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Mountain Ash.


Mountain Ash. Bethlehem (M.C.) Christian Endeavour Society.—The weekly meeting of the above society was held at Bethlehem Vestry on Wednesday evening, when two excellent and very instructive papers were read, one bv Mr. John Clayton on "Advantages of earlv religion," and by Mr. Thomas Lewis Jones on "The Way of Salvation. A discussion ensued, in which several members of the society took part, and spoke very highly of the paper. The meeting terminated with song, alter thanks had been returned to both gentle- men for their discourses. Theatrical.—Coleman Davies, wno is well-known to Aberdare audiences, visits Mountain Ash this week, where he plays exciting pieces, viz., "Money makes the Man," and "No Escape." The coin- pany have been re-organised since they plaved at the Aberdare Theatre some I weeks ago, and they have been reinrorced by the Daisy Verona Quartette of Lady Vocalists and expert dancers. "Money makes the man" will be staged tomorrmv (Friday) evening, and No Escape on Saturday evening. Both are well worth ^Mutual Improvement Society. — The weeklv meeting of the Bethania Mutual Improvement Society was held on Iriday evening, Mr. Matthew George being in the chair, when an interesting debate took: place on "Is Fashion Absurd. The affirmative was taken by Mr. D. H. Price, and the negative by Mr. Ben James. An interesting discussion took place in which the following took part: Messrs. A. Thomas, J. A. Thomas, S. Davies, D. Morgan, G. Davies, G- Hitchings, L. Phillips. D. J. Thomas, D. Thoiiias. ^On a vote being taken it was found tuat there was a small majority in favour ot the negative. Smoking Concert.—A grand smoking concert was held on Thursday evening at the Cresselly Hotel, under the aiis- pices of the lodge of the K.A.O.B. Mr. Roger Thomas, Aberdare, 3LO.M., K.G.H., presided in his usual humorous style. The vice-chair was occupied by Brother J. D. Morgan, accountant. The company was entertained with some ve'ry pretty songs by Bros. T. Granfield, Pent-re, and Ted Davies, Tonyrefail, who were spec- ially engaged for the evening. Songs were also rendered by Messrs. Charles Mathews, Alec Smith, and Knight W. Jones. Some selections were given on a gramophone. Bro. W. Whitcombe acted as accompanist. Musical. The Mountain Ash Male Voice Party, with their renowned con-I ductor, Mr. T. Glyndwr Richards, ful- filled an important engagement at Nazar- eth Welsh C.M. Church, Penygraig, on Thursday last. The party had a magni- ficent reception, and had to respond to deafening encores for the following choruses: "The Italian Salad," the reeit and solo of which was rendered in master- ly style by Mr. D. Cynon Evans; Mr. D. t1. Williams's "Homeward Pound," and "The Tyrol." The other ren- dered were greatly appreciated. Llinos Gwalia, the noted soprano, was well re- ceived, arid had to respond to several en- cores. The other items in the programme were given by the following members of the nartv: Messrs. D. Cvnou Evans, J. M. Bennett, M. H. Edwards, D. Williams, Anthony Jones, D. Lewis, and Master Robert Williams. Mr J. Webber accom- nanipcl in his usual brilliant stylo. At the close the party were entertained to a sumptuous repast prepared by the mem- bers of the church, the secretary and members of the concert committee py- pressing their appreciation of the huge success, musically and fhianciallv, of the 1 concert.

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