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OH, FOR "THAT (HEALTHY) 7 ■BBBaKBCTi362!SaE6G £ !:s '• XErj'SP J, TPprn kc^"jj |?5 J; 11 i LiLi^uJy^J B Sleepless Nights and over-wrought Nerves make many 'if* persons long for the days of good health when perfect digcs- rvJ tion and good nerves allowed a perfect night's rest with „ V-V"5 ll>y refreshing sleep, and a healthy, rested feeling in the morning. \V* if Ð XJE f will restore those days. That Tired Feeling is a in good !e;tlth-it -Is a misery when the nerves l>ap?0r are bad or the digestion deranged. In good health it means y//4^V «« a joy to go to bed and the ability to get up in the morning wm £ V feeling as hard as nails rihI ready for work. If you are in «Wf- 'K+y bad health, it means a dread of night, and days of depression, worry and exhaustion. OXIEN will put you right. DON'T TAKE OUR VVORD FOR IT. See what others have said. Try it free of cost for a week-prove it for yourself. OXEN feeds the nerve centres and restores good digestion. OXCN is guaranteed to be pure and free from poisons. OXEEN is not a stimulant—it is isature s own Nerve Food and produces gradual permanent effects. m jp Send us your name and address if you FnEE iil bt uaIEn. »v* d^. »d*» will send you a trial sample of Cr-XBSITS. Try OXSEN. rsaa what other people say of it, and if you are satisfied it is good, you can then buv a sumolv of vour chemist. If you are not satisfied you are uncier no obligations to us. It costs you nothing to try. THE GIANT OXIE CO. (Dept..), 8, BOUVEHIE STREET. LONDON, E.C. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. rjlYSON & JONES, .BOOKBINDERS, MACHINE RULERS, AND ACCOUNT BOOK MANUFACTURERS, 17, SEYMOUR STREET, ABERDARE. Periodicals bound in latest styles at lowest prices. D p HILLIPS, TAILOR AND DRAPER, 40, CANON STREET, ABERDARE All Orders promptly attended to. Mourn- ings a speciality. gAMTJEL WILLIAMS, CARPENTER & BUILDER, 4, Elizabeth Street, Aberdare, Wall Papers, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Rugs, Mats, Linoleums, &c. always in Stock. Best Quality at Lowest Prices. W. D. DANIEL and Go. 16, Belmont Terrace, Aberaman, Accountants, Debt and Rent Collectors, &c., DEBTS BOUGHT OR COLLECTED ON COMMISSION. Prompt Settlements. WHITCOMBE HOUSE, 2 GLOUCESTER ST., ABEBDARE MORGAfd 51ORGANY Auctioneer, Valuer, Accountant, House and Estate Agent, Fire, Accident and Plate Glass Insurance Agent. j RENTS COLLECTED. M. M. personally attends to collecting, also holds Certificate to levy distress for rent. (Late 6, Whitcombe Street.) DEAKI N'S MIRACULOUS; Chest, Cough & LUNG HEALER j The Greatest Tonic and Life Saver the world can uroduce. Sold in Bottles only, with Engravings of In- venters and Trade Mark, to prevent imposition and fraud. PRICES: i/ij and 2/3. Post paid, 1/3 and 2/6 each. YOUR LIFE HEALTH, HAPPINESS, WELFARE, & COMFORT depend on these Genuine Original Remedies, Astounding Cures reported from all parts of the kingdom, Sole Proprietors C. DEAp & HUGHES, Tfje Inflammation Remedies Co., BLAENAVON. MICROCIDE" CURES ULCERATED MOUTHS, GUMS, SORE THROATS, QUINSY, DIPHTHERIA. Sold by all Drug Stores and Co-operative Societies. fEVERYWOMM| (I Should possess a copy of our Book entitled "THE$$j 1 WOMAN'S FRIEND AND MEDICAL ADVISER" G jS 170 pages (published at 2 6). Sent post ire:.1 for SI m 6 stamps. It is acknowledged by thousands to be || ■ the best book ever written and Lo:;rains i-,se4ul g| inforuJatlon ,yhictl everv shr;uld lcov'. I Leslie Martyn Ld.,34a',Dalsf,cr. Lane, London eg -— Printing 1 Printing Printing I! All kinds of Jobbing now executed at the e LEADER Office. i FOOTBALLS. For all ATHLETIC: GOODS go to A. J. SHEEN. Gymnasiums fitted iij). All Sandow's goods kept in stock. Also Terry's, lvhiteley's and McFadden's. Mr. Sheen being acknowledged the all-round champion athlete of the World, he is well qualified to advise on all matters relating to athleticism. Orders taken for Phonographs. A. J. SHEEN, CABDIFF ST., ABEBDABE. DRINK HORNII¥M\N'S PURE TEA. In Packets only and Full Weight without Wrapper. Always good alike. PRICES-J/6 TO 3/8 PER LB. SOLD BY: TABERDARE :-Evans, 10, Victoria-square; Harris, 12, Cardiff-street; Jones, 3, Victoria- square Phillips, 7, Victoria-square; Evans, Royal Stores, Gadlys-road; Phillips, 15, Canon-street; Watkins, 10, Cross-street; Hiley's Cash Stores, 22, Canon-street. TRECYNON Teague & Son, grocers Smith, 70, Mill-street. ABERAMAN Maddy, grocer. TEETHING MADE EASY. Joqes afld Sorts' RED DROPS Rob teething of its terrors. They cure the fever, correct the stomach and bowel disor- ders, reduce the inflammation and relieve the irritation; they make baby Wealthier, happier aqd more comfortable Jones and Sons' RED DROPS Give baby freedom from paiq. Tijey stop his fretfulqess at qigqt and allow njother to get uninterrupted sieep. Sold in bottles Ill-L and 2/9 from the fol- lowing agents:— Aberdare—Mr Harries, chemist. Mr Emrys Evans, ill.P.S., chemist, Victoria Pharmacy. Hirwain—Mr W. A. George, chemist. Mountain Ash-Mr. Williams, chemist. Mr. AV. A. George, chemist, Penrhiwceiber—Mr. A, M. Jones, chemist. Abercynon—Mr, W. G, Williams, chemise. Pontypridd—Mr. Arnott, chemist Llwynypia—Mr. Richards, chemist Tonypandy—Mr. Emrys Richards, chemist Mr. Davies, chemist. Or direct from the manufacturers on receipt of 13 stamps (1/3) post free. JOflES & SOflS, Chemists, Llanidloes MEN'S CURE FREE for Nervous Diseases of all kinds. This pres- c cription cured me in 21 days, although I had suffered for years from a debilitated, broken- down nervous system. I will send the pre- scription to any sufferer who encloses a stamped addressed envelope. It is a guaranteed SURE CURE for Nervous Debility of every kind, and will restore all the n-arvous organs to a healthy 11 condition, no matte ,;ow long the sufferer has been afflicted. To t_, ,rve my words I will send A FRLu SAMPLE to all sufferers. Address—W. MORGAN, Esq., 2(5 Randolph-street, Camden Town, London, N.W. Name this paper.

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