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Mountain Ash Musicians.


Mountain Ash Musicians. WHICH CHOIR SHOULD SURVIVE? For several months past the town of fountain Ash. has enjoyed the enviable distinction of being the most musical town throughout the whole of South Wales. Whilst other towns are deplor- ing the lethargic indifference of the people, regrarding the cultivation of music, Mountain Ash has gone wild over its endeavours to attain excellence in the youngest but the greatest of arts. So much stress has been put forth by its various adherents, indeed, that instead of finding one large band of musicians in concord with one another, we regret to notice that a spirit of bitter rivalry and hostility prevails. Mountain Ash loomed large in the musical world at one time, owinsr to the famous choir that was in existence under the conductorship of Mr T. c r Richards. Of late, how- PT 3 of the more ardent and yo .usicians have been dissatis- fied witn that organisation, for some reason and have united in one bodv and formed L1 emselves 1 Voice Party, under the cc Mr. Hugh Ellis: Nbw it 11 the existence of this party and the; clio 5. in the same- town militates against the snfi- q > „ :t>w towards effectinv i;i » > i 3 neut between them that a was' held ft Bethania Vestry on Sunday t. Nearly all the I V •• 1 there, and a depu- t I o Voice Party. At Ihr rL,->- uamm 1- "Jr. I). T. Evans, the T*i 'out, «»e a few .stroiig re-, "i ii! in h o .r of the continuance of the choir, on the ground that that vyae the old organizaticit of the two. wanted to j unity amongst them, all, 1 i to i musical honour of fed upon Mr. W. T MM]) i This gen daman again ei r -v > <- tangly on behalf of the choir, ar.u aeiviBed* the party to aban- don their projects in favour of the choir. an Price also -spoVe ?n the Fame -stnun. and was followed by Mr. Ben- 1« es, who seemed to take a mo e view:) f the quebucn. He would t, t j oL seeing only one crganis- t, u at. Mountain Ash, and was willing if) either of them. Air John .fcary of the "Mountain As*h I Voice Party, -hen got up, •" t >fiun\d that the arguments put forth bv trie orevion.s speaVs-r- were ell- <lc d t d^ed in ''avonr of the choir. r 1 !>at whatever. course lni_i hf. by 'he chair, the party wodd dl Oil, as IT had determined to carry out its m--jgram.'iie. He was also g] eatly sui'p^eu to find that the very oeonje who favoured th; formation of the party wore doing their very best to urge its Referring to the "musical honour of the town, he Would remind tho-e present that there Were really three existing organisations, viz.; the choir, the pwty, and 'the select Ooneert: party. At 111;0: state,mint the)e was a loud hubbub raised, and araulst the cries of a .,T,1, no," could he !(,a.,d a Rtill aim. voioe aslcing, a!j"I¡;t the concert party?" He did net Üy the party i-lia'iid resign iwore than one ot tL, others. Eventually, however. Mr. D. T. EAM-IS put it to the \oce, aul it war- 11Pcted to re-organize he eho en new lines aitc- gether. After the meeting there were several sSronps outside Betliania Vesltry dis- cussing the matter, so that it will be seen that the affair has created a great deal of excitement. We learn since that Mr. Herbert Llew- elyn is forming a Temperance Choir to eontest at the Crvstal Palace in the ijuninier, and, besides this, there is the yenrhiv/ceiber Male Voice Party in ex- ttence also. It is freely rumoured that the Select Concert Party referred to Is- preparing to with the ResolVen Male MVoic,'? Party to sing at the forth- ''Owing National Eisteddfod under the conductor ship of Mr. T. Glyndwr Rich- afds, and this seems to be really the curisp of the whole dissatisfaction.

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