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Merthyn Board of Guardians.


Merthyn Board of Guardians. On Saturday. Present: Mr. J. Rogers (chairman), Revs. J. O* Really and J. H. Davies (vioe-chairmen), Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Williams, Messrs. D. Evans, Merthyr; R. Evans, J. Lloyd, T. Weale, H. Jones, D. Edwards, J. Price, W. Thomas, W. Hiley, R. Rees, J. Jen- kins, S. Hawkins, D. HopkinB, J. Aurel- ius, V. A. Wills, T. Williams, J. E. Rogers, T. E. Morgan, and D. Hughes, RBVS. W. C. Thomas, W. A. Jones, Ll. Williams, with Mr. F. T. James (clerk), and Mr. E. J. Hughes, assistant clerk. OUT-RELIEF. A cheque for i2375 was drawn. MR. DAVID EVANS SEEKS THE CLERK'S AID. Mr. David Evans, Meithyr, who, in conjunction1 with Mr. W. Thomas, Cwm- aman, has been appointed to attend the conference of the Association of Poor Law Unions, asked whether the Clerk could not accompany them, and assist them re the question of the assessment of collieries. The Clerk explained that it was not permissible for the Board to appoint more than two delegates and pay their expenses. Mr. Wills: If the two appointed cannot do the work, let us appoint another two. (Laughter.) Clerk: I am sorry to miss the trip. (Laughter.) However, I shall be in Lon- don that week, and will endeavour to at- tend, and render all the services I can as I am greatly interested in the ques- tion of assessment., (Hear, hear.) THE BOARDING OUT COMMITTEE. A Dearth of Orphans. The report of the Boarding Out Com- mittee was read. It stated that only three children were now boarded out. These were in good comfortable homes. They had several offers from other re- spectable people, but no children that could be properly designated "orphans" were now available. Father O'Reilly asked for a cheque for .£20 for the funds of the committee, which was granted. IN CASE OF FIRE. Mr. R. L. Berry, Aberdare, wrote asking for an interview with the Board to dis- cuss a certain mode of safe-guarding pro- perty at the, Workhouse and School from the ravages of fire. Mr. D. Hughee moved that the matter be referred to the House Management Committee. Eventually it was agreed to grant Mr. Berry's request. A MALICIOUS LETTER. A letter with a signature, but without any address, was read by the Clerk. It deferred to a certain family in Dowlais who were ini receipt of parish relief, and who, according to the letter, were in cir- cumstances of affluence. The writer con- cluded with this remark, "If such things l'e to be permitted by the Board, the sooner the better we all go on the parish." Rev. Ll. Williams: Is it usual for the Bardto take notice of anonymous letters? It was explained that the letter was not tftrictly lafeionymous. Mrs. Evans said she knew the accused family well. There was no truth in the allegations. She would suggest that they take no notice of them. It wae agreed that the letter should lie on the table.

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