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DOCTOR: Good morning, Nurse, how is patient's cough? I NURSE I regret to say, Doctor, the patient's cough is not any better. DOCTOR: Purchase immediately a bottle of the Best Remedy I know of. It will save life at a critical moment— TM7 TZTIM'G. MIEACULOUS UJliiXlVJLl> O CHEST, COUGH, AND THE GREAT LUNA-G a TONIC AND xnx> LIFE SAVER. Jtl Jli JDLxJ -CjJlI Read what the Minister says: I beg to add my testimony to your invaluable preparation- DEAKIN'S MIRACULOUS CHEST, COUGH and LUNG HEALER. It possesses marvellous properties, and gives instant relief to Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, &c., &c. It is very bene- ficial, and has proved for many years a boon to the working classes." Your Life HEALTH, HAPPINESS, WEL- FARE and comfort depend on the GENUINE ORIGINAL REME- DIES. Beware of injurious imita- tions and substitutes, and of the dealer who tries to deceive you and sell you spurious, worthless, and injurious mixtures. Prices 1/1 & 2/3 2 POST PAID, 1/3 and 2/6. Of all Chemists and Stores. G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. Carefully examine and notice that every Bottle, Label, Box and Wrapper bears the Trade Marks, Wording, Titles, together with our Name, to copy, imitate, or tamper with which is forgery and fraud. Any person or persons causing infringe- ment of aforesaid will be prosecuted according to law. SOLE PROPRIETORS— G. Deakin & Hughes, The Inflammation Remedies Co., BLAENAVON. I I T. BROWN Practical Joiner, Shop Fitter & General Undertaker 24, Cardiff St., Aberdare. ALL ORDERS PERSONALLY ATTENDED TO. A. J. PADDOCK, PLUMBER & GAS FITTER, 24, Cardiff Street, Aberdare. All Orders Promptly attended to. Moderate Charges. THE CHILDREN'S MOTOR. Inspect our Window! GRAND ASSORTMENT OF LARGE Toys. .$3*^ Repairs done to all domestic machinery. PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS. Largest Stock in Wales. New Records up-to-date. Cash or easy payments. 62 Cardiff Healthy Exercise and Lots PARKER BROS., street, Of Fun. ABERDARE. Aberdare SHOHTHip & TYPEWRITINC INSTITUTE and School of Commence. Principal J. MARSHALL, Fmine., S.T. etc., Diplomatee and Professional Shorthand and Typewriting Specialist. Candidates prepared for the Civil Service a,nd Commercial Exam by expert tutors. Failure impossible to workers. Remunerative Positions secured for duly qualified students. Candidates are now enrolled for the January Challenge Cup and Medals Competition. All intending students will do well therefore to communicate with the Secretary, Mr. d. PUGH, 4, Cefn Place, Aberdare. from whom full particulars may be obtained. The very best work possible in PHOTOGRAPHS BLACK & WHITE WATER COLOUR OIL PAINTINGS Is only obtainable at The Triumph Studio Station Street, (Directly opposite the Police Station), Aberdare. J. HARRIS, Proprietor. Seven Stars Hotel, Upper Boro' Walls, Bath. City Luncheon, 6d. Medium Class Hotel Accommodation. Bed, Breakfast and Attendance from 2s. 6d. Proprietor WILLIAM RAPPS, Late Griffin Hotel, Aberaman. W. D. DANIEL & Co. 116, Belmont Terrace, Aberaman, Accountants, Debt and Rent Collectors, &c., Debts Bought or Collected on Commission. Prompt Settlements. W. D. DANIEL, Certificated Bailiff. Instructions for distraint for Rents, &c., PROPERLY ATTENDED TO. r- PRINTING. PRINTING of every description neatly and promptly executed at the Leader Office, Market-street, Aberdare, I #

Among the Juniors.I -,.



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