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Letters to the Editor.

Mountain Ash Education Committee.

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Mountain Ash Police Court. Wednesday.—Before Sir T. Marchant Williams (Stipendiary). OBSTRUCTION. For fighting in the street, William Kennelly and Timothy Buckley, Miskin, were fined 40s. and costs each. Stanley Price, Henry Lambrick, Evan Prothero, and Frederick Boobies, four Penrhiwceiber boys, were charged with jostling people in the street, and were ordered to pay 2s. 6d. each. DRUNKS. Samuel Jenkins, Tyntetown, 5s. and costs; Henry Meredith, Miskin, 10s. and. costs. COLLIER'S OFFENCE. Caradog Griffiths, collier, working at Navigation Colliery, was charged with attempting to obtain Is. Old. by false pre- tences from the Nixon Navigation Co. Mr. F. Sydney Simons, who prosecuted, said that on Tuesday, October 24th, Mr. Tudor Davies, under manager, and Mr. Seth Smith, overman, were measuring the dead work performed by defendant in his stall. Asked by Smith how many pairs of timber he had put up during the fortnight, defendant replied "Three." The overman then proceeded to examine the timber, and found that only two pairs had really been erected, the other pair having been measured on the prev- ious occasion, but the mark had been partially deleted by the defendant. Seth Smith, the overman, and Tudor Davies, under manager, bore out advo- cate's statement. The latter said that de- fendant finally admitted having deleted the mark. Had this nof been; discovered in time, the Company would have been defrauded to the extent of Is. Old. Mr. Simon said that the prosecution did not wish to press the charge. The de- fendant had hitherto borne a good char- acter. A fine of 10s. and costs was inflicted. "OUGHT TO BE A LAWYER." A Miskin Family Feud. William Davies, carpenter, Mount Pleasant House, Miskin, was charged with damaging a plate glass window, value < £ 5 10s. The prosecutor, David George Howe, an insurance agent, living in Glyngwyn- street, Miskin, said that Davies came to his house on the night of the 2nd Nov. He wanted to see his father. Witness asked, "What for?" and defendant re- plied, "That has nothing to do with you." A row ensued, and witness was obliged to order him out. He went out quiet enough, but no sooner was he out than a missile came flying in through the win- dow, defendant declaring at the same time that he wanted six months' gaol. The police were sent for, and Davies was arrested. Asked now what he had to say, defend- ant said that Howe, the prosecutor, was his brother-in-law. The plate glass win- dow did not belong to defendant, it had been placed there by his (defendant's) family. He could replace it at a cost of 14. Defendant added: "He (indicating prosecutor) ought to be a lawyer, not an insurance agent." Mary Ann Burridge, 44, Glyngwyn- street, deposed to having seen defendant break the window. The Clerk observed that as the amount of damages was above £ 5, the magistrates had no power to inflict ai fine. The prosecutor still maintained that the damage was 15 10s., and could not re- duce it. Prisoner was then committed to the Assizes, and he, was removed ini custody. A WISE MAN. "You are a wise man," said the Stipen- diary, addressing John McCarthy, Tynte- town, who, in answer to a charge of being drunk and disorderly said he had nothing whatever 'to say. He was, however, mulcted in 10s. and costs. I "JUST FOR AN OUTING." Thomas Jones was charged with damag- ing hay. William Belbin, Ynysboeth Farm, said defendant had forced the bolt and effected an entrance to the hay loft, where, one morning, defendant was found fast asleep. Defendant now said he could not get a night's lodging anywhere. Stipendiary: Where do you come from? —Bargoed. What did you want over here?—Just for an outing. (Laughter.) He was fined 10s. and costs. EVIDENCE NOT ADMISSIBLE. Stanley Hussey, William Trask, Chas. Chick, James Cox, Wm. H. Cox, Thomas Morris, and John Collier, 7 young boys, hailing from Penrhiwceiber, were charged with damaging tarpaulin, the property of the T.V.R. Co. Mr. Norman Ingledew represented the prosecutors. He said that the defend- ant had placed an iron sheeting from one truck to another, and whilst playing with it broke the tarpaulin. P.S. Davies, Penrhiwceiber, said that from information he received, he inter- viewed Daniel Hussey, who gave him the names of some of the other boys. He told them of the damage inflicted, and they admitted having been there. Stipendiary (to witness): That is not quite regular, you know. There is no doubt the defendants were there, but the way you have acted appears to me to be rather irregular. There is no one here to give evidence of having seen the boys. Mr. Ingledew: They explained to the constable how it was done. Stipendiary: That is not admissible. I cannot convict on that. The boys were then severely repremand- ed and discharged. ASSAULT ON A MAN AND A DOOR. Timothy and Daniel Buckley, brothers, residing at Miskin, were summoned by W. Kenelly for assault. The same defendants were summoned for damaging a door belonging to Sarah Collins, Miskin. Fines of 20s. each were inflicted for the assault, and 23s. each for damaging the door. COAL STEALING AT PENRHIW- CEIBER. John Thomas Kane, James Thurlow, two boys, were fined 7s. 6d. each for steal- ing coal. STEPPING STONES TO MISCHIEF. Benjamini Llewelyn, about 21 years of age, was charged with stealing coal from a wagon, in Penrhiwceiber siding. P.S. Davies deposed to seeing defendant. on top of the wagomi. Defendant denied that he was there for the purpose of stealing coal. He was only passing that way to meet a friend in Cardiff-road. Clerk: You would have to cross the river to do that?—Yes; I crossed the river on the stepping stones. Stipendiary: They were stepping stones to mischief I am afraid. Fined 40s. Henry Ferguson, Penrhiwceiber, for a like offence, was ordered to pay 30s.

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