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MERTHYR'S LABOUR SENATE. Merthyr Tydfil will now have a unique opportunity to demonstrate what Labour may accomplish as a. municipal force. Many and mighty are the claime set forth by the votaries of Labour. We are often told that a labour majority on our local tcdies and in Westminister would ine- vitably tend to hasten the dawn of the glorious era when "the flag will be un- furled in the parliament of man, the federation of the world." The monied and privileged classes have long had an undisputed sway in legislative and admin- istrative control, and the masses are eager for a change, feeling sanguine that any alteration must mean reformation. Let us hope that in the supersession of the re- gime of Capitalism by that of Labour we are not merely exchanging one mode of tyranny for another. It is a mistake to think that oppression is the monopoly of capitalistic monopolists, and that tyranny is the natural issue of wealth and vested interests. Labour may also be selfish and unjust. The beggar on horse- back is always an element of danger. Electoral representatives who possess no ratable interests may tyrannise over those who have such. We do not suggest that it is likely that Labour members in newly-chartered Merthyr, or in any other town, or city, or district are likely to abuse their privileges in this fashion. We are only pointing out the danger. The eye of the kingdom will be eagerly watch- ing the doings of the Labour Parliament of Merthyr, and we have every confidence that the members thereof will, not vio- late the trust so unreservedly reposed in them by the electors. We heartily congratulate the Labour Mayor, Coun- cillor Enoch Morrell, and feel confident that his judicious counsel and temperate views will avail much iii directing and guiding the infant burgess of Merthyr.


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