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WANTED, 6 OEKTIFIOATEI) MASTER I (or an ex-P.T.), in February next. for S. Paul's NatluL! J School, Bryncoedifor. Salary, £ 30 fixed, School and Grants,—Apply, the Vicar, i C, -ø- TO PAHENTS AND GUARDIANS. A RESPECTABLE well educated youth as an Apprentice to the Chymist and Druggist profession wanted. A moderate, premium required. A ChurchnHn preferred.-Apply to Robert Isaac Jones, Cambria Pill Depot, Tremadoc. A N AI'PRENI'ICE WANTED. Assist ■V ance will be given to pass examinations.—Apply ti) Owen Jones, L.D.AS., Apothecaries' Hall, Bangor. 391. DYNION YN EISIEU AN Gwmui o Gyhoeddwyr enwog, i C gasglu Archebion at Lyfr Cymraeg Newydd sydd yn cael ei ddwyc o'r Wasg yn bresennol, Qwerthiaut helaeth yn sicr. Ammoaau maDttisio].—Ymofyner yn beraonol, neu trwy lythyr, a Mr Rees Williams (Glau Oeris), Panrhos, Bangor, neu Mr D. McAlister, 22, Great George-street, Liverpool. 390 -+- WANTED, Agents for the Sale of the V British Cattle Food in Anglesey, Carnarvon- shire, Denbighshire, and Flintshire. References and security required. For further particulars, apply to the Manager, 17, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. 396 -w- JOSIAH HUGHES, IRONMONGER, BANGOR. HIS CLEARANCE SALE Of ELECTRO-PLATE and FANCY GOODS, &c-} is now going on. Write for priced Catalogue post free. 398 JOHN M. J. TREWEEK, MASNACHYDD COED A LLECHI, AMLWCH, LLANERCHYMEDD. A LLANGEFNI. Caria J. M. J. T. ei fasuachyn rnlaen ar yr egwyddor elw bychaca gvrerthiaat oyflyin (small profit and Quick rtturns-) 243 NOTICE. CARNA BVOXl^E WORKS. SHOP, AT TY'N Y-CEI, CASTLE WALLS. Silk, Cotton, and Woollen Fabrics, Cleaned and Dyed cheaper than any other Dye House. ClHINTZ cleaned and glazed, Damask and J Woollen cleaned or dyed any colour, Gentlemen's Cloths cleaned or dyed, and pressed equal to new. Dresses dyed and cleaned without taken to pieces, Feather Gloves, Kid Bouts, Animals' Skins cleaned or dyed. All work returned within a week. Feathers cleaned or dyed. If brought on Tuesdays, within 4 days. Attendance at Bangor, Beaumaris, and Meuai Bridge, every Monday. 7454 A. J. ALEXANDER, Manager. <]?0~LATHEE LOO I) IS THE LIFE." /XLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD I YJ MIXTURE. Trade Mark-" Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER For cleansing and clearing the blood from all impuri ties, ctn mot be too highly recommended. r Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and Sores of all kinds it is a never-failing and permanent cure. It Cures old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Sores on the Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Less, Cures Blackheads, ur Pimples on the Face. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Cures the Blood from all impure Matter, From whatevercause arising, a As this mixture is pleasant to the ta te, and warranted fiee from anything injurious to the most delicate consti- tution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. Sold ,in Bottles 2s (ill each, and in Cases, containing eix times the quantity, lis each-sutlicieut to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases—BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, High Street, Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. AGENTS-II. G. Hughes and Son. 8, 9, and 10, Market Street, Holyhead; Hamilton and Jones, the Ap" the caries' Hall, Bangor; L. J. Hughes, Chemist, &c.. Bethesda. ESTABLISHED 1839. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. JONES' (TREMADOC.) APERIENT AND ANTIBILTOUS PILLS. .4 PRACTICAL trial for Half a Century, fl. with the more geueral teat of Thirty-four Years $y the afflicted public, has now established the reputa- tion of these PILLS. Containing no Mercury, but composed of the most rare and expensive Vegetable pre- parations of the British Pharmacopeia, combined with a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB, fencing a MILD LAXATIVE, TONIC REMEDY, admitted by those who have tried them to be superior to all other similar prepara- tions, as a Preventive and Cure for all Disorders result- ing from a disordered state of the Stomach, and Liver, and Impurity of the Blood, &c. old by all the Wholesale Houses, and at the Cam- brian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales. Retailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors in every town is the United Kingdom, in Boxes at Is 10d, 2s 6d, and 4s 6d each Great saving in procuring either of the arge Boxes. 1ST Should any oua fail to obtain the rills in his own neighbourhood, if 14 postage stamps for the Is ld box, 33 for 28 6d, or 60 for the 4s 6d be posted to the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales, the fills will be send by return of post, fiee. 7 T. RICHARDS, LORNE HOUSE, B A NGOII. ESTABLISHED TWENTY YEARS.) FASHIONABLE MILITARY AND NAVAL TAILOR. CLERICAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND C I V I C ROBE MAK ER, LIVERIES, &G, &C. T, RICHARDS, in returning his thinks for the extensive patronage extended him during the last twenty years, begs to inform the CLERGY and others that he continues to supply Chri ul Suits, overcoats, &c., at fully 15 per cent, below the London and Oxford Houses. Material, make, and finkh unsurpassable. TOMLINSON & CO.'S BUTTER POWDER || y¥ AKES good SWEET BUTTER all the year iYJL round, removes the flavour of turnips, man- golds, cake, &c., quickens the churning, and increases the value 2d to 3d per lb, (See testimonials on hand- bills.) TOMLINSON AND CO.'S BUTTER POWDER. Sold by Chemists and Grocers, in 6d, 1s, and 2s 6d boxes. -+ PWI SIG I AMAETHWYR. DRWY APPWYNTIAD BREINIOL. I'w Mawrhydl drwy gm mym I Dywysog Cyraru, v; a runt arbenig (lt*v warant arbenig, dyddiedig Rhag. 27. dyddiedig Chvref. ISW. io, iSiWi. DAY. SON, A HEWITT, Unig Ddyfeiswyr a Pherehenogion y STOCK-BREEDERS' M E DICIN E CHEST, At bob ANHWYLDERAU mewn CEFFYLAU, G WARTHEG, LLOI, DEFAID, ac WYN. A Dyfeiswyr y Feddjginiaeth Anifediad Gyntaf y gwyddir am duui fel eiddo "DAY, Cymiwysa y œst annghydma ol bobpeth y gall yr Auia.e.thw,- fod mewn angen am dano er cadw ei etoc yn rhydd oddiwrth afiechyd, ac mewn cyflwr iachusd aV^HEMICAL EXTRACT OR GREAT 1; PAIN DESTROYER" DAY, SON,^ A HEWITT, a rwystra Bora a Dybeusd wrth Fwrw Wyn, iachit Byisau Chwyddedig a Ttioredig mewnManaogiaid a Gwastheg, a phob Clwyfau Matlrelig, ToMadau, a Briwiau, mewn pob Anifeiliaid. (<n ASEOUS FLUID OR BLACK M1X- \;j TURE" DAY, SON, A HEWITT, a dyr Boenau Mewnol, Cnofa, Ypgothiad, Rhyddni, Gwendid, Oerfel, Ffitiau Rhynllyd, neu Ludded Mawr mewn Ceffylau, Bustych, Lloi, ac Wyn, gan roddi Nerth, Byw- iogrwydd, ac Archwaeth annghyfifredin. U "13 ED DRENCH er INFLAMATION XV POWDER" DAY, SON, A HEWITT, Clan- haydd Ysgothaidd rhyfeldo! y mae o werth eufawr mewn attal pob Arwyddion Twymynaidd ar cl bwrw Lloi neu WYD, gan wneud llaeth y Fuwch n'r Ddalad yn rhydd, pur, a maethlon i'r lio neu oen. u ITONCHOLIN UP DAY, SON, A RE- O WITT, at yr Husk a Hoose mewn Defaid a Lloi. Treiddia i'r gwaed, a lleiuw ef ag arogl nwyol diuystriol i Lyngir neu Polerlys yn y Bibell Wyut ar Ysgyfaint. cc P-TED PASTE OR CONDITION BALLS" DAY, SON, A HEWITT, at Gssyg weill bwrw Ebolion. gan ei fod yn barwr mawr y llaeth I r ebol; chwala a dinystria bob Nwydau ac Arwyddion Twymynol mewn Cetfylavac y mae yn holiol y fedd- yginiaeth er adfcryd archwaeth a llyfohau y blewyo. n YNNWYSIll ,t G ASEODYNE," Ii CAH. C MINATIVE CHALK, &0., DAY, SON, a HEWITT, yn y Cistiau Lyn. Pris y Gist yu gyflawa, yn cyauwys "Arweiniad i Farriery," 2p. 16s. 6c., yu rbydd oddiwrth draul y Gludiad. Geliir cael unrhyw gyfi-an ocewn bocsiau ar beuau cu hunain. Y mae y dyfeiaiadau pwysig byn wedi gwrtbsefyli prawf OIll'er a dadwrdd gwrthwynebol (arwydd bier o'u gwerthfawredd arJDghydmarol), ac y maent yn Gyfaill gwiriOTlcdd,,1 ac Arweinydd yr Amaethwyr yn ei Loll Glefydau Anifeiliaid. p fl YB U,F ac c fod emu DAY, SON, & HEWITT ar yr holi boteli a phec- ynau DAY, SQN, & HEWITT, 22, DORSET STREET, BAKER STREET, LLUN- k 395 DAIK, W., A WANTAGE, BERKS. TMIIEND OF ALL. KNOWN IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. OUR REMEDY. HOLLO WAYS PILLS. Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Coughs, and Colds. No diseases arc more frequent, and few more dangerous than affections of the respiratory organs; no condition gives t'-a to more fatal maladies than a "Simple Cold." The first vymptoms may always be removed by these renowned Pills, they quickly remedy the stagnation of blood, moderate the harried breathing, and enable the wind-pipe and lungs to per- KHTII their functions with ease and regularity. They also, by their purifying properties, cleanse the blood from all impurities, \mi:l thus f.irtify the system against Consumption, Asthma, and I pulmonary cemplaints. Debility, Loss of Appetite, Headache, and Lowness of Spirits. 'J hpse Pills will, in a. few Jays, effect a truly wonderful rhange in Debilitated Constitutions (no matter their exciting ■eause), as they create a healthy appetite, correct indiges- e, eesg r-r-m >vo exeess of bile, orercome giddiness, confusion, ,-ie!; headache, and all those gloomy forebodings arising from a 1or disordered digestion. The Medicine for Females, Young and Old. For overcoming all obstructions and restoring suspended secruti HIS, there is no medicine to be compared to these Pills. Universally adep ed as the one grand remedy for Female Complaints, these Tills eannot fail, they strengthen the system, and always bring about what is required. To females entering into womanhood, or at the turn of life, they are invaluable, being a perfect safe-guard against dropsy, headaches, palpita- tion of the heart, and all nervous affections often distressing at those periods. ■" Complaints Incidental to Children. Whooping cough, measles, scarlatina, fevers, and all diseases of the skin, may be immediately checked, and soon cured, hy these purifying Pills. No mother should be with- out them. One, two, or three (reduced to powder), may be given nightly, with the certainty of doing good. Nervous Disorders. Any derangement of the nerves effects disastrously both the body and the mind. To the nervous invalid these Pills are of vital necessity, as tiaey impact tone and vigour to the internal organs, and consequently to the nervous system which per- I vades and connects them. Hence their marvellous cures of hystorii, low spirits, s-r asms, fits, nervous twitchings, and other kindred complaints. I Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases I Asthtia Indigestion totns Ague I Headache I Secondary Symp- Bilious Complaints Liver Complaints Tia-Dolorerx iilotches on the Skin Lumbago Ulcers Bowel Ooinphunts Piles Venereal Affections Debility Rheumatism Worms of all kinds Dropsy Retention of Urine Weakness from Female Irregu- Scrofula, or King's who ever cause, larities Evil &c. Female Irregu- Scrofula, or King's I who ever cause, larities Evil &c., &c. Fevers of all kinds Sore Throats [ Gout Stone and Gravel < The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOIXOWAY'S Establishment, 533. Oxford Street, London; also hjr nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, ill Boxes and Pots, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d.. 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each. The smallest BOT. of Bills contains four dozen and the smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pet, and can be had in any language, even in Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. No. 13-1. h TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED OEAD the New Work, entitled HOW TO 1 \J K.N-UI:K HEALTH. Just pupushed for Two <t:.n,p», by DR. BARNES, M.D. (U.S). A TREATISE ihe LAWS GOVERNING rIFE. and the CAUSES SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depend on Exhaustion of Nervovs Vitality, such as Nervoui Debility, Mental and Physical Depression. Palpitation of die Heart. Noises in tho Head and Ears, Indecision Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self- l /iscrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailments, which, if neglected, bring the sufferers to an early death. Together with Hints 08 C,ll"onic,RbouinatiamiGout,Neuralgia, Euilepay,Hyqteri% and all diseases of the Nervous and alimentary system. lkie* f'FPsnd'X to this valuable work contains many US i +1 ^^CRIPTJONS for the alleviation of suffering f A,-cur6 °* mIn°r disorders, with full instructions tor their preparation and use. Contains also some u e.Hk G' Hygiene, or the Way to Preserve Illustrated by numerous testimonials from grateful patients who have been restored to health turough the author's instrumentality. Sent post free tor two Stamps, or by letter post three Stamps Aidres4 Dr. J. A. BARNES, 48, Lonsdale Square ^T>«bury, London, N. 6036. 6063-1143-262 POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED FOR COUGHS I FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCH PIS, i FOR INFLUENZA, Spc. This Old Establi ,ed INVALUABLE MEDICINE has the extraordina! v property of immediately relieving Coughs, Colds, Hi rscness, Difficulty of Breathing, Huskinees in the Tfei ■ tt. It operates by dissolving the oojl- gealed Phlegm, and t ereby causing a free expectoration, IMPORT ANT TESTIMONIAL, Dear Sir,—I may 11 you that I have used your Balsam for a very long time both for myself and my family), X think it an invalid-de medicine for members of my profession, and have I ways strongly recommended it to my brother and siste artists. If you think a testimonial from me would be of anv service, you are very welcome to make use of this. I am, 1' r Sir, yours truly, LIONEL BROUGH, Globe Theatre. ASK FOR mWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEKD. Sold by all chemists and medicine vendors throughout the world at Is lid 2s 3d: and family size 118 per bottle. Proprietor:— THOMAS POWELL, BLACKFRIARS ROAD, LONDON. See Trade Mark,-—Lion, Netand Mouse. -)-N WONDERFUL EFFICACY OF MR CONGREVE'S REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION.—See the new erliVon (116th) of Mr George Thomas Congreve's bo"k ON CONSUMPTION OF THE LUNGS, or, Decline, and the Only Successful Treatment;" showing that formid able disease to be curable in all its stages with additional Cases of Cure, and Questions for Patients COli suiting tht Author by letter. Post Fdse from the Author. Coombe Lodge, Peckham, London, for ViVe Statn^V MR. J. A. WILSON, DEINTYDD, 72, Hi gh-street, Bangor, ADDYMUNA ddychwelyd ei ddiolchgarweh diffuant i'w gwsmeriaid a'i gyfeillisit aa gefnogaeth haelionus a estynwyd iddo yn yafcod ei ymarferiad yn Mangor. it fod rhestr prisiaii Mr W., uior resymol ag y mae yn bt.)sibl, yin gysfson &g ymarferiad dy lad try gelfyddyd, drwy yr hyn yr hydera deilyngu parhad o gefnogaeth y cyhoedd. Tyni2- Dannedd yn ddiboen drwy nitrous oxide gas. Geilir ytngynghori a Mr W. o 10 hyd 6 o'r glocb. M Pt, HARDIN — MEDDYG DEINTYDDOL, PEN'RALLT VILLAS, UPPER BANGOR, A ellir ymgynghori ftgef yn y cyfeiriad uchod (yn ddidal) mown pob achos perthynol i'r Cyflenwir Danuedd ^-IfytWydoI o bob math, o un Dant hyd res gyflawn, heb boen aac annhwylusdod j r gwisgydd. Gan fod Mr Harding wedi cael llawer o flynyddau o broflad yn nrwneuthuriad Dannedd Celfyddydol, y rnae mewn sefyllfa i sicrhau i"w gwsmeriaid gysur a boddlonrwydd ya nghyd&'r defnydd. iau goreu. Ymddat gosiad naturiol yn warrantedig. Lieawir i fyny ddaoiiedd pydredig gydag aur pur a'r enamel gwyn a ddargsnfyddwyd yn ddiweddar, yr hwn nad yw yu drwgliwio tra yn dvogelu y dant. Rheoleiddir Dannedd Plant. Ymwelir & Llanrwst yn y Llythyrdy bob dydd Mawrth cyntaf a thrydydd yn mhob mis. JOSIAH HUGHES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL IRONMONGER, 237, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. TYMHOR Y GAUAF, 1875-6. HYSBYSIAD ARBENIG. Lauipan cyffredin y nghyda|SiIber, Stoves, American and Gill Warm- Turnip cutters and pulpers,Oil cake Duplet, Anoacaanig,&c. Petroleum f ing Stoves, Roberts's Terra Cotta and Corn c. usbing Mills, Horse Oil, Benzolene, French Colza oil, I Filow buruiiag Stoves for greenbouges, powers, and Shoep racks. Sausaae N aptba, Fire lighters, Coal savers, fee., Gas and Petroleum Stoves for Machines. -o English and American Cooking heating or cooking. Chaff cutters, HYSBYSIAD PWYSIG. t Y mae Joaiah Hughes wedi penderfynu gwneuthur goityngiad arbenig unwaith yn y fiwyddyn yn y dos. bartbiadau canlynol o'i fasnaoh er mwyn cael dechreu pob tymhor hefo nwyddau newyddion. DALIER SYLW !-Y mae y rbau fwyaf o'r Stoc wertbfawr a lluosog o'i NWYDDAU ARIAN, CERF- LIJNlAU BRONZE, 4c. weds eu marcia ya arbenig at y Sale hon mewn figyrou plaeo, a by4d ielb<di»4 helaeth o nwyd^aa cyfifredin, yngbyda pciriannau, ac offerynau teuluol, ac amaetbyddoj, wedi eu iHwdo fu g.vffelyb. ANFONWCH AM LIST yn dangoa y pris cyntefig ar prie gostyngedig, yn rhad trwy y pot t i unrhyw gyfeiriad. Fe barhfi, y Ssle hyd ddiwedd mis Mawrth. Ni fu erioed y fath fantais yngogledd Cymru icaelNWYDDAU IOR RAGOROL am y fath briiliau. I'.S.—ARIAN PAROD fydd nuig delerau ysale hon. JOSIAH HUGHES, Ironmonger, Bangor, r_ -I. YN NAWDD DUW A'l DANGNEF. Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD. IESU N'AD OAMWAITF. .1 CYNHELIR Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Llaurwst a Dyffryn Conwy Yn LLANRWST, yn ol braint a defawd ac arfer beirdd Ynys Prydain yn nghadair Gwynedd, GORPHENAF 13,14,1876. Y PRIF DESTYNATJ. l '—Awd! y gadair, ar y pedwar mesur ar hugain gwarantedig, Iieb fod dros 600 o linellau, "Syr John Wynn o WTydir." Gwobr £ 10, gaB Barwnes Willoughby de Eresby, a chadair dderw gerliedig hardd. 2.—Traethawd, "Tywysogaeth Cymru mewn cysylitiad & chelfyddyd, a'r moddion goreu i'w dvrchafu Gwobr £ 5 5s. 3.-Pryddest, Marwolaetb." Gwobr £5 5s, -I.-Rhamant, "Difydd ap Sheincyn." Gwobr £3 3s. 6,-Traethawd, Hynafiaethau Dyffryn Conwy, Astiquities of the Vale of Conway." Cymraeg neu Saes. oneg. Gwobr X4 4s. 7.—Y prif gystadleuaeth gorawl. I'r Cor neb fod dan 40 o rifedi a gano oreu Mor hawddgar yw dy Bebyll," gan Pencerdd America. Gwobr £15 i 5s a Baton i'r Arweinydd. Fe ddisgwjlir i'r cor buddugol wasanaethu yn y Cyngherdd dilynol yn rhad os bydd galwad arno. 8.—Am y Cyfansoddiad goreu o Anthem Gynhauaf, "Harvest Anthem," geiriau Cymraoe a Saesoneg yr awdwr i ddewis ei eiriau. Gwobr £ 5 5s. ™ Ni wobrwyir oni bydd teilyngdod digonal, a'r ymgeisydd neti ei gynrychiolvad yn bresenol Y Cyfansoddiadaui fod ynllaw yr Ysgrifenyddion ar neu cyn Gorphenaf laf, ac enwan y Corau ac ymgeis- wyr ar y datganu, ar neu cyn Gorpuenat 4ydd. v ° Rhestr gylfawn o'r testynnu, enwau y beirniaid, ac ammodau v gystadleuaeth i'w cael ar ol Mawrth laf' ond anfon ceiniog a dimai mewn stamps i OWEN ISGOE1) JONES, Apothecaries Hall, ) „ MORRIS DAVIES, Monrig Machno," Penisa'rdre, Ysgrifenyddion Mygedol. Llaurwst, February 12th, 1876. 8439 397 W"+' MR. NICHOLSON OPERATIVE M}CIC_n DENTIST, ?4 F, C, If IC COLLEGE ROAD, U P P E R BANGOR. 11 -+_- BUY BECKIIT8 PARIS BLUE IN SQUARED I It is used by tbe RICHEST,' On account of its BEAUTY, And by the POOREST, j Because of its cheapness | PRICE ONE PENNY THE OUNCE. j To be had of all respectable Grocers. Oilmen, & Druggists EF-WARE OF INJURIOUS* IMITATIONS. April 12th, 1873. Sins,—I have been LAUNDRESS to his Royal Highness the PHINCE OF WALES for several yearp. and I consider RECKITT'S PARIS BLUE is the BEST I ever used, and is undoubtedly greatly superior "o the old-fashioned Thumb or Dark Blue.-Yoil-, &e., ELIZA EIDER. I To Messrs Reckitt and Sons. 799^