent for Mr. R. H. Bath, Wisbech, had a very fine show of early chrysanthemums flox, perethum, and a fine collection of herbaceous stuff, with several varieties of gypsophilus, in- cluding some new varieties. He also showed a very fine lot of home-grown plants in pots, which were much ad- mired. Case Bros., of Cardiff, also had a very fine show of cut flowers, wreaths, etc. Mr. E. C. Leake, Fa, Rachel-street, had also a very fine show of flowers, plants, etc. Mr. WilFslll Tresseder, of Cardiff, also showed some fine wreaths, harps, etc. At 2 o'clock the judges, etc., were enter- tained to luncheon, the chair being occu- pied by Mr. A. P. Jones, the High Con- stable of Miskin Higher, who was sup- ported by Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., Messrs. J. Morris (Cartref), E. Emrys Evans, F. B. Harrison, J. Powell, C. Reed, J. Comley, etc., etc. The loyal toast was proposed by the Chairman, who also submitted the toast of C( The Judges," to which Mr Battram, of Parknewydd, responded. The latter stated that the show was on excellent ene, and he was really surprised, con- sidering the weather we had th1" sum- mer, to find such magnificent exhibits He was delighted to learn that Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., had been good enough to offer a cup for competition at future shows. (Loud applause.) He then dealt with the importance of these shows, and their value as a means of education in the districts.—Mr. H. R. Farmer, the Castle. Gardens, Cardiff, also responded, stating that this was the finest show he had ever seen in Aberdare. Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., who was re- ceived with acclamation, in proposing success to the show, said he was pleased to learn that the show last year had been a success, and there was no reason that it should not be an even greater success this year. Mr. Thomas went on to refer to the position of the South Wales Coal Trade, remarking that he never remem- bered, during the quarter of a century of his experience, anything like it He believed it was going to be better. He remembered prices on s-everal occasions being higher, but they were due to tran- sient causes. The present prices were quite high enough to please him, and what gratified him most was the solid I foundation upon which they were based. The present strong demand was one com- ing from all the markets throughout the world, and was likely to last for some time. At any rate the prosperity of South. Wales for the next year was as- sured, ss a very large proportion of the total output of 1908 had been sold at pi ices that would give a better profit to owners than they had ever received in the whol4 of their history, excepting the period of the boom in the early seventies. —Mr. C, Reed, one of the oldest members of the Committee, briefly responded. The Chairman then announced that Mr. Thomas had kindly promised a cup, value £ 10 10s., to be competed for at next year's show for the best collection of vegetables by cottagers residing within 15 miles; of Aberdare. During the afternoon a brass band contest took place, the following bands competing:—Ferndale, Aberaman Silver, Aberdare Town, Mountain Ash Volun- teer, and Cory Workmen's. At che same time an Air Rifle Shooting competition was held. I LIST OF AWARDS. The following is a full list of awards: SECTION I.—(OPEN.) Group of Miscellaneous Plants in and ont of bloom, arranged to produce the best effect and occupying a space of 80 squart feet: 1, W. F. Parry de Winton, Plasdraw; 2, G. C. James, Gwaelody- garth; 3, W. Amesbury, Brynawel, Aber- d,ar.e. Four Fine Foliage and Variegated Plants, distinct sorts named: 1, F. W. Mander, Glanynys; 3, Lord Aberdare, The Duffryn. Four Stove and Greenhouse Plants in bloom: 1, F. W. Mander; 2, W. Ames- bury. Exotic Ferns, six distinct varieties named: 1, W. J. Rees, Maesyffynon; 2, W. Amesbury; 3, T. J. Thomas, Aber- nant Gardens. Cut Flowers, Roses, H.P.'s and H.T.'s, 12 varieties named, 3 blooms of each: 1, Stephen Tress.eder and Son, Cardiff. Roses, Teas or Noisettes, 12 varieties named, 3 blooms of each: 1, Stephen Tresseder and Son. Cactus Dahlias, 12 blooms, distinct varieties: 1, Dr. Lynn Thomas, Peny- lan, Cardiff; 2, M. J. Berry, Dinas Pcwis; 3, W. F. Parry de Winton. Sweet Peas, 12 vases, distinct varieties named (to be shown with their own foliage): 1, W. F. Parry de Winton; 2, W. T, Rees, Maesyffynon; 3, Robert Went, Llandaff. Geraniums, 6 distinct varieties, 2 trusses of each: 1, F. G. Cartwright, Llandaff. Carnations, 12 blooms, distinct varie- ties r 1, Rev. W. M. Willett, Usk. Herbaceous Flowers, 12 distinct sorts: 1, Robert Went, Llandaff; 2, W. F. Parry de Winton. Special Prize given by Mr. W. Tres- seder, Cardiff, for Cactus Dahlias not less than six varieties from plants sup- plied by the above: 1, F. G. Cartwright, Llandaff; 2, W. F. Parry de Winton; 3, J. Berry, Dinas Powis. Decorative.—Cut Flowers arranged in vase or order single vessel for drawing- room: 1, Mrs. Rees, Glandare; 2, W. F. Parry de Winton; 3, Miss E. Edwards, Fedwhir. 12 Varieties (distinct) of Annuals: 1, Robert Went, Llandaff; 2, W. F. Parry de Winton. Vase of Sweet Peas, with foliage ar- ranged for effect: 2, Mrs. J. H. Powell, Danygraig. Best Hanging Wire Basket of Growing Flowers (given by Mr. F. W. Mander, Aberdare): 1, F. W. Mander, Aberdare. SECTION II. Gentlemen and their Gardeners, Nursery- men, and the Trade excluded from these classes. PLANTS AND FLOWERS. Exotic Ferns, 4 distinct kinds named: 1. F. W. Mander; 2, T. J. Thomas, Aber- nant Gardens; 3, Charles Garrett, Tre- cynon, Six Foliaged Table Plants not to ex- ceed 6-inch pots: 1, G. C. James; 2, T. J. Cartwright. Fuschias, 4 distinct varieties named: 1, Chas. Garrett, Trecynon; 2, F. W. Man- der; 3, W. Amesbury, Brynawel. Coleus, 4 distinct kinds: 1, Charles Garrett; 2, G. C. James, Gwaelodygartb; 3. W. Amesbury. Geraniums, Zonal, 4 pots (distinct varieties named): 1, W. Amesbury. Groxonias, 6 plants in pots (distinct colours).: 1, Miss J. Powell, Aberdare. Roses, H.P.'s and H.T.'s, 6 varieties named, one bloom of each: 1. Mrs. Rees, Glandare; 2, C. Speck, Bridgend; 3, J. M. Herbert, Park-Jane, Aberdare. Roses, tea or noisettes, 6 varieties named, one bloom of each: 1, C. Speck. Collection of Cut Flowers, 12 bunches, distinct kinds: 1, W. F. Parry de Win- ton; 2, T. Rees, Maesyffynon; 3, Dr. L. Thomas, Cardiff. Dahlias, 12 blooms, six varieties: 1, Rev. M. Willett; 2, Mrs. Rees, Glandare; 3. The Veu. Archdeacon Edmondes, Bridgend. Begonias, 4 specimens, distinct kinds: 1, Chas. Garrett. Asters, 12 blooms, not less than 6 colours: 1, Dr. L. Thomas; 2, J. M. Her- bert; 3, C. Bridgeman, Penrhiwceiber. Sweet Peas, 6 vases, distinct varieties, named (to be shown with own foliage): 1. W. F. Parry de Winton; 2, Rev. W. M. Willett; 3, Robert West. Carnations, 12 blooms, distinct varie- ties: 1, T. W. Thomas, Whitchurch; 2, Rev. W. M. Willett; 3, Gomer Griffiths, 47, Oxford-street, Aberdare. Pansies, 12 blooms, distinct varieties: 1. J. Chappell; 2, Gomer Griffiths; 3, G. Barnett, Troedyrhiw. For the best Vase of Carnations or Picotees, shown with own foliage: 1, F. G. Cartwright; 2, J. H. Powell, Aber- dare; 3, Mrs. Rees. Special Prize offered by Mr. Henry Eckford (the Sweet Pea specialist. Wem, Shropshire) for the best six distinct varieties of Sweet Peas named: 1, W. F. Parry de Winton; 2, T. J. Thomas. Special Prize given by Mr. John Crossing, Penarth, for 12 roses shown in vases, 3 blooms in a vase not less than six varieties: 1, Mrs. Rees; 2, T. J. Thomas. SUB-SECTION II. Gentlemen not employing a gardener regularly and residing within a radius of 15 miles. Fuschias, 3 distinct kinds named. Ger- aniums, Zonal, 3 pots distinct: 1, Chas. Garrett; 2, W. Price. Kinds Named: 1, W. Price: 2, Chas. Garrett. Begonias, 6 coJf's Tub: 1, A. Buck- ingham 2, Gom." Griffiths; 3. Thorna- Escott. Coleus, 3 distinct kinds: 1, Charles Garrett. Two Table Plants in Foliage: 2. Ted Thomas, Aberdare. SECTION III.—(OPEN.) FRUIT. Dessert Fruit, 6 dishes distinct: 1, T. J. Thomas; 2, Lord Aberdare. Grapes, any white, two bunches: 1, F. G. Cartwright; 2, Lord Aberdare. Grapes, any black, best two bunches: 1, F. G. Cartwright; 2, J. Davies; 3, J. E. Vaughan. Melon, any colour: 1, J. E. Vaughan; 2, Rev. R. M. Willett; 3, Lord Aberdare. Peaches, dish of 6: 1, T. J. Thomas; 2, Rev. R. M. Willett; 3, J. E. Vaughan. Nectarines, dish of 6—1, Ven. Arch- deacon Edmondes; 2, J. E. Vaughan; 3, T. J. Thomas. Plums, dessert, dish of 9: 1, F. G. Cartwright; 2, T. J. Thomas. Plums, culinary, dish of 9: 1, F. G. Cartwright; 2, T. J. Thomas; 3, G. Jones, Crickhowell. Apples, dessert, dish of 9: 1, J. Davies; 2, B. F. Stockman. Apples, culinary, dish of 9: 1, B. F. Stockman; 2, Rev. R. M. Willett; 3, F. G. Cartwright. Pears, dessert, dish of 9: 1, J. Davies; 2, F. G. Cartwright; 3, Ven. Arch- deacon Edmondes. Gooseberries, best collection, 6 varie- ties: 1, Thomas Escott. Currants, black dish: 1, J. Davies; 2, Dr. Evans, Mountain Ash. Currants, red dish: 1, A. S. Pleace, Aberdare; 2, J. E. Vaughan; 3, Lord Aberdare. Prizes to Gardeners residing within a radius of 15 miles. Two Bunches of White Grapes: 1, W. J. Rees; 2, J. Davies; 3, G. C. James. Two Bunches of Black Grapes: 1, J. Davies; 2, W, J. Rees. SECTION IV.—(OPEN.) Collection of Vegetables (nine varie- ties) 1, T. J. Thomas; 2, Lord Aberdare. Potatoes (best collection), G on each dish: 1, J. Morgan; 2, H. Coate; 3, G. King, Troedyrhiw. Potatoes (12 round) single dish, named: 1, W. T. Rees; 2, Jenkin Morgan, Mar- gam; 3, D. Rees, Cemetery-road. Potatoes (12 round), single dish, named: 1, F. G. Cartwright; 2, J. E. Vaughan, Reola; 3, W. T. Rees. Cauliflower (3 heads): 1, Sam Jones, Commerce House, Aberdare; 2, T. A. Newman, Llandaff North; 3, Rev. Wm. Willett. Celery (White), 3 sticks; 1, S. Jones; 2, S. Cox; 3, T. A. Newman. Celery (Red), 3 sticks: 1, Lord Aber- dare; 2, S. Jones; 3, John James. Carrots (Long), Bunch of 6: 1, Henry Roberts, Haverfordwest; 2, W. T. Rees; 3, D. W. Lewis, Clydach, R.S.O. Carrots (Short), Bunch of 6: 1, Henry Roberts; 2, J. Chappell; 3, H. Evans, 9, Richmond-terrace, Cwmbach. Turnips (Bunch of 6): 1, J. E. Vaughan; 2, Col. D. R. Lewis, Merthyr; 3, S. Jones. Onions (spring sown), Bunch of 1, S. Llewelyn, Bridgend; 2, R. West; 3, D. W. Lewis, Ynystawe, Clydach. Onions (autumn sown): 1, S. Llewelyn; 2, Henry Coate, Somerset; 3, D. W. Lewis. Peas (single dish), 25 pods: 1, W. T. Rees; 2, W. F. Parry de Winton; 3, John James. Beans (Runners), single dish, 25 pods; 2, Rev. W. M. Willet; 3, H. Coate. Beans (Broad), single dish, 25 pods: 1, I'. G. Cartwright; 2, Samuel Jones; 3, J. Wigley, Llwydcoed. Cucumbers (one brace): J, T. J. Thomas; 2, F. G. Cartwright; 3, Wm. Marsh, Aberdare. Dish of 9 Tomatoes: 1, Rev. W. M. Willet; 2, T. J. Thomas; 3, F. G. Cart- wright. Three Heads of Red Cabbage: 1, T. A. Newman; 2, W. T. Rees; 3, C. Speck. Three Heads of White Cabbage: 1, J. Chappel; 2, T. A. Newman; 3, W. T. Rees. Basket of Salad: 1, lord Aberdare; 2, T J. Thomas; 3, G. King, Troedyrhiw. Six Long Roots of Beetroot: 1, H. Welsby, Park View, St. Fagan's; 2, Ben James, Glanaman; 3, J. E. Vaughan. Bunch of 6 Leeks: 1, J. Chappel; 2, J Morgan, Margam; 3, B. James. Bunch of 6 Parsnips: 1, D. W. Lewis; 2, H. Roberts; 3, J. Williams, Hereford- shire. Vegetable Marrows (one brace): 1, W. Thomas; 2, S. Llewelyn: 3, J. Morgan. Six Roots of Globe Beet: 1, J. Dav:es, Wyndhani-crescent. Aberaman; 2, S. Jones; 3, J. Morgan. Special Prizes given by Messrs. Sutton and Sons for the best collection of Vege- tables 1, T. J. Thomas, Abernant Gar- dens 3, Lord Aberdare. Special Prizes given by Messrs. J. C. "Wheeler and Son: 1, T. J. Thomas; 2, D. W. Lewis, Ynystawe; 3, Lord Aberdare. Special Prize offered by Messrs. Cli- brans, Manchester and Aitrington, for the Best Collection of Vegetables: 1, W. T. Rees, Maesyffynon; 2, B. F. Stock- ham, Usk; 3, Lord Aberdare. Prizes given by Messrs. Edward Par- sons and Co., Seedsmeh, Swansea, for the Best Collection of Vegetables: 1, Jenkin Morgap, Margam; 2, Charles Garrett, Trecynon. SECTION V. Amateurs not employing Gardeners regu- larly, and residing within a radius of 15 miles. Collection of Vegetables, six varieties: 1, Sam Jones, Commerce House; 2, Chas. Garrett; 3, John Chappell, Werfa. Potatoes, 12 kidneys: 1, J. Chappell; 2, Albert Prowie, Park Pit Cottage, Cwm- dare; 3, Jas. iiJvans, C9, Cemetery-road, Trecynon. Twelve named Round Potatoes: 1, John Richards, Llwydcoed; 2, Thomas Oliver, 1, Harlech-place, Aberdare; 3, H. Meaton, Ynysboeth. Cauliflower, three heads: 1, J. Sam Jones; 2, H. Meaton. Three White Sticks of Celery: 1, S. Jones; 2, S. Cox, Catherine-street, Aber- dare; 3, Fred Crocker, Pembroke-street, Aberdare. Three Red Sticks of Celery: 1, S. Jones; 2, C. Garrett; 3, Fred Crocker. Bunch of Six Long Carrots: 1, W. Roberts, 26, Globe-street, Aberdare; 2, Thomas Webb, 20, Cross-street, Ynys- boeth; 3, Thomas Oliver. Bunch of 6 Short Carrots: 1, John Chappell; 2, S. Cox; 3, Samuel Chappell, 17, Timothy-row, Cwmbach. Bunch of Six Parsnips: 2, T. Oliver; 3, S. Cox. Bunch of Six Spring Sown Onions: 1, E. Jones, Merthyr; 2, W. Roberts; 3, T. Webb, Ynysboeth. Bunch of Six Autumn-sown Onions: 1, Edward Jones; 2, Sam Jones; 3, Arthur Jenkins, Aberdare. Dish of 18 Shalots: 1, Tom Hale, Robertstown; 2, James Evans, 69, Ceme- tery-road, Trecynon; 3, W. H. Lavender, 58, Bute-street, Aberdare. Single Dish of Peas, 18 pods: 1, S. Jones; 2, Watkin Thomas, 16, Glan-road, Aberdare; 3, H. Meaton. Single Dish of Beans, runners, 18 pods C. Garrett; 2, S. Chappell; 3, T. Webb. Single Dish of Broad Beans, 18 pods: 1, Albert Prowle; 2, S. Cox; 3, John Prowle, Gadlys. Brace of Cucumbers: 1, Thomas Ete- cott, Wern-place; 2, H. Meaton. Two heads of Red Cabbage: 1, 11. Meaton; 2, iS. Cox; 3, Arthur Jenkins, Aberdare. Three heads of White Cabbage: 1, J. Chappell; 2, W. Thomas, 57, Dean- street; 3, H. Meaton. Bunch of Six Turnips: 1, Sam Jones; 2, S. Cox; 3, T. Webb. Bunch of Six Leeks: 1, John Cruppell; 2, Samuel Chappell; 3, Thomas Webb. Three heads of Cabbage Lettuce: 1, Benjamin Bowen, 13, Henry-street, Aber- aman; 2, Thomas Rees, 71, Wind-street, Aberdare; 3, S. Cox. Brace of Vegetable Marrows 1, E. Jones, Merthyr; 2, W. Thomas; 3, H. Meaton. Six Roots of Beetroot: 1, H. Meaton; 2, T. Webb;' 3, S. Jones. Dish of Nine Tomatoes: 1, Mrs. Price, Well-place, Cwmbach; 2, S. Cox; 3, H. Meaton. SECTION VT.—COTTAGERS' PRIZES. VEGETABLES. FRUIT, <% FLOWERS. Collection of Vegetables, six distinct varieties: 1, Wm. C. Coombes, 34, Ox- ford-street, Aberdaie; 2, lohn Chappell; 3, John Richards. Collection of Potatoes, six varieties on a dish: 1, W. C. Coombes; 2, John Richards; 3, S. Cox. Nine Kidney Potatoes: 1, T. Oliver, Harlech-place, Aberdare; 2, Albert E. Prowle, Llwydci 8, James Evans, Cemetery-road, Trecynon. I Nine Round Potatoes: 1, Sam Cox; 2, James Evans; 3, A. E. Prowle. Two heads of Cauliflower: 1, G. Grif- fiths, Oxford-street, Aberdare; 2, W. Ed- ward Jones, Merthyr; 3, J. J. Baker, Viaduct Cottage, Gamlyn, Aberdare. Two Sticks of White Celery: 1, Edward Jones; 2, John Richards; 3, G. Griffiths. Two Sticks of Red Celery: 1, T. Oliver; 2, J. Richards; 3, S. Cox. Bunch of Four Long Carrots: 1, Samuel Chappel, Cwmbach; 2, John Chappel; 3, J. Stroud, Ynyscynon Farm. Bunch of Four Short Carrots: 1, John Chappel; 2, A. Jenkins, 22, Price-place; 3, Samuel Chappel. Bunch of Four Parsnips: 1, Samuel Cox; 2, Edward Jones; 3, Thomas Rees. Bunch of Four Spring-sown Onions: 1, Edward Jones; 2, Geo. Dean, Oxford- street, Aberdare; 3, Chas. Garrett. Bunch of Four Autumn-sown Onions: 1, Edward Jones; 2, Arthur Jenkins, Aberdare; 3, Samued Cox. Dish of 18 Slhalots: 1, Albert Prowle, Park Pit Cottage, Cwmdare; 2, Samuel Cox; 3, Gomer Griffiths. Single Dish of Peas, 18 pods: 1, J. Stroud; 2, Watkin Thomas; 3, John Richards. Single dish of Beans, runners, 18 pods: 1, Thos. Rees, 71, Wind-street, Aberdare; 2, J. Pittard, Trecynon; 3, Benj. Bowen, Aberaman. Single Dish of Broad Beans, 18 pods: 1, Tom Hale, Robertstown; 2, Albert Prowle; 3, William Voss, 15, Moss-row,. Abernant. Single dish of Dwarf Beans, 18 pods: 1, S. Chappell; 2, B. Brown, 13, Henry- street, Aberaman; 3, Thos. Rees. Brace of Cucumbers: 1, Wm. C. Coombes; 2, T. Thomas, Gadlys; 3, Gomer Griffiths. Two heads of Red Cabbage: 1, Thomas Rees; 2, W. H. Lavender, 58, Bute-street, Aberdare; 3, Sam Cox. Two heads of White Cabbage: 1, James Evans; 2, B. Bowen; 3, J. Richards. Bunch of Four Turnips: 1, S. Cox; 2, T. Rees; 3, G. Griffiths. Bunch of Four Leeks: 1, John Chap- pell; 2, S. Chappell; 3, G. Griffiths. Three 'heads of Cabbage Lettuce: 1, Fred Crocker, Aberaman; 2, Thomas Rees; 3, Samuel Cox. Brace of Vegetable Marrows: 1, Ed- ward Jones; 2, William Thomas, Dean- street, Aberdare; 3, G. Dean. Three Long Roots of Beetroot: 1, S. Chappel; 2, A. EL Prowle; 3, T. Webb, Ynysboeth. Three roots of Globe Beetroot: 1, J. Prowle, Gadlys; 2, John Richards; 3, S. Chappel. Four Sticks of Rhubarb: 1, Geo. Powell, 37, Gloucester-street, Aberdare; 2, J. Chappel; 3, Wm. Voss. Dish of Six Tomatoes: 1, W. Price, 6, Well-place, Cwmbach; 2, Chas. Garret; 3, S. Cox. Basket of Herbs: 1, Chas. Garrett; 2, Thomas Escott, Gadlys; 3, Thomas Rees. Begonia in Flower, single specimen: 1, W. Price; 2, Sam. Cox; 3, Fred Dean. Fuschia in Flower, single specimen: 1, A. Buckingham, Ynyslwyd-street, Aber- dare; 2, Chas. Garrett; 3, Fred Crocker. Geranium, flowering, single specimen: 1, Albert Buckingham; 2, Chas. Garrett; 3, W. Price. Hanging Plant, single specimen: 1, S. Cox; 2, Chas. Garrett; 3, D. L. Eynon, Ynyslwyd-street, Aberdare. Musk, flowering, single specimen: 1, W. Price; 2, G. Dean; 3, Thos. Escott. Collection of Cut Herbaceous Flowers: 1, J. Stroud. Collection of Annuals, not less than six kinds, six vases: 1, J. Prowle; 2, G. Dean; 3, H. Meaton, Ynysboeth. Six distinct varieties of Sweet Peas: 1, J. Chappel; 2, A. Roberts, Cardiff- road, Aberdare; 3, J. Pittard. Collection of Stocks: 1, Evan Jones, Miskin; 2, W. Price; 3, Chas. Bridge- man. Dish of Black Currants: 1, Chas. Gar- rett; 2, Thomas Escott. Dish of Red Currants: 1, J. Stroud; 2, J. Stubbins, Aberdare. Dish of Gooseberries: 1, J. Stroud; 2, J. Stubbins, Aberdare; 3, Thomas Escott. Dish of Sixteen Apples: 1, J. Pittard; 2, H. H. Collette; 3, Mrs. A. Powell, Aberdare. Special prizes given by Mr. Emrys Evans, Aberdare, for the best collection of vegetables grown from seeds supplied by him: 1, Charles Garrett, Trecynon; 2, W. C. Coombes, Oxford-street, Aber- dare; 3, S. Cox. Prize given by Mr. C. A. Harris, Aberdare, for the best collection of vege- tables from seeds supplied by him: 1, W. H. Lavender; 2, S. Cox. Prize given by Messrs. Dovey and Her- bert, Aberdare, open to amateurs, for group of miscellaneous plants: 1, Chas. Garrett; 2, Albert Buckingham. Open to school children in the Aber- dare Urban District for the best collec- tion of wild flowers, berries, grasses, and ferns: 1, Miss Gladys Edwards, Llwyd- coed; 3, B. Moss, Cardiff-road, Aberdare 3, W. Wigley, Llwydcoed. Bouquet of wild flowerz with leaves and grasses: 1, John Prowle; 2, James Wig- ley, Ysguborwen. For the best Loaf of Bread. Mr. Joe Evans, foreman Cwmbach Co-operative Bakery, judged this class: 1, H. Jones, 20, New-street, Aberaman; 2, S. Cox, Catherine-street, Aberdare; 3. Mrs. M. Evans, 33, Seymour-street, Aberdare. For the best Dish of Cooked Potatoes: 1, W. H Lavender; 2, Mrs. Welsby, Gad- lys-road; 3, W. C. Coombes. Cottagers Prize (Special) for the best collection of seven vegetables grown by cottagers residing in the Aberdare Ur- ban District. Prize, silver cup, given by Mr. G. Tudor Williams, chemist, Aber- dare: 1, J. Chappel. Best Half-Pound Pot of Honey: 1, Mrs. Morgan, Cowbridge; 2. R. Morgan, Cowbridge. A gold medal was given for the best trade exhibit (horticultural produce) not entered for competition. A Royal Horticultural Society Bronze Medal was awarded to the cottager win- ning the largest total amount of money prizes in the show. Gold Medal: Mr. Case, Cardiff. Bronze Medal: Charles Garrett, Aber- dare. Band Contest: First prize, Aberdare; 2nd, Ferndale; 3rd, Mountain Ash; 4th, Aberaman. The catering was entrusted to Mr. Caunt.

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