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ESTABLISHED 1868 I l MR. I) A X TON HARDING, Surgeon Dentist, ( CARNARVON, BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of North Wales that he has Remvoed from BELMONT HOUSE, to his new and more convenient premises, I BRONALA, NORTH-ROAD, CARNARVON, NEARLY opposite the Railway Station, where he may be Consulted Daily, FRBE OF CHARGE, as for past years, in all cases relating to the TEETH, and continues to Supply every description of ARTIFICIAL TEETH, with all the Latest Improvements, at very Moderate Charges. I Gold Fillings on the New American Principle. BEONALA, CARNARVON, NOVEMBER, 1875, A NEW VOLUME COMMENCES THS FIRST WKBK IN JANUARY AND JULY, I THE JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE AND COTTAGE GARDENER | (ILLUSTRATED) Is the most Practical and Widely circulating Journal devoted to GARDENING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, I And embracing, among other Home Pursuits of the-Country House, POULTRY, PEAS, PIGEONS, CAGE-BIRDS, &o. I PRACTICAL UTILITY RATHER THAN ORNAMENT IS THE OBJECT OF THIS OLD-ESTABLISHED PERIODICAL. I Weekly, Threepence; cst Free, Threepence-Halfpenny- OFFICE: 171 FLEET-STREET, LONDON, E.C. To be had OF *13. Booksellers, and at the Railway Stalls. Post-offioe Orders to B& made payable to E. H. MAY MAHUALS FOE THE SEAMY. GARDENING. 3d. I ALLOTMENT FARMING, 3d. BEE-KEEPING, 4d. • -.I GREENHOUSES, 91. KITCHEN GARDENING, 41. -GARDENING. 3d. GREENHOUSES, 91. KITCHEN GARDENING, 41. FLOWER GARDENING, 4d. FRUIT GARDENING, 4d. I FLORISTS' FLOWERS, 4d. POULTRY BOOK, 6d- WINDOW GARDENING. 9d. MANURES, 3d. RABBIT BOOK. 6d. HEATING MANUAL, 6d. Any of the above can be had Post Free for an additional Postage Stamp. LONDON: JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE AND COTTAGE GARDENER OFFICE, 171 FLEEr ST., E.C To be had of all Booksellers, and at the Railway Stalls. 8308 I Every Saturday, of any Bookseller or Newsagent, Price THREEPENCE. Each Half-yearly Volume complete in itself, with Title-page and Index. THE ATHEN2EUM ■JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LITERATURE, SCIENCE, jjFINE ARTS.MUSIC, ANDTHE DRAMA. CONTAINS :-Reviews of every important New Book, English and Foreign, and of every 1 new English Novel-Reports of the Learned Societies—Authentic Accounts of Scientific Expeditions- Criticisms on Art, Music, and the Drama—Foreign Correspondence on Subjects relatiug to Literature, Science, and Art—Biographical Notices of Distinguished Men—Original Poems and Papers- Weekly Gossip. THE ATHENJEUM is so conducted that the leader, however distant, is, in respect to Literature, Science I the Fine Arts, Music, and the Drama, on an equality in point of information with the best informed circles of the Metropolis. Office for Advertisements—20, WELLINGTON-STREET, STRAND J LONDON, W.C. With THE ATHENAEUM for December 25, a Special Extra Sheet will be issued, containing a Series of Articles on the Literature of France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Hungary, Servia, > and Crotia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Bohemia, being a Review of the Continental Literature of 1875. I No additional Charge will be made for this Double Number. A Single Copy will be sent upon receipt of Four Penny Stamps. i I Published by JOHN FRANCIS, 20, Wellington Street, Strand, London, W.C. 8187 DELPHI H 0~T^EL7 I LLANDUDNO. CAPACIOUS AND ELEGANT COFFEE-ROOM AND DRAWING-ROOM, WITH i ✓ SEA VIEW. TABLE D'HOTE DAILY I|Sf ABLING, COACH-HOUSE, AND LOOSE BOXES. OMNIBUS MEETS THE TRAINS. I MR. GREENE, Proprietor, .1 • Extract from John Bull, August 31st, 1872. ,:t "Of Welsh Hotels, we may mention with especial favour.while the Adelpbi Hotel is far the best in I Llandudno,"—" Notes for Tourists." 2983 THE NORTH WALES MINERAL WATER MANUFACTORY, BANGOR. ••) JOHN STAGEY & CO.'S | CELEBRATED PURE SODA WATER LEMONADE. | POTASS „ GINGERADE. I SELTZER „ UINGERBEER. I LITHIA „ CHAMPAGNE PERRY 1 LITHIA AND PuTASS „ CHAMPAGNE CTDER &c. ) ALL kinds of Aerated Waters, manufactured by trade, can be obtained wholesale at that T o6 W2rks' As p.roof of the quality and purity of the water?, the increase of business has been sucb SQabll'fk ;lVf f°JUDd lfc necessary to considerably enlarge their Manufactory, Machinery, Stock, &c. t< that Vi,T? meet the demands of their numerous Customers. The whole Manufactory is now on such a scah | whoksomen^rand purity t0" surpas8ed an? Manufacturer in the Kingdom foi I bltif' 8Ud 5°' deaire £ t?uthank thf Nobility, Gentry, and Public generally, for their esteemed patronage, and to 1 a continuance of their past favours. jlOg 871-6885 BULL'S HEAD HOTEL, BALA. p, Totixists and Visitor will find evorv comfort and attention at thb old-established Hotel. Verythiiig in the Bull's Head Hotol will lie foun i ot tJio host kind, find perfectly moderate p charges. Posting Department is well appointod with good Hores, aid tiret-class Carriages. Boat ATTACH ED TO THE HOTEL FOR VISIlOriS ON TIIE CELEBRATED LAKE J SPACIOUS COFFEE ROOM. • COACHES TO AND FROM THE RAILWAY STATION DAILY, SUNDAY EXCEPTED. EDWARD LLOYP, Proprietor t