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Aberaman. If you want a neatly and elegantly furnished house get your furniture from the Court Room, Aberdare. Hullo, Thomas, what is the meaning of 5 shillings in the £ off for cash? It means if you buy a sewing machine, any make, and pay Bugler cash for it, you can get a £6 machine for £ 4, 10s.— (Advt.) FREE LIBRARY.—The contract for the erection of the Aberaman Public Hall and Free Library has been secured by Messrs. John Morgan and Son (Aber- dare), Ltd. Abernant. INTERMENT.-The funeral of Mr. Ebenezer Meyrick, 9, Foreman's-row, whose death we reported last week, took place on Saturday at the Aberdare Ceme- tery. The mourners were Mrs. Meyrick, widow; Mr. James Edwards and Mr. Thomas Edwards, brother-in-law; and Mr. David Meyrick, brother. The funer- al arrangements were in the hands of Mr n& F. D, E. George, undertaker, Aberdare. CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE. The annual dance in connection with the above was held at the Co-operative Hall on Friday evening last. There was a fairly large attendance, and the refresh- ments, etc., were looked after by Mes- dajnes T. Burrows, T. Powell, Cummings, T. Arthur, and the Misses A. and D. Smith. Messrs. Charles Thomas and J. J. Smith were the M.C.'s, and the accom- panists were Messrs. Tomas Lewis (pian- ist) and Thomas Walters (violinist). A most enjoyable evening was spent. PHYSICAL CULTURE SOCIETY.—On Friday evening last an interesting enter- tainment was held by the members of the above Society, at their headquarters in Lewis Street. There was a large number present, and the programme was of a varied character. First of all, a series of magic lantern slides, showing views of the locality were thrown upon the screen by Mr. Bertie Jones. A humorous sketch in boxing was then given by Messrs. D. Evans and Bob Hatton, and a wrestling exhibition was giveu by Messrs. Benjamin Jones and J. Hillesley. A further boxing bout was en- gaged in by Messrs. Tom Price and Iago Davies, and Mordecai Jones and Bob Hatton had a bout of wrestling. A splendid spar- ring cOnte&fc vva3 then witnessed between Messrs. D Evans and W. Evans, and also between Tom Prica and Will Evans, and Iago Davies and Bob Hatton. Mr. William Williams, a native of rth Wales, then gave a display of weight-lifting apd sup- 1 porting, among other feats being the lifting of 14 men upon a bar-bell on his shoulders. Finally, a sketch entitled P.C. and M.C." was given by Mr. Benjamin Jones. Messrs. Ned Lewis and B. Jones performed the duties of M.C.'s. ST. MARGARET'S. A miscellaneous and competitive concert was held at the Crypt of St. Margaret's Church on Mon- day evening last. The chair was occu- pied by Mr. Watkin D. Powell, Aber- aman. The adjudicators were: Music, Mr. D. J. Williams, Violet-street; liter- ature, Rev. J. R. Dewi Williams, B.A., Aberdare. After the opening solo had been rendered by Mr. D. J. Williams, the following competitions were proceeded with —Recitation for children under 12, the 23rd Psalm (8), Miss Maggie Evans, Glamorgan-street. Solo, Mentra Gwen," the Rev. Morgan Powell. Red- t-ation for children under 12 years of age, H O! blentyn y nefoedd," Miss Esther A. Harris. Impromptu speech, "Should women have rotes?" (3), Mr. Martin Isaac. Open recitations (5), Miss Queenie Goldberg, also a special prize to Miss Annie M. Jones. Solos were rendered by Miss Queenie Goldberg, Mr. D. J. Wil- liams, the Revs. Morgan Powell and J. R. D. Williams, and recitations by Miss Maggie Scourneld, Aberdare; Miss Jenny Evans, and Master Emlyn S. Williams. Votes of thanks to the adjudicators were proposed by Mr. Watkin Powell, and seconded by Mr. John Handley. The singing of the hymn, "Ar lan Iorddonen Ddofn," closed the evening's entertain- ment. YNYSLWYI).—On Sunday morning last the pulpit of the above chapel was occupied by the Rev. R. G. Roberts, Cefnmawr, North Wales. He preached from Matthew iv., 1-4, dealing with the temptation of Christ in the Wilderness. He remarked that the temptation was an event in the life of Jesus Christ in which He was nearer to man than in any other circumstance. In his transfiguration, and upon the cross, and in his ascension, he was placed upon a level higher than all humanity, but in his temptation he was brought to our level. Jesus came out of his trials unscathed and unhurt, whilst mail often fell a prey to the temp- tation. Dealing with the three different aspects of Christ's temptation, the preacher remarked that the first, viz., the turning of stones into bread, was an enticement to indulge in the sins of the flesh. Human character was built up out of the elements of the body and the spirit of man, and in was the result of either of those counterbalancing and thus over-ruling the other. The second temp- tation of Satan to Christ was an appeal to the spirit, for he wanted Christ to dis- regard His body and hurl Himself down from the pinnacle of the temple. If Christ had this, and had allowed His body to become mangled in order to show the superiority of his spiritual nature, the glory of the Incarnation would have been spoiled, and history would not have heard of the cross or the resurrection. It was etrange that Satan should be so solicitous regarding the body of Jesus Christ in the first place; in the second place he was devilishly careless regarding its safety; and lastly, after having failed to entice Jesus both in body and spirit, he tried to obtain His complete surrender by offering Him the treasures of the whole world. This is the way Satan treated men. If he could not succeed by flanking movements such as the pleasures of body and spirit, and the passion for strong drink and other vices, he invariably, made a frontal attack which generally succeeded in bringing men upon their knees before him. There were hundreds of people ad- duced to Satan-worship, who had no de- sires, no will-power, no pleasures of their own, because they were all sacrificed to the' promotion of evil and sin. Christ had withstood the firmest of all tests, and the preacher hoped that his listeners would endeavour to do the same by ap- pealing to their Saviour for help in their time of need.










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