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DRAPERY. yN Eigieu, APPRENTICE i'r GENERAL E: GRAPERY.—Ymofy n 'l- yc Edwards and Jones, ^Llangefni. 428 il UrANTED, Agents for the Sale of the ,jj sljij,* British Cattle Food ia Anglesey, Carnarvon- ) nkighsbife, and Flintshire. References and W* required. For further particulars, apply to 396H^Pr' ^oru Chambers, Chester. — Communication between Liverpool and the Menai Straits. Steamer "BEE" will l»ad goods for W ."angor aDd Menai Bridge once a week at the and the Menai Straits. I Steamer "BEE" will laad goods for W ."angor aDd Menai Bridge once a week at the ftef 81^°. °f Tr&falgar-dock-lock, Liverpool. For fur- to^articularR and rates of freight, apply to M essrs D. »*an« Sons, Menai Bridge, or to Messrs R. and °nes, 28, Bruuswiek-street, Liverpool. 8503—414 TO BUILDERS. HINDERS are invited for several WORKS fgn reciuired iu the erection <f New Offices, &c., at the Pai^i Quarries, consisting of carpenter, plumber, and *^1) The drawings and specifications can he J frefelio Yard, Llandec;ii, on and after March 20. °0 rs to be sent to A. Wyatt, Esq., Port Penrhvn, X dore April 21st. 0 pledge ia given to accept the lowest or any tender. ^-8645 G. 0. ROBERTS, Architect. LLANNOR U. D. SCHOOL BOARD. GUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. lyj AE y Bwrdd Ysgol uchod yn barod j., Thy dderbyn TENDERS am adeiladtt Ysgoldy a yn Rhydclafdy, ger Pwllheli. Mae y ar Specifications i'w gweled yn Gellidara, ger IJbfjji '• Anfoner y Tenders ar neu cyn y 7ted o. IW wedi eu cyfeirio at y Clerk, Rev. Davii E. ^jeg) Rhydau Cottage, Llithfaen. det¡d YfQrwymir i dderbyn y Tender isaf nag unrhyw tlr. 426 OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS, Architect and Surveyor, Portmadoc. ^GLESEY AND CARNARVONSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. A ^RIZE of ^10 for the best STALLION tw Calc\ilated for husbandry will e awarded at the Pltiíni ^air, on the 8th day of May next. Also a pfofl. ^0 for the best STALLION calculated to ri ^')adsterg, Hunters or Carriage Horecrs. The "oraes will be required to serve every alteritate Akd B On Market Days, at Llangefni for Anglesey, ,\Bg°r or Carnarvon for Carnarvonshire. the c. ei to be made on or before 2ttli April next, to cretary, JOHN LLOYD, JDNR., ^3-427 Bangor. "LLYFRQELL LLWYD 0 LANGATHEN." A MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION OF vajj SECOND-HAND BOOKS for SALE includirg 4ldjc Welsh County Histories Lewys Dwnn's Her- pej, Visitations, &c. Printed Price List for three P°*tage stamps.—Mrs Isaac, Llangammarcb, ^n«toQ. L aoIIN M. J. TRJ3WEEK, K MASNACHYDD COED A LLECHI, LWCII, LLANERCHYMEDD. A LLANGEFNI. 6lvh^V^ M. J. T. ei fasnach yn mlaen ar yr etjwyddor ;•«„-Vc"aaa gwerthiaut cyflyra (small profit and quick nM 24* NOTICE. CARNARYONDYE WORKS. ilk Slrop, AT TY'NYCEI, CASTLE WALLS. ,Cttou, and Woollen Fabrics, Cleaned and Dyed I cheaper than any other Dye Housa. \KTZ cleaned and glazed, Damask and ^l°th cleaned or dyed any colour, Gentlemen's W denned or dyed, and pressed equal to new. &lov„9s (lyed aud cleaned without taken to pieces, Feather -<\1 Xid Boots, Animals'Skins cleaned or dyed. j, w°rk returned within a week. ^hih^ers c'leaue(l or dyed. If brought on Tuesdays, Ijei) 4days. Attendance at Bangor, Beaumaris, and 7dt^ every Monday. A. J. ALEXANDER, Manager. LY-MONEY ACCOMODATION.— Arsons of any trade or profession, male or female, (tyu,eofc in London or Country, can obtain privately or i j?llt the usual Loan Office routine, delay, Law Cost?, a^y 6 Insurance) from £ 10 to £ 300, at 6 per cent, for eoQv er.Ul Dot exceeding 5 years (repayable to suit tbeir of If nlen, by P. O. Order or cheque, &c.,) upon Note PuV,l?^» Life Poiieies, Furniture (without removal or SeCl v'J)i Live aud Dead Stack, Plant, or any available t>art; .7- genuine application refused,—For further or bv l af8' aD<^ Prospectus, apply personally (preferred) ^^1) er' enc^0SinS sump for reply, to Mr T. FAIR- > H7, Brixton Road, London, S.W., near Ken- ^COti Qate. 345 MONEY. A PRrv ATE GENTLEMAN, with surplus 0capital is willin,, to make prompt advances to or fe Tradesman, aud Farmers, and others (male residing in any part of England aud Wales, or on note of hand. No Life Assurance Relad.111, Costs. Full particulars by return of post, by Itr a stamped directed envelope, stating amount, to rWr RA-DfiURY (private house), 161, Walworth- r^tt- S-E- No genuine application refused. ^iJx>sa5 per cent-, ilepayuients received by P.O.O. 8835—1626—415 I T. RICHARDS, LORNE HOUSE, -6 A N GO R. 1 t': iI ESTABLISHED TWENTY YEARS.) F ASH ION A BIL E < MILITAR Y ■. I r~ AND, N A V A L T A 1 B 0 K OLE RICA L, PROFESSIONAL, j AND CIVIC ROBE M A K EE, I LIVERIES, » &G. &0. T. RICHARDS, in returning his thinks for the extensive patronage extended him during the last twenty years, begs to inform the CLERGY and others that he continues to supply Clerical Suits, overcoats, &c., at fully 15 per cent, below the London and Oxford Houses. Material, make, and finish unsurpassable. TOMLINSON & OO.'S BUTTER POWDER \/JAKES good SWEET BUTTER all the year i T I. round, removes the Savour of turnips, man- Kolds, tsvke, &c., quickens the churning, and increases the value 2d to 3d per lb. (See testimonials on hand- bills.) TOMLINSON AND CO.'S BUTTER POWDER. Sold-by an(I Grocers, in 6d, Is, and 2s 6d boxes. PWYSIG I AMAETHWYR. DRWY APPWYNTIAD BREINIOL. I'w Mawrhydi drwy <a • « I Dywysog Cymru, warant arhenig HMkjBShM drwy warant arbenig, dyddieditt Tlhag. 27. dyddiedig Ohwef. 1S65. jo, JSt>6. DAY. SON, A HEWITT, Unig Ddyfeiswyr a Pherchenogion y STOCK-BREEDERS' MEDICINE CHEST, At bob ANHWYLDERAU mewn CEFFYLAU, GWARTHEG, LLOI, DEFAID, ac WYN. A Dyfelswyr y Feddygiuiaeth Anife'liad Gyntaf y gwyddir am dani fel eiddo "iDAY." Cynnwysa y Gist annghydma, ol bobpeth y gall yr Amaethwr fod mewn angen am dano er cadw ei stoc yn rhydd oddiwrth afiechyd, ac mewn cyflwr iachusol g0^ uV^HEMICAL EXTRACT OR GREAT J PAIN DESTROYER" DAY, SON, A HEWITT, a rwystra Boen a Dybeuad wrth Fwrw Wyn, iacha Byrsau Chwyddedig a Thoredig mewn Mamogiaid a Gwartheg, a phob Clwyfau Madredig, Toriadau, a Briwiau, mewn pob Anifeiliaid. "GASEOUS FLUID OR BLACK MIX- VJT TURE" DAY, SON, A HEWITT, a dyr Boenau Mewnol, Cnofa, Ysgothiad, Rbyddni, Gwendid, Oerfel, Ffitiau Rhynllyd, neu Ludded Mawr mewn Ceffylau, Bustych, Lloi, ac Wyn, gan roddi Nertb, Byw- iogrwydd, ae Archwaeth annghyffredin. UT3ED DRENCH er INFLAMMATION POWDER" DAY, SON, A HEWITT, Glan- haydd Ysgotbaidd rhyfeddo1 y roae o werth enfawr mewn attal pob Arwyddiou Twymynaidd ar ol bwrw Lloi nen Wyn, gan wneud llaeth y Fuwch a'r Ddafad yn rhydd, pur, a maethlon i'r 110 neu oen. 66 ORONCHOLINE" DAY, SOX, A HE- I ) WITT, at yr Husk a Hoose mewn Defaid a Lloi. Tieiddia i'r gwaed, a lieinw ef ag arogl nwyol dinystriol i Lyugir neu Polerlys yn y Bibell Wynt a'r Ysgy faint. 66 T>ED PASTE OR CONDITION BALLS" -8-*1 DAY, SON, A HEWITT, at Gesyg wedi bwrw Ebolion, gan ei fod yn b"rwr mawr y llaeth i r ebol; chwala a dinystria bob Nwydau ac Arwyddion TwymyDol mewn Ceffylau, ac y mae yc hollol y fedd- ygiuiaeth er adferyd archwaeth a llyfohau y blewyn. CYNNWYSIR "GASEODYNE," "CAR- V MINATIVE CHALK, &c., DAY, SON, a HEWITT, yn y Cistiau hyn. Pris y Gist yu gyflawn, yn cynnwys "Arweiniad l Farriery," 2p. 16s. 6c., yn rhydd oddiwrth draul y Gludiad. Gellir cael unrbyw gyfran mewn bocsiau ar beuau eu hunain. Y mae y dyfeisiadau pwyaig hyn wedi gwrthsefyll prawf amser a dadwrdd gwrthwynebol (arwydd sicr o n gwerthfawredd anDghydmaroI), ac y maent yn Gyfaill gwirioneddol ac Arweinydd yr Amaethwyr yn ei boll Glefydau Anifeiliaid. RHYBUDD.—Qochelwch efelychiadau, ac edrychwch fod enw DAY, SON, & HEWITT ar yr holl boteli a phec- yna-u DAY, SON, HEWITT, 22, DORSET STREET, BAKER STREET, LLUN. DAIN, W., A WANTAGE, BERKS. 895 J FRIEND OF ALL. KNOWN IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. HERE'S OUR REMEDY. HOLLO WAY S PlLLS. Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Coughs, and Colds. diseases are more frequent, and few more dangerous I than anections of the respiratory organs; no condition gives to more fatal maladies than a II Simple Cold." The first xyniptoms may always be removed by these renowned Pills, ;s tbey quickly remedy the stagnation of blood, moderate the hurried breathing, and enable the "wind-pipe and lungs to per- ioriu their functions with ease and regularity. They also, by i iieir purijying properties, cleanse the blood from all impurities, v.iKt thus lortify the system against Coneumption, Asthma, and oilier pulmonary complaints. Q Debility, Loss of Appetite, Headache, and Lowness of Spirits. These Pills will, in a few days, effect a truly wonderful unuiigQ in Debilitated Constitutions (no matter their exciting c;iu<e}, as they create a healthy appetite, correct indiges- n >u, i-emove excess of bile, overcome giddiness, confusion, i i, Ic headache, and all those gloomy forebodings arising from r bad stomach or disordered digestion. The Medicine for Females, Young and Old. Tor overcoming all, obstructions and restoring suspended «ccreii->jis, there is no medicine to be compared to these Fills. Uuivmally adap'ed as the one grand remedy for Female Complaints, these Pills cannot fail, they strengthen the system, fuxl always bring about what is required. To females entering into wonjjinhood, or at the turn of life, they are invaluable, being a perfect safe-guard against dropsy, headaches, palpita- tion of the heart, and all nervous affections often distressing at those periods. tion of the heart, and all nervous affections often distressing at those periods. 0 Complaints Incidental to Children. Whooping cough, measles, scarlatina, fevers, and nY. diseases of the skin, may be immediately checked, and soon cuied, by these purifying Pills. No mother should be with- out them. One, two, or three (reduced to powder), may be given nightly, with the certainty of doing good. i Nervous Disorders. •Ariy derangement of the nerves effects disastrously both the body and the mind. To the nervous invalid these Pills are of vital necessity, as they impart tone and vigour to the internal organs, and consequently to the nervous system "which per- vades and connects them. Hence their marvellous cures of hysteria, low spirits, sj asms, fits, nervous twitchinga, and other kindred complaints. Jlolloway's Pills are the best remedy Z-nown in the world jÐr the fotlowing diseases Ague Asthma Bilious Complaints f Blotches on the Skin Bowel Complaints Debility Dropsy Female Irregu- larities Fevers ef all kinds Gout Headache Indigestion Liver Complaints Lumbago Piles Rheumatism Retention of TTrine Scrofula, or King's Evil Sore Throats ( Stone and Gravel Secondary Symp- toms Tic-Doloreux Ulcers Venereal Affections Worms of all kinds Weakness from whatever cause, &c., &e. The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOW n's, Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London: also nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised at Is. l^d.jJJs. 94., 4s.6d., lis., 22s., and oss. eaoi. Ihe s^alk^t Box of Bute contains four do^e-n t and the smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. Full printed directions are ataxia tv caoH Bo- -a and can be had in any language, even in Turkish, arable, Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. Nc. 13-1. ♦ PH. BASSALL'S FOOD FOR INFANTS, CHlLDiiEN AND INVALIDS. IIIE best aDd inost nouririhn rjlHE best and most nourishing of all JL lut'auta' and Invalids' Foods which have hitherto been breugbt before the public, it contains every requi- site for the full and healthy support and development of tho body, and is, to a considerable extent, self-digestiva. Recommended by tho Medical Press and Faculty. Sold by Grocers, Druggists, Oilmep *« iu Tins it 6d< Is, 2s, 3s 6d 6s, 15s, and 28s each. 4 Treatise, by Dr. Arthur Hill Hassall. M-D,, es the alimenaticm of Infants, Children and Invalids, eon be "d, post free, on application from the manufacturers, GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & CO., LEEDS. T H E Jclipse S A U iCE. IT ECLIPSES ALL THE CHEAP SAUCES. IN BOTTLES, 6D. EACH. TRY IT. Manufactured by CHARLES MORRIS, READING. And Sold retail by all Grocers and Oilmen. K E A TING'S PERSIAN INSECT DESTROYING POWDER. BXJGS, FLEAS, MOTHS, BEETLES, and all other INSECTS, are destroyed by this Powder, which 13 quite harmless to domestic aminals.—Sold in ins, -Is and 2s 6d, by Thomas Keating, St. Paul's urchyard, London, and all Chemists. THE "GLYCERINE DIP." (HAKDWICKE, GUERIN & Co's.) NON-POISONOUS. A certain preventive and cure of Scab, is also destructive to ticks, lice, and parasites infesting the skins of shfep and other animals. Its emollient and stimulating properties greatly promote the growth of the wool, and being a powerful disinfectant it arrests the spread of contagious diseases. ^-IAA13 and 10 lbs., and drums ef 20, 30, 40, 50 a i ? ^s* each- Price Sixpence per pound. One pound for every 5 sheep or 6 lambs. Sole Manufactur- ers, Tomlinson, Hayward aud Bishop, Lincoln. 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON. (THE OLD HOUSE). JOHNSTONS CORN FLOUR IS THE BEST. "QUITE FREE FROM ADULTERATION.Lancet. "IS DECIDEDLY supErioR.Lanect. Il I have examined Johnston's Corn Flour, end find it perfectly pure and most excellent in quality. When boiled with milk it affords complete nourishment for Children and persons of weak digestion." CHARLES A: CAMERON, M.D., F.R.C.S.I., PrefesiCr of Chamistfy, Boyal College of Surgeons, Dublin. M B. J. A. WILSON, '"j DEINTYDD, 72, High-street, Banged A DI)\MUNA ddjchwelyd ei ddiolehgarwch diffuant i'w gwp'iei^a^ gyfeilii#n aa S^^nogaeth haelionus a estynwyd iddo yn ystod ei vmarferiad vn Manf^' .■ • J j C».r fod rbeatr pri.ta Mr W., u„ resymol „g ,a. J™"1"™6 geityddyd, drwy yr hyn yr hydera deilyngu parhad o gefnogaeth y cyhoeM Tynir I)aunedd yn ddii)oen drwy nit?-ous oxide gas. Gellir ymgynghoti S Mr W. o 10 hyd G o'r gloch. R 11 A 11 1) 1 G MEDDYG DEINTYDDfL, PEN'RALLT VILLAS, UrPEB BANGOR, ellir*ymgyr,gbori ^a& ef -yu y cyfeiriad uchod (yn ddidar mewn pob achos perthynol i'r Dannedd. Cyflenwtr Dknnedd Celfyddydol o bob math, •"» h7d r^s pyAawn, heb boeo noc annhwylusdod Tr gwisgydd. Gan fod Mr Harding wedi cael Uavr*' 0 %°Fddau o brofiad yn ngwncutburw4 Dannedd Celfyddydo], y mae mewn aefyllfa i sierhan iSv ?ff8mr,ld ZJmr a boddlonrwydd yn Dgbyda r defnydd. iau goren. Ymddacgosiad naturiol yn warrantedig LleD-'r ddannedd pydredig gydng aur pur ar enamel gwyn a ddargsnfyddwyd yn ddiweddar, yr hwn DP'- yw yn dJwgliwio tra yn dyogelu y dant. Rheoleiddir Dannedd Plant. Yinwelir A Llacrwst vo y Llythyrdy bob dydd cyntaf a thrydydd yn mhob mist JOSIAH HUGHES, 'X" WHOLESA411 AND RETAIL IRONMONGER, 'c,' 237, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. ITYMIITOR Y GAUAP, 1875-6. HYSBYSIAD ARBENIG. • i Lampau eyffredin y nghyda Silber, Duplex, Annacaanig, &c. Petroleum Oil, Benzolene, French Colza oil, Naptha, Fire lighters, Coal savers, English and American Cooking Stoves, American and Gill Warm- ing Stoves, Roberts's Terra Cotta 1 slow b u ruing Stoves for greenhouses, &c., Gas and Petroleum Stoves for heating or cooking. Chafi" cutters, Turnip cutters and pupe", Oilcákè and Corn crushing Mills, Bores powers, and Sheep racks, Sausage Machines. HYSBYSIAD PWYSIG. Y mae Josiah Hughes wedi penderfynu gwneutbur, gostyngiad arhenig unwaith yn y flwyddyn yn y doii. barthiadau canlynol o'i fasnach er mwyn cael dechreu pob tymhor befo nwyddau newyddion. DALIER SYLW !—Y mae y rhan fwyaf o'r Stoc werthfawr a Iluosog o'i NWYDDAU ARIAN, CERF- LUNIAU BRONZE, &c., wedi eu marcio yn arbenig at y Sale hon mewn figyrau plaeu, a bydd detholiad belaetb o nwyddau cyffredin, ynghyda peiriannau, ac offerynau teuluol, ac amaethyddol, wedi eu marcio yn gyffelyb. ANFONWCH AM LIST yn dangos y pris cyntefig ar pris gastyngedig, yn rhad trwy y post i ohrhyw gyfeiriad. Fe barba y Stile hyd ddiwedd mis Mawrth. Ni fu erioed y fath fantais yngogledd Cymru i gaelNWYDDAU MOR RAGO ROL am y fath brisiau. P.S.—ARIAN PAROD fydd unig delerau ysale hon. JOSIAH HUGHES, Ironmonger, Bangor. -• mUYr I R. J MH J L S 0 N II-L' ■' | v — iM -<•_ ■ "•.Jr** .ihi {ia AND OPERATIVE MECICAL DENTIST, vi COLLEGE ROAD, UPPER BANGOR. 11 -1: A DELPHI HO TEL, LLANDUDNO. CAIAGIOUS AND ELEGANT COFFEE-ROOM AND DRAWING-ROOM, WITH SEA VIEW. TABLE D'HOTE DAILY STABLING, COACH-HOUSE, AND LOOSE ûXES. OMNIBUS MEETS THE TRAINS. <r MR. GREENE, Proprietor, Extract from John Bull, August 31st., 1872. Of Welsh Hotels, we may mention with especial favour. while the Adjelphi Hotel is far the best is Llandudno."—" Notes for Tourists." 2983 VICTORIA MUSIC WAREHOUSE UPPER BANGOR. J C "C UB ITT, PIANOFORTE and HARMONIUM TUNER, Late with Messrs. Broadwood, Collard and Kirkman, London. PIANO FORTES, HARMONIUMS & AMERICAN ORGANS FOR SALE OR HIRE. -F PIANOFORTES FROM £16. HARMONIUMS F.Rom X5. VIOLINS, GUITARS, BANJOS, FLUTES, CONCERTINAS, TAMBOURINES, MUSICAL BOXES, AND ALL KINDS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, ALL THE NEWEST MUSIC KEPT IN STOCK AT HALF THE PUBLISHED PRICES. INSTRUMENTS TUNED, REPAIRED, OR TAKEN IN EXCHANGE, N,B.— AF EseeUant GgAffP PIANOFORTE for HIRE Olt COJJCHRTV, E! RrE L)DVODS, PRIVATE PARTIES, fte. S