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CWMDARE SQUABBLE. Sir,—In your last week's issue I find a new "Reformer" on, the field in the per- son of "Outsider." It astonished me to see a letter coming from that quarter, because he proclaims himself to be out- side the good cause- He is in sympathy with the motives of the young man, and yet he dare not try to explain his actions. Perhaps he is sworn to secrecy. But as- suming that he is an "Outsider" of God's House, by what authority does he take the case in hand and give his views on it? If he is a member of any society, he knows there, is a clear distinction be- tween the privilege that a member en- joys to that given to a non-member. So your correspondent has no voice in the matter. Or if he is a member of some other place of worship, I should advise him to mind his own. business, and clean before his own door-step first before he undertakes the work of moral spring- cleaning and reform. But I have my opinion re your corres- pondent. He is an Insider, that is, one of the clique, the chosen people of Cwm- dare, because he can prove certain things, such as the pre-arranged meeting for in- stance. Of course, he knows how things actually were. Your correspondent was in it, and so he can challenge us; we only go by evidence of the day's work, and that goes very far indeed. As to the staitement he demands, I should advise him to look to that week's letter, and if he can't see it, I should re- commend him to consult an optician, for his eyesight is failing him. The words to which I referred—and ascribed to the relatives—are to be found there, and that person knows that. Your correspond- ent has no business to demand an explan- ation if he is an outsider. He charges me with evading the ques- tion of the "disgusting language." Will he prove that it took place? Was he a listener ? I was not; perhaps some one —the actors in the drama—may furnish, him with their names, so that they may deal with them in their Reform Club. One word more to "Outsider." Did you win a soul in your glorious scenes, and your consternation in the enemy's camp, as you call it?—Yours, etc., ONE OF THE GENTILES.



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