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RANTED, A CERTIFICATED MASTER (or an'ex-P.T.), in February next, for S. Paul's atio^al School, Brynooedifor. Salary, £ 30 fixed, Bnool Pence and Grants.—Apply, the Yiear. 380 NV ANTED, a respectable youth as Appren- tioet) the Deuta! Profession.—Apply to Mr '•'Ifion, Surzeon Dentist, 1% lli^h-strcet, Bangor. 7472-312 SLATE OR MARBLE MASONS WANTED. CONSTANT EMPLOYMENT for steady i workmen. Apply to Field cinil Alloii, 135, Oc"rge- Edinburgh. 384 j TO TEE~CLER(N^UBIJC SPEAKERS tS L t1* Gr hjiaiS, &C. ARE you troubled with Hoarseness, Rus- kineas, Weakness of the Voice, or any other de- ^'e&oy i„ %be vocal or respiratory organs for Public Peaking, or Reading, or Singing, &c. ? Try JONAS' ^itADOC) AROMATIC VOICE GLOBULES, and ?u will ba relieved at once. Sold in Box^s at f 8 and 2s 9d. Mar be had of all Chemists, and the Cambrian Pill Depot Tremadoc* 5 ONE Box (,f t CL It B 41 Pills is Q-* warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary rgat>Sj in either sex, sc-quired or constitutional, Gravel pains io the Back.— Sold in boxes, 6s Od each, by Chornigtg and patent medicino Vendors; or wnl to address for 60 stamps by this Maker, J. J. Cs.ahkA 'iliing Chemist. Hi«h Street, Lincoln.— WholeaaU A^»U, P.AHCJ.*t and SONS, London, and all the Whole- *« MOUSE./T'AGENT—H. G. Hughes and SAA, 8, 8 *AD Market fisreet, Holyhead. rjWELVE CARTES de YISITE, 23 CA J' Six is 8d. Carte enlarged to 10 ineht*, I Cilbm"t., h. with stamps Period Cl).' anti a! returned frve. London Photo-Graphic Co., S04, Regent Street, op. P'llit,a the Polytechnic, and 1, Norfolk Terrace, Bay*- I riater IV. F. S. JJ. pHUJ-irs, Managor. 111k. MARViiLLuUa KK.it t,Dlr FUR COUGHS OOLDS, HOARSEN ESS. ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CONSUMPTION, and all CHEST AFFECTIONS. PECTORINE. -oldfcjr afl Chemists, in bottles at Is 1d,,28 94s 6d and lis each. Sent by the Proprietors upon receipt of Stemps Pr<>« Rar. J. STONEffOusm, St. Saviour's Vioarage, Nottingham. AUGUST 1871. Sm,—I can strongly recommend your Pectorine as J*1 lo valuable Cough Remady. I hava given it a fair trial own fam''y- ",nd have also supplied it tc persons • .'TOring from Coutch in my pi»rah, and in every instance tfiven immediate relief. In some cases, after passing s, P'oss nitfhts, one or two doses of she Pectorine have had a«ch a, ?00,| eff0Cf, thnt parsons have got a good night's rest, kheCougrh has spee lily -iisappeared. Jl.!r. A. ROLFS, St. Ann's Square, Manolhastar, ^■TSt Your Pectorine is superior to any Medicine I hare er tried for Coughs or Colds." ^SCTORINE cures the worst fo^tns-of Coughs and Colds J ^ECTOHINB cures Honraeriess j £ fiOTORiisrE gives unineiliftte relief in TJron.iiitis I •EOTORXJT £ 2 is the be t Medicine for: Asthma, ^CTOTUKE cures Whoopio'r Coiirrh I will cure a tro-ib'.e^oriv; twitting Oonsrh *• is invaluable in the Savly Stages £ .ConsnmpMon ff j2 •• 'evei all Affections of the Chest, Langs, snd Thvont. » spared only by SMITH & CLARKE, ^ttufaoturin^ O'.ioaiists, Park Street, Lincoln. !lction, \Vitll eo.t, '1' i/nst, F. )Iç:G. Gh"mist. Rotb.edlvu. t .¡¡Sln¡¡ the wV1\1 ^otoi-ino." StASt«nts.— n. G. Hughes and Son. «, 9, and 10, „,r.ee,:» Holyhead; Rioiiiton and Jones, '■he Apoths liall, BaDgi,r. FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." OLAFTKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOJI) MIXTURE. Trade Mark—" Blood Mixture." 1,E GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER I J? I J? tjeor c^"nsing and clenring the blood from all impuri > 0(u v)0 ^00 highly recommended. Mn,] • .rofulft> Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and Sores of all 9't is a never-failing and permanent euro. it Cures nUl'Sores. Cures Uleeratcd Sores o» tho Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Le/s. I Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the Face. Cures Cancerous (Jlcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. ONres the Blood from all impure Mattor, I Prom Voatevercause arising, s is pleasant to the tate. an 1 w in■anted l'0ni1 anything injurious to the most delio:»t« consti- Sivp of either sex, the Proprietor splioit., sufferers to e It a trial to test its vAiLle. • rfIOU3ASDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. Sol'i six f' ln bottles 2s 6d eaeh, and in Cases, eontaining i)erm"^eS ^'e (i1-Tnr,tity, Its each—sufficient to effoct a CBSp cure in tho great majority of lonR-standing I YF^-T^Y AI;L CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE l »orU throughout, the United Kingdom and the | 'senfc to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 J1 r '• CLARKE, Chemist, High Street, Lincoln. lAG Wholesale All Pntsafc Mcd«cine Houses. G. Hughes and Son. 8, 9, and 10, Market cqJ\j 1'olyhead Hamilton and Jones, the <;poUi« es Xln.lS. Bangor. ^ABDI^SS FACES & BALD HEADS. 1Jieft Physician who for thirty years has practised in will a of the Hair, has discovered a POMADE which c (I Y calJc Restore the Hair in baldness from any in a \;1 H1}rl produce whi kers, moustaohios, eyebrows, &c., Preve" 1forgeneml use, it preserves the hair, 0°U>\ir falling otf, checks dryness, and restores the i !'Ud Cj)(fira<'5Ciites scui f and dandriif, keeps the head clean I P'^ni'tatl(' t'le k*ir s°ft and glossy. Ladies will find I y?1ttuiii a tlle cul^ 'lDd wave of the hair, and that the I u-he» S. Perfume is unique, it is used by thousands of i I'fcventV", 'he Nursery, to beautify children's hair, and .t*due«s, sen: f or any failing in after life. The H ftty J'c Ph'inEnglish, which any-one can prepare for -'juy will be sent free by post, on receipt of six Hav4toau^byMrH- EEN1^T».U» Crown Terrace Loadoa. I.. T. RICHARDS, LORNE HOUSE, AFX B A N GO R 'U h t. "0 ¿. :J" ESTABLISHED TWENTY YEARS.) FASHIONABLE ? MILITAH Y AND NAVAL T A 1 1, 0 li CLERICAL, PROFESSION A L, ¡,'¡ T hji it CIV I 0 R 0 B E M A K E li LIVERIES, C 4 ■' fto. &G. t J-t'-i'i T. RICHARDS, in returning his thinks for the extensive patronage extended him during the last twenty years, begs to inform the CLERGY and others that he continues to supply Clef teal SuitU, overcoats, &c., at fully 15 per cent, below the London and Oxford Houses. Material, make, and finish unsurpassable. s v -j.i: ■■iV..ifj- MR. C. N. BICKNELL, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, & ESTATE AGENT, BANGOK. „ i" -• 5953 ESTABLISHED 1839. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. JON E S (TREMADOC.) APERIENT AND ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. A PRACTICAL trial for Half a Century, WITH the more general test of Thirty-four Yearp "Y the afflicted public, has BOW established the reputa- tion of these PILLS. Containing no Meroury,but composed of the most rare and expensive Vegetable pre- parations of the British Pharmacopoeia, combined with A valuable SNOWDONIAN KERB, forming a MILD LAXATIVE, TONIO REMEDY, admitted by those who have WED them to be superior t# all other similar prepara- tions, as a Preventive and Cure for sll Disorders result- ing from A disordered STATE of the Stomach, and Liver, and Impurity of the Blood, &c. Sold by all, the Wholesale Houses, and at the Cam- brian Pill Depot, Tremadoo, North Wales. Retailed by all respeetahle Medicine Vendors in every town is the United Kingdom, in Boxes at IS IJD, 2s on, and Is 6d each Great saving in procuring either of tho arge Boxes. w Should any one fail to obtain the Pills in hh own 'neighbourhood, if 14 postage stamps for the Is LJD box, S3 for 2s 6d, or 60 for the 4S 6d be posted to the "P.nil3.-iaii Pill Depot, Tremadoe, N JRT h Wales, THE Pills will be STUD by return of post, fpee. ,S(4 T REGENT H)1;E, DINORBE N BQUAIU, AMLWCH, RN WILIJIAMS, wrth gyflwyno ol ddiolch- • garweh difFuaut i'w Gw.^meriaid a'r Cjhoedd yn gjffredinol am y gefnogaeth adderbyniodd er PIN Y Luae wedi tefydlu yn y lie uchod, addyuiuna wneild yn hys- bys ei fod wedi dychwelyd o Fanchtsier UdR. Stoc an- arferol o rad, a thrwy ddirprwyaeth prynodd stoc rh»g- orol o French Merinos, Gwlaneni, Crysati, a Winceys, yn Bradford, He Edafedd Glan cartref yn Llanelli. Y mae y stoc helaeth o 0 NVrYDDAU DRAPER XR GOTYIVR & Thymmor y Gauaf, yn eynnwys pob math o Frethyyau,F £ uistians, Gwlaneu Cartr»-f, Yoi kshire a S >x- ouy, liriithyn gwyn a brycb, Blankets, cwiltiau, Cynfi»s- au, Calicoes a Dewis da O Mufflers a Chrysa'N i Ddynion, Shawls Gwlan o 4S 6c I fyny, Jaekrts Brethyu Du o Is 9c i fyny, Silks, WaterprocifF, Tweeds a Gip-ik", Dresses, Costumes, Skirts o 3s 66 i FYNY, StwSiau FEIEIAU rhasjorol am is y IJath; SliUinery Bonnets, Hetiau Ffc-It i Ddyniou, luirs mewn amrywiaeth mawr, Fur Trimming, Umbrellas, Zennelia, Alpacas, Heginasa Silk, a lluaws o bethau eraill. Gwerthir yr oil am y prisiau mwyaf rhesymol. Y mae y Stock Newydd ac amrywiog hoa yu teilyngu sjlw cyfl'redinol trigolion Amlwch a'R 'mgylchcedd, eanyis nodwedd y Repent House ydyw Rhagoroldeb Nwyddau ac Iselder Frisian. Ymweliad a'r Masnachdy h wu a bmwt NAB giel-ir csel gwell na rhataeh eiddo gan neb yu y Dywysog.ifcth pris plaen Mr bibpeth—DIMMAU bris. Rhoddir 23, y canto Ddis- count. D.S.—The Marvelloiu Family Washing Machines are- ,on th-o "price J* • -• 853 "2' I MEDDYG1NIAETH I BAWB. BYTnjUANOHMTmAKT. ENAINT IIOLLOWAY. CYFFREDISOL. hiei i bawb a ddiodJ^fant oddi wrth t&hvyMer cy- Sredinol neu Jeol pymmeryd e'¡IoT!, a di'yn t'i,alupl y rhai briodolant eu hadfeiiad i iechjd i'r defnydd a wnaethant o Kunint a Phelenau IL/llowsy. YWfJdy y Gymmaiwst yn y eyhyrau a'r cymmalau, y droe<:lwst. urteitbiau yn j y y ewiwm gwytli- et dirdyniadau' gwrystaidd wrtli ddefnyddio y uieddyguna^tliai; arddvrehog hyn. Coesau drwg, pob math o arcLi,Ilir.r. Slopg-sadait, etirtyu- udau yii y croeii, a brehfygir gydnbuRudt-arhyfeddci. Dylai yr «-nwogrwydd a eni.illwyU -gxa Ev&tet a Phel- eiiati Holloway drwy yr h- 11 fyd f;wareiddiedi £ du^ddu pa\vb a flinir gan afieehyd i f >d(.Vi i'ldvnt brawl teg cyn anofceiihio am esmwythad, a rhoddi i fypy bob m'eddwl- MU wbllhâd. FFLAHKS Y BBEKAST080LAU (Bronchitis), RJIPTIP RIA, DGLUR GWDDF, PESWCH, AC ANWTD. Gwellhi yr Enaint hwn wedi i hob moddion ereill t'ethu. Y mae yn feddyginiaeth anffaeledig rhag pob runth o anhwylderau yn y gevddf a'r fresfc. Gwallbeir I'eswsh hir sefydlog a ohegwicbiad drwy rwbio yr En- aiut. eOESAU DRWG, BltESTfAP DRWO, BHIWIAU, HEN ARCUOLLiOJS, A GWEIIAU. llhyfedd yw mor fnan yr sinddifada briwiun, gweliau, neu aicholiion y eorph o untb, gan ei amddifadu o bob cymmbwysder, i gyflawni dyIrdswyddati bywyd ftic Did llai rhyfeddol ydyw gwjlio etleithiau Soaint lacb'iol, Holloway pan y defnyddiei ef yn nnol a'r cjfai wyddiad au argr&phedig, a'i gynr.orlhwyo gyda dugnau priodol o'r Pelenan. I DrioEDWST A'lt GTII.MALWST,. Fe'u gweliheir gyda.'r sicrwydd mwynf 0 rltwbir sytxi- an mawriou o'r Euaiot i mewn yo dda tr rhan^u> dolurus. Dylid parhau y driniaeth hon gyda dyfaiwch am bath amser, a'i gynnorthwjo yn briodol a dogoan n«rth-)l o Beleuau Holloway. Hawlia y meddygin- iaetbau pureiddiol ao esmwythaol hyn syltv difrifolaf pawb sydd yn ddarostyngedig i'r gyramalwsb, y droedwat, y glunwst, ac anhwyldarau poenus ereill yn r ayhyrau, y gewyoau, a'r eymmalau. Gwertijir yr Enaint a'r Pelenau yn Sefydliad y Pro- ffaswr HOLLO-WAT, 5O3, Oxford Stret, Llundain hefyd gm agos pob masn-ichydd pareiiiiis- mewn Cyflt-iiau Meddygol drwy y byd gwareiddierii?, mewn Biychsu ? Pbotiau, yn ol Is 14d 2s 9d 46 64 I.ls a 33,1 uu. Cynnwysa y Nweh lleisf r an a'r pot lleiaf ^cs o Enaitt. Ynnglyn & phob blweh a phot eeir eyfarwyddiadau ar- griphedig liawn, hyd yn nod yn y Dyrcaeg, yr', Anabaeg, yr Armniaeg, Bersiaeg, fieu iaith y Chineiud. 23, IH ONMONG ER LA N E, LONDON. (TUB 01.D HOUSE.) JOHNSTON'S i CORN FLOUR IS THE iJESt:. TO OBTAIN THE BEST ASK FOR JOHNSON'S CORN FLOUR It is rich In flesh-forming and heat-giving properties, and Jrhen boiled with milk afifoids et replete and per feet nourishment for children and perz-ons of wf-ak digestion. It is delicious for Puddings, Custards, | Blancmange, fcc, 7397—233 _n_ -.10 rile NEfPfOUS AND DETIILITA n:D, I i the N, kv. Work, entitled HOW TO a A.- IliiALTII. Just pnpdshed !-■; 'i wo ^"ri tu-s 'V D- (U'S). A TMUT..SK V'RTFT(> I S LttN INC) LIFE, and the 'CAt\SBS \Lu 5nd TRKATMENTof all diseases dc^nd ?" ot* Nervovs Vitality, such as Nercons' v Fkysioal Depression. FalpHftlo.M of ftIr,iiv«iQ-^1Se8 in the Hc:rri õ\nd Ears. Indecision f L'H1«H v £ Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, AnneTit-6' Lepression of Spirit, Loss of Energy and S in the Back and Limbs, Timidity* Self. I 'rliz Dl:iC^ Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, I °^er fi^nients, which, ii ceglecic-d, bring the Ohror,!p Pvan Carly death- Together with Hints on -inn uii ',l.v'10UmRt];sm,Goufc>Neuralgial Epilepsy,Hysfceria- 'I'V.- A yas,es the Nervous and aihnentary system, ast-fiM va,uable work contains many ir.fl F)I« kESCRIPTJONS for the alleviation of suffering fnr >hLCnT* mi?or disorders, with full instructions 'rie-iHi» Pr<;Paration and usa. Contains also soma 'll 'i(. ru cei Hygiene, or the Way to Preserve Illustrated by numerous testiiuoaials from j7;Mr, ^patients who hava been restored to health W ox ailtllor> instrumentality. Sent post free k j°i r or by letter post three Stamp? r T8"' f)r-J" A- BARNES, 43, Lonsdale Square rnuhury, Lou., N. 6036.$063—1143—IW3 ID POWIFILL'S BAIjBAM OF ,.——- ANISEED EOR cckj tHS. > FOR ASTHMA, FOR B.RO 0(iITL| ¥ >Yi INFLUENZA, kc. This Old Ec vblished INVaI/JABLE MEDICINE has the extraoi inary property of immediately relieving Coughs, Colds. Honrsene^s, l iffioulty of Breathing, Husiiiness in the Throat. It operates by dissolving the con- gealed Phlegm,: id thereby causing a-free expectoration. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. Dear Sir,—I may tell you that I have used your B-ilsam for a very long time (both for myself and my family). I think it an invaluable medicine for members of my profession, and have always strongly recommended it to my brother and sister artists. If you think a testimonial from me would be of any s-uvice, you are very wslceme to make use of this. I am, Dear Sir, yours truly, ^7,: LIONEL BROUGH, •' Globe Theatre. ASK FOR POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. Sold by all chemists and medicine vendors throughout the world at Is ld: 2s 3d: and family size lis per bottle. Proprietor:— THOMAS POWELL, BLACKFRIARS ROAD, LONDON.. t Rea Tra& Mark,-Uon. Net and Mouse. I MR, J. A. W I L S 0 N DEINTYDD, 72> High-street, Bangor, ADDYMUNA ddjchw»4yd ei ddiolch^arwch diffuant i'w gwsmeriaid a'i gyfeiliiaa aa gefnogaeth haelionus a estynwyd iddo yn ystod ei ymarferk-d yn Mangor. rbestr pnsiau Mr VV., mor resymol ag ymae yn bosibl, yn gyasoa ftg ymarferiad dyladww ge!?y^(ly.t, drwy yr hyn yr hydera deilyngu parbad o gffnogaeth y cyhoeikl. ,u- i 1 a h iynir Danoedd yn ddiboen drwy nitrous oxide gas. Ge'lir ymgyoghoii Mr W. -o 10 hyd 6.o'r glocb. MR." ¥1 J8DING.4 HH l'w& MEDDYG DEINTYDDOL, PBN'JRAH,T VILLAS, U pp EI BANGOE, A ef yn y cyfoiriad uchod (yn ddicSl) rnowu pob aih->s porthynol i'r CvSenwir Dannedd Oifyddydol o bob math, « un Danfc hyd rds prflawn, heb bocn na« aunhwylu?d'>d 1 r gwiggydd. Gnn fol Mr Harding wedi c;el Uawer o fly»ydelsu o brofiad rn »c>«n»n»I>t i i Dannedd CelfyddydoJ, y mae racwn st-fyllfa i Ucrbau i'w gwsmeriaid gysur a boddlocrwydd yn n«byda'r d^fnvdd lau gym.. uiodargosit'd returirl ju wanar.tedig. Llenwir i fyny ddannedd pvdredfc J. J X ■' eaanie. gwyn a df a»-g»t-fyddwyd yn ddiweddar, yr hwn rad yw yn drw-gliwio tra yn dyosvlu v dant Rheoieiddir DI»nne<id Plant. i Ymwt lir tl LUnrw«t yn y Llythyrdy bob dydd Ma wrth cyutaf a tlrydydd yu, raliab mis. • r. v JOSIAH HUGHES, "T. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL' IRONMONGEB, HS7, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. -af.xao^ .II., ir' ioN TYMHOB Y GAUAF, 1875-6. HYSBYOIAD A r- BE, NIG. RV I(VL » Lnmpau eyffredin-y ngbyda SilVr, Duphx, Animeaanig, &r. Petroleum Oil, Benzdene, French COLZA oil, Nupthn, Fire lighters, Coal savers, English end Amerieau Cooking I Steves, American and Gill Warm- ing Stoves, Roberts's Terra Coita slow burning Stoves for greenhouses, &E., Gas and Petroleum Stores for j heating or cooking. Chaff euttere, -"I. Turnip cutters and pulpets, Oil cake nd CQrn erusbing Mills, Horse p(owerr,anj Sheep rack*, Saastgts Machines. SKATES, GUNPOWDER, SHOT, CARTRIDGES, WADS, &e, .I c HYSBYSIAD PWYSIG. qHr Y mae Joeiah Hughes wedi penderfynu gwneuthur gostyngiad arbenig nnwnith yn V fiwvddvn *» » X~ barthiadau eanlynol o'L fasn; eh er tnwyn eael dechreu pob tymhor hefo nwyddau newyddion. c LA MP A U. Bydd y cyfan o'i st< c fawr wedi eu marcio yu barod j'w gwerthu am lai na'rpria pryn ti-yn decbreu Rhag- fyr 23ain. aeyn prbau trwy Iouawr. NWYDDAU .ARIANAWG. Bydd y rbau fwyaf o'r stoc ys- plenydd hon wedi eu hail farcio i'w gwerthu yn rbad i ddechreu Chwef- ror 2laic. NWYDDAU CYFFREDIST At ddodrefnu tai, pob peth sydd yn y stoe EI's t»osflwyd<jyn afydd- ant yn BARO £ eibyn Ma wrth 20fed. j 1"! Dalier Sylw Gan na fydd dim elw yn deillio i'r gwerthwr oddiwrth y gostyngiadau ueW AfegwyKr oW«» parod gan baicb. Unig fautais y gwerthwr fydd clirio lie i stoe newydd. «wgwyiir artan JOSIAH HUGHES, Ironmonger, Bangor, ON M A M CYMRIP. 8"{ Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD. A O! MU NA'D GAMWAITH 1 *1* -d' i IF! .-XR1,vlif Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Mon a Gorsedd .■ G wynedd, ,'■■■■ -I"N -Yt JImiH 'T • A GYNNELIR R £ *J>A. *I YN tLAHGEFNI GORPHENAF 31ain ac AWST laf, 1876. .V I Y PR1P DESTYNAU. ]. Rbumaut—Yn sylfaenedig Ar Treparmdd gwobr 5p a thlws arian. 2. Awdl-" Goror wy OW:n bt%b ie d dx s SCO HINDI .PWI Ir 6p DI;, a rhfdi-ir ilefnvt bored 3. Itau englyn Bedda.grpph i r diweddar y parch. Hugh W. Th< n<ap, Llane^fei • ewohr '4. I'r e6r heb fod dan 50 mewn nifer, a pano oreu We M ver will Low down M I L (Y tor buddugol I wamiiaethu yn y TYI^berdd.) UOWN* JUDE8 MAC-OLWM GWOW 16P.M I,fi,uF :y c -toddiadau i f,)d yn ilaw r ar nm cJ n Gcr'htMf lof, ae tilwan yr ymgeiewyr ar.T dot erbyn Gorpbrnaf 10fed. Hbetr o'r e8tYDIl1l, f"D")U y Peur.H\H1, HC .Ammo a u '1 G) r,tadJeul\eth i' cael ùnrl amgau etoitlJos dimai meWD omp-s 1 Dp Bridge Street, Llangefni, I™aWr 18M, 187(1™' TH0MAB' ^«grifei.^L T>EA DY-MON EY ACCOMODATION.— Peisor.S of any trade or profession, male or female, resident in London or Country, ean obtain privately resident in London or Country, ean obtain privately (without the usual Loan Office routine, delay, Law Cot., or Life Insurance) from dSIO to dESOO, at 6 { er cent, for any term rot exceeding 5 years (repayable to suit their convenience, by P. O. Order or cheque, &c.,) upon Note of Hand, Life Policies, Furniture (without removal or publicity), Live and L), a" Stock, Plant, or any available Security. No F enuine application refused.- For further paiticulars, ard Pn spectus, apply personally (preferred) or by letter, enclosing stamp for reply, to Mr T. FAIR- HE<D, 117, Brixtou Road, Locdop, S.W., near Ken- nington Gate. 345 NOTICE CARNAHVON DYE WORKS. SHOP, AT TY' YCEI, CASTLE WALLS. Silk, Cotton, and Woollen Fabries, Cleaned and Dyed cheaper than any other Dye Housa. C^HINTZ cleaned and glazed, Damask and J Woollen eleaned or dyed any colour, Gentlemen'S Cloths cleaned or dyed, and pressed equal, to new. Dress-s dyed and cleaned without taken to pieces, Feather Gloves, Kid Boots, Animals' Skins cleaned or dyed. All work returned within a week. Feathers cleaned or dyed. If brought on Tuesdays, within 4 days. Attendance at Bungor, Beaumaris, and Menai Bridge, every Monday. V4K4 A. J.'ALEXANDER, Manager. LLANFAtBEEGHAK BAiiHIKO MACHINE STAND t.) be b 1 ET, by the YE'R or F< r a t rm of JETRS, the L a'hi) g Machii-e and Boating S"»td, LATELY occi PIAD by WILIIAT»I-JI'IIJJI'RW. rt.Jtpilt;tlrB1) HAD (n appii- ceticn to 35, J. LIN^G* Sell IlitA House, 11..1 FFIIFEJB^N. §349-376 I n '•"■■- ■■ ■■' R 'T( TfN Y WASG, PRIS SWLLT. 0 BIA u B A"\V N SEF dotLoliad o weitbiuu bflrddcBól Haviusp. Derbynir arcbebion gyda diolchgarweh gab yr awdwr, Dewi Hsvhesp, Liabdd-frfel, Corwer. 878 JOHN M. J T TBE WEEE, R 31ASNACHYDD COED A LLECHI, AMLWCH, LLAKERCKYMEDD. A LIAN6EFKI.1 Caria J. M. J. T. ei fasnach yn miaea ar tt cit-yddc-r elw bychana gwerfchiaats oyflym (small profit and euitk returns-) £$ £ THE "GRANULAR BIIOWNING." (Registered Trade Mark.) .¡ FOPMEKLY inown as T,-)mLiNgox's Bitowx J}_' GRAVY SALT, should be used in every houstltold It imparts a rjcli eolour and supeiior flavour to rcssted meats of every description, to chicken and game, grarietj Boupp, beef te#, tc, only requiring a little boilii g waUC added to a ftw granules to at oucc pit duce a gr*vr. i Sold in bottles at Is and 2s 6d, by tht, sole m«n.,f«c. turers,^ TOMLIKSOK, FLAYWARA aid BISHOP, I TRCOT,K and Chemists, Gioeeis, and Italian VYaithovseuica everywhere. TOMLINSON & CO.'d BUTTEU I'OWBEK MAKES good SWEET BUTTER aU th# ,«GR rouiid, removes the fiarc-ur of turnijs, «**&• ^oidgj cake, &e., quickens the ehnrniig, ajjd iii«*«&«-* the value 2d to 3d per IK (See testivscuiala tin bills.) TOMLINSON AND CO. S BUTTER POWDER. Suld by (J tie mists and Grocery in dd^