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WANTED, i. CERTIFICATED MASTER I (or an ex-P.T.), in February next, for S. Paul's ^ationifcl School, Bryueoedifor. Salary, £ 30 fixea, School Pence and Grants.— Apply, the Vicar. 380 WANTED, a respectable youth as Appren- ticet) the Dental Pf of essiou .-Apply to Mr Wilson, Surgeon Dentist, 72, High-street, Bangor. 747J—olZ BE LET, with immediate possession. A Blacksmith's Shop, with Shed, Cottage, and Gar- at Llanfaes, distant one mile from Beaumaris.— APPly to Bailiff, Henllys, Beaumaris. ONE Box of T CT;ARKE'S B 4l> PxTIa is warranted to euro all discharges from the Urinary r{5<ins, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel pains in tha Back.—Sold in boxes, 6B 6d each, by a'i Chemists and patent medicine Vendors or sent to *M7 address for 60 stamps by the Maker, J. J. CLABKJK, '"suiting Chemist, High Street, Lincoln.—'Wholesal# Agents, B.\Kor,AT and SONS, London, and all the VV hole- *ll« Houses/f^Agent—H. Q. Hughes and SOB, 8, 9 SU<L Market fetreet, Holyhead. FTWELVE CARTES de VISITE, 23 €-1 J Six Is 8d. Carte enlarged to 10 inches, b; C1\tl11Jet, h. Seud carte with IStan:lpit Perfect eopiss and oriiciual returned free. London Photo-Graphic Co., 304, Regent Street, op- posite the Polytechnic, and 1, Norfolk Bays- \v. TO THE CLERGY, PUBLIC SPEAKERS SINGERS, &c. ARE you troubled with Hoarseness, Hus- kiness. Weakness of the Voice, or any other do- iicieuey ia the vocal or respiratory organs for Public i^Peakit>rr or Reading, or Singing, &e.? Try JONES' TKEMA.DOC) AROMATIC VOICE GLOBULES, and will be relieved at once. Sold in Box»s at ls Ud and 2s 9d. May be had of all Chemists, and fr"'« the Cambrian Pill Depot Tremadoc. MEISTRI LOWE A'U CWM., ARABIAN MILLS, HUDDEBSFIELD, OWNETTTRURWYP, CYFFAETH I GEFFYLAU A UWARTHEG. R HODDIR DRvVY HYN RZBUDD nad yw Robert Ellis, Castfe, Dinbyeh Robert Wellington-place, Wellington-street, Ll&tf? wet j Enoch' H. Evans, College-street, Lampeter, y rhai a ^asanaethasant ychydig arnser yn ol fel Commission 49OLits ciros y CwtQni uhoc:, yn dal unrhyw gytsylltiad r Cwmni dywededisf, ac nad oas izanddynt awdurdodj 146wti tnodd ya y byd i wneud defnjdd o'r enw mewn Porthynas ag unrhyw nwydd a ddichon iddynt gynnyg *^werth. ï.á.E MARVELLOUS KJiMiiDY FOR COUGHS COLDS. HOARSENESS, ASTHMA,BRONCHITIS, CONSUMPTION, and all CHEST AFFECTIONS. PECTORINE. t\ùld by all Chemists, in bottles at Is 1.1d,123 9,1. 4s 6d and 11s each. Sent by the Proprietors upon receipt of Stamps J ilrom Rev. T. STONEUOUSE, St. Saviout"s Vicarage, Nottingham. August l(37t. BKUI gT![I can strongly recommend your Pectorino as ■ail invslnahto Cou<»H Romedy. I HAVE gLven it a fair trial ID- MY OWN FAIMLY. AND havo also supplied it tc .persons SUFFERINCTSOM Coustb. in my PARIAH; AND in every instance it has GFVEIF immediate relief, In SOME cases, alter PASSING «L«APLWS IVHT*, one or two doses of aie Pectorme have aad WIEH a gootf eftocfc that PERSONS have *ot a good nigut « re.,T, *AR'<L the Cough has spso-iily disappeared. JVTr. A.. ROLFB. St. Ann's Squara, Manchester, Your Pectotfne is superior to any Medicine I have ■SVER tried for Coughs or Colds." cures the WORST forms of COUGHS and Colds P.aCTOIilNE cures Hoarseness ^SOTOAINE gives imme.Viate relief in Bronchitis -PECTORME is the W»T Medicine for Asthma PECTOHI STE cures Whooping Cough "P05CTOBINE WILL cure A troublesome tickling Congh ?EO'I?OB.IWE is invaluable in the 2arly Stajes ••> £ Coasumpr;i' "i LECTORI .-cnovosall Affections of the Chest, Lungs, and ISPARSD culy by 8MITIL & CLAUXE, 'Ma.aufacturiag G'li0"nUts, Park Strest, Lincoln. Vice Sir C. Hill graataa a perpetual HI- Junction, withooste, a?vnstP. Miscb, C'aamist, Rotharhara, using the word ^ctoriaa." Agents.—H. G: Hughes and Son,, 9, and 10, Markl Holyhead; Hamilton and Jones, '-he Apoth< c4iiea' Hall, Bangor. "FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. Trade Mark—<l Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER ^or elcansiag and clearing the blood from all impuri e j> cai not be too highly recommended. t. ù r Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and Sores of all In S it is a never-failing and permanent cure. It Cures old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Sores on the Neck. I Cures Ulcerated Soro Leg-s, Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the Face. •^Cures Cancerous Ulcers. r i.~Oures Blood and Skin Diseases. | C-di-eg Giindular Swellings. Cares the Blood from all impure Matter, > From whatcvercause arising, s A's tins mixture is pleasant to the tate, and warranted ,l66 from anything injurious to the. most delicate const!- 'Wtion of either s^x, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to ^lpQ it a trial to test its value. Thousands of testimonials FPvOM ALL PARTS. Sold in Bottles 2s fid each, and in Cases, containing IX tiroes tho quantity, 118 eteli-silifficieiit to effect a ■^erm-a;ent cure in the great majority of long-standing :Vt?v~~T>,Y ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE ^tiNDOUS throughout the United Kingdom and the °nd, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 st*mp8 by F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, High Street, Lincoln. A "Wholesale: All Patent Medicine Houses. G. Hughes and Son. 8, 9, and 10, Market street, Holyhead: Hamilton and Jones, the «}pothe cw>1«' Hal, Bangor. T. RICHARDS, LORNE HOUSE, I .:¡. éi BAN GOR. "J :v.r- ESTABLISHED TWENTY YEARS.) FASHIONABLE MILITARY AND NAVAL TAILOI.11, CLERICAL, PitollIESSIONAL, AND C I V I (1 no BE MAKER, LIVERIES, j. &0. &c. T, RICHARDS, in returning his thinks for the extensive patronage extended him during the last twenty years, begs to inform the CLERGY and others that he eoutinnes to supply Clerical Suits, overcoats, &e., at fully 15 per eent. below the London and Oxford I Houses. Material, make, and fioi"h unsurpassable. MR. C. N. BICKNSLL, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, & ESTATE AGENT, >. BANGOR. 5953 ESTABLISHED 1839. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. JONES' (TREMADOC.) APERIENT AND ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. A PRACTICAL trial for Half a Century, with the more general test of Thirty-four Years OT the afflicted public, has now_ established the repute Hon of these PILLS. Containing no Mercury, bu1 col 11rfft. mo.t r»e ande*p.n»i™ Tegetabl.^ parations of the British Pharmacopoeia, combined witb a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB who Sv laxative TONIO rbmedt, admitted by those who havf tried them to be superior t« all other mmdar prepare, tions, as a Preventive and Cure for all £ -ver ing from a disordered state of the Stoma and Impurity of the Blood, &c. Sold by all the Wholesale Houses, and at the Cam- brian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales. I jet ailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors meveJ the United Kingdom, in Boxes at Is l jd, to M, 4s 6d each Great saving in procuring either o arge Boxes. t GW Should any one fail to obtain the Pills in his OWl] neighbourhood, if 14 postage stamps for e bol, S3 fo, 2SM, or 60 for the 4s M b. po,M to the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, Forth Wales, thE Pills will be send by return of post, f" ee. 7 REGENT HOUSE, DINORBEN SQUARE, AMLWCH. T WILLIAMS, wrth gyflwyno ei ddioleh- • garweh diffuant i'w Gwsmeriaid a'r Cyhoedd yn gyfffedinel am y gefnogaeth adderbyniodd er pan y mae wedi sefydlu yny lie uchod, a ddymuna wneud yn hys- bys ei fod wedi dychwelyd o Fanchester gyda Stocian- arferol o rad, a thrwy ddirprwyaeth prynodd stoc rhag- orol o French Merinos, Gwlaneni, Crysau, a Winceys, yn Bradford, ac Edafedd Gwlan cartref yn Llanelli. Y mae y stoc helaeth o NYFYDDAU DRAPER f gogyfer & Thymmor y Gauaf, yn cynuwys pob math o Frethynan,Ffustians, Gwlanen Cartref, Yorkshire a Sax- ony, Brethyn gwyn a brycb, Blankets, cwiltiau, Cynfas- au, Calicoes a Prints. Dewis da o Mufflers a Chrysau i Ddynion, Shawls Gwlan o 4s 6c i fyny, Jackets Brethyn Du o Is 9c i fyny, Silks, Waterproofs, Tweeds a Cloaks, Dresses, Costumes, Skirts o 3s 6c i fyny, Stwfliau IVshnl rhagorol am Is y llath, Millinery Bonnets, Hctiau Ffelt i Ddynion, Furs mewn amrywiaeth mawr, Jfur Trimming. Umbrellas, Zannelia, Alpacas, Reginas a Silk, a lluaws o bethau eraill. Gwerthir yr oil am y prisiau mwyaf rhesymol. Y mae y Stock Newydd ac amrywiog hon yn teilyngu sylw cylfredinol trigolion Amlwch a'r mgylchoedd, canys nodwedd y Regent House ydyw Rhagoroldeb Nwyddau ac Iselder Prisiau. Ymweliad a'r Masnachdy hwn a brawf nas geliir cael gwell na rhatach eiddo gan neb yn y Dywysogaeth pris plaen aar bobpoth-dim dau bria. Rhoddir 2 y cant o Ddis- count. D.B.-The Marvellous Family Washing Machines are on the premised; price 35s. 858 MEDDYGIN IAETH I BAWB. I BYTH NA ANOBBXTUIANT. E NA I NT HOL LOWAY. f ENWOGRWYDD CYFFREDINOL. Boed i bawb a ddioddefant oddi wrth anhwylder cy- tfredinol neu leal gymmeryd calon, axJilyn- esampl y rhai briodolant eu hadferiad i iechyd i'r defnydd A wnaethant o Enaint a Phelenau Holloway. Ymedy y Gymmalwst yn y cyhyrau a'r cymmalau, y droedwst, arteithiau yn y giau, y cwlwm gwythi a dirdynia.dau gwrystaidd wrth ddefnyddio y meddygiuiaethau ardderchog byn. Coesau drwg, pob math o archollion, gwelyau, llosgiadau, ennyn- iadau yn y croep, a orchfygir gyda bnatidra rhyfeddol. Dylai yrenwogrwydd a ennillwyd gan Enaint a Phel- enau Holloway drwy yr holl fyd gwateiddiedig dueddu pawb a flinir gan afiechyd i roddi iddynt brawf teg cyn anobeithio am esmwythad, a rhoddi i fyny bob meddwl am wellhild, FFLAMEG Y BREPANTOSGLAU (Bronchitis), DIPTHE RIA, DOLUR GWDDF, PESWCH, AC ANWYD. GwellhS, yr Enaint hwn wedi i bob moddion ereill fethu. Y mae yn feddyginiaeth anffaeledig rhag pob math o anhwylderau yn y gwddf a'r frest. Gwellheir Peswch hir sefydlog a chegwichiad drwy vwbio yr En- aint. DRWG, BRESTIAU DRWG, BltlWIAU, HE ARCHOLLION, A GWELIAU. Rhyfedd yw mor fuan yr amddifalr. briwiau, gweliau, neu archollion y corph o nerth, gan ei amddifadu o bob cymmbwysder, i gyflawni dyledswyddau bywyd ac Did llai rhyfeddol ydyw gwylio effeithiau Enaint Iachaol, Holloway pan y defnyddier ef yn unol &'r cyfurwyddiad au argraphedig, a'i gyncorthwyo gyda dognau priodol o'r Pelenau. Y DROEDWST A'n GYMMALWST. Fe'u gwellheir gyda'r sicrwydd mwyaf os rhwbir sym- au mawrion o'r Enaint i mewn yn dda i'r rlianau dolurus. Dylid parhau y driniaeth lion gyda dyfalwch am both amser, a'i gynnorthwyo yu briodol a dogt)ati nerthol o Belenau Holloway. Hawlia y meddygin- iaethau pureiddiol ac esmwythaul hyn sylw difrifolaf pawb sy Id yn diarostyngAiig i'r gymmalwst, y droedwst, y glunwst, ac anhwylderau poenus ereill yn y cyhyrau, y gewyuau, a'r cymoialau. Gwerthir yr Enaint a'r Pelenau yn Sefydliad y Pro- ffeswr Holloway, 5U3, Oxford Street, Llundain hefyd gan agoa pob masnaohydd pai-chtis mewn CyBcrnu Meddygol drwy y byd gwtreidditdig, mewffS' Biychau a Pbutiau, yn ol Is lid; 2a 9d 4s 6d Ils 22s, a 33s un. Cynnwysa y blwchiJlejaf bed war dWBiu 0 Belen- au a'r pot ileiaf ifrns o Enaint. Ynnglyn & phob blwch a phot ceir oyfarwyddiadau ar- graphedig llawn, hyd yn nod yn y Dyrcaeg, yr Arabaeg, yr Armniaeg, Bersiaeg, neu laith y Chineaid. 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDOM. (THE OLD HO USB.) JOHNSTON'S COllN FLOUR IS THE BEST. TO OBTAIN THE BEST ASK FOR JOHNSON'S CORN FLOUR. It is rich in flesh-forming and heat-giving properties, and when boiled with milk affords complete and per- feet nourishment for children and persons of weak digestion. It is delicious for Puddings, Custards, Blancmange, Ice. 7397-299 TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. READ the New Work, entitled HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH. Just puplished for Two 'tamps, by Bit. BARNES. M.D. (U.S). A TREATISE GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES Y M t TO MS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depend jl1 °,V Exhaustion of Nervovs Vitality, such as Nervou* 4.Jtt ^ent.alau<* Physical Depression, Palpitation of ^tie rfeart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision stir ) Liiipaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back -and Limbs, Timidity, Self- intrust. Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, iind many other ailments, which, if neglected, bring the sutterers to an early death. Together with Hints on v¡:)'omc, {h 0umatism, Gout,N euralgia, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Th* a (^'suases °f the Nervous and aiknentary system, ine Appendix to this valuable work contains many liS wL^' CRIPTJONS for the alleviation of suffering and the^ cure of minor disorders, with full instructions ;°-r their preparation and use. Contains also som« jfieii advice of Hygiene, or the Way to Preserve Illustrated by numerous testimonials from grateful patients who have been restored to health ttivongh the author's instrumentality. Sent post free for two Stamps, or by letter post three Stamps Address, l r. J. A. BARNES, 48, Lonsdale Square i-msbury, London, N. 6036. 6063—1143—252 I OWELL B BALSAM !• OF ANISEED FOR COTJGHTS, I FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, 1 FOR. INFLUENZA, &c. This Old Established INVALUABLE MEDICINE has the extraordinary propcI ty of immediately relieving Oou<-hs, Colds, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, Huskiness in the Throat. It operates by dissolving the con- gealed Phlegm, and thereby causing a free expectoration. IMPO RTANT TESTIMONIAL. Dear Sir,—I mav tell you that I have used your Bulsa-m for a very long thne (both for atyselfliud my family). I think It an invaluable medicine for members of my profession, tn(I have always strong'v recommended it to my brother and sister artists. If you think a testimonial from me would be- of any service, you are very welcome to make use of this. I am, Dear Sir, yours truly, LIONEL BROUGH, Globe Theatre. ASK FOR POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. Sold by all chemists and medicine vendors throughout che world at Is lid: 2s 3d: and family size lis per bottle. Proprietor:— THOMAS POWELL, BLACKFRIARS ROAD, LONDON. Cj Trade Mark,—Lion? Net and Motue. M R J A. WILSON, DEINTYDD, 72, High-street, Bangor, A DDYMUNA ddychwelyd ei ddiolchgarwch diffuant i'w gwsmeriaid a'i gyfeiiiiaa au gefnogaeth haelionus a estynwyd iddo yn ystod ei ymarferiad yn Mangor. Ceir fod rhestr prisiau Mr W., mor resymol ag y mae yn bosibl, yn gysson ag ymarferiad dyladivy gelfyddyd, drwy yr hyn yr hydera deilvngu parhad o gefnogaeth y cyhoedd. Tynir Dannedd yn ddiboen drwy ?iitrous oxide gas. Geliir ymgynghori Mr W. o 10 hyd 6 o'r glocb. M R HARDING", MEDDYG DEINTYDDOL, PEN'RALLT VILLAS, UPPER BANGOR, A;ellir ymgynghori ag ef yn y eyfeiriad uchod (yn ddid&l) mewn pob achos perthynol i'r A; Dannedd, Cyflenwir Dannedd Celfyddydol a bob math, 0 un Dant hyd rês gyflawn bebboen nac annhwylusdod i'r gwisgydd. Gan fod Mr Harding wedi cael llawer o fiynyddau o brofiad ya ngwneathunad Dannedd Celfyddydol, y mae mewn sefyllfa i sicrhau i'w gwsmeriaid gysur a boddlonrwydd yn hghyda'r defnvdd- iau gGreu. Ymddangoeiarl naturkd yn warrantedig. Lleuwir i fyny ddannedd pydredig gydag aur pur a'r enamel gwyn a ddargsnfyddwyd yn ddiweddar, yr hwti cad yw yn diwgliwio tra yu dyogelu y dant. llheoleiddir Dannedd Plant. Ymwelir'ft LlaDrwst yn y Llythyrdy bob dydd Mawrth cyntaf a tbrydydd yn mhob mis. JOSIAH HUGHES, WHOLES A LE AND RETAIL IRONMONGER, 237, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. TYMHOR Y GAUAF, 1875-6. HYSBYSIAD ARBENIG. Lampau cyflfredin y riglxyda. Silber, Duplex, Anoacaanig, &c. Petroleum Oil, Beuzolene, French Colza oil, Naptha, Fire lighters, Coal savers, English and American Cooking Stoves, American and Gill Warm- ing Stoves, Roberts's Teira Cotta slowburning Stoves forgreenhouses, &c,, Gas and Petroleum Stoves for heating or cooking. Chaff cutters, Turnip cutters and pulpefs, Oil cake and Corn crushing Mills, Horse powers, and Sheep racks, Sausages Machines. I SKATES, GUNPOWDER, SHOT, CARTRIDGES, WADS, &e. HYSBYSIAD PWYSIG. Y mae Josiah Hughes wedi penderfynu gwneuthur gostyngiad arbenig unwaith yn y flvvyddyu ya y dca« barthiadau canlyixol o'i fasnaeh er mwyn cael dechreu pob tymhor hefo nwyddau newyddion. LAMPAU. Bydd y eyfan o'i stoc fawr wedi en marcio yn barod i'w gwerthu am lai na'r pris prynu-yn dechreu Rbag- cl fyr 23ain. acyn parhau trwy Ionawr. NWYDDAU ARIANAWG. I Bydd y rhan fwyaf o'r stoc ys- plenydd hon wedi eu hail farcio i'w gwerthu yn rhad i ddechreu Chwef- ror 21ain. f NWYDDAU CYFFREDIN At ddodrefnu tai, pob pethsydd ya y stoe er's tiosflwyddyn afydd- ant yn barod eibyn Mawrth 20fed. Dalier Sylw !-Gan na fydd dim elw yn deillio i'r gwerthwr oddi wrth y gostyngiadau uchod, disgwylir arian parod gan bawb. Unig fantais y gwerthwr fydd clirio lie i stoc newydd. JOSIAH HUGHES, Ironmonger, Bangor. MON MAM CYMRU. Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD. A 0 IESU NA'D GAMWAITH. Eisteddfod Gadeiriol lion a Gorsedd Gwynedd, A GYNNELIR YN LLANGEFNI GORPHENAF 31ain ac AWST laf, 1876. Y PRIF DESTYNAU. 1. Rhamant- Yo sylfaenedig ar Tregarnedd gwobr 5p a thlws arian. 2. Awdl—" Goronwy Owain," heb fod drcs 300 llinell gwobr 5p De, a chadair ddeiw harcid 3. Dau englyn Beddargraph i'r diweddar y Parch. Hugh W. Thomas, Llangefni; gwobr medal aur. 4. I'r cdr heb fod dan 50 mewn mfer, a gano oreu We never will bow down," Judas Macalasus j'gwobr 15p. (Y c6r buddugol l wasanaethu yn y cyngherdd.) 6 F Y cyfansoddiadau ifod yn Haw yr Ysgrifenydd ar neu cn Gorphenaf laf, ac enwau yr ymgeiswyr ar y datffanu erbyn Gorphenaf lOfed. o J Rhestr o r Testynau, enwau y Beirniaid, ac Ammodau y Gyfetadleuaeth i'w cael ond amgan ceinios; a dimai mewn stamps i WM. THOMAS, Ysgrifenydd. Up Bridge Street, Llangefni, Ionawr 18fed, 1876. 878 READY-MONEY ACCOMODATION.— Persons of any trade or profession, male or female, resident in London or Country, can obtain privately (without the usual Loan Office routine, delav, Law Costs, or Life Insurance) from ZCIO to jESOO, at 6 per cent, for any term not exceeding 5 years (repayable to suit tbeir convenience, by P. O. Order or cheque, &e.,) upon Note of Hand, Life Policies, Furniture (without removal or publicity), Live and Dead Stock, Plant, or any available Security. No genuine application refused.—For further particulars, and Prospectus, apply personally (preferred) or by letter, enclosing stamp for reply, to Mr T. FAIR- HEAD, 117, Brixton Road, London, S.W., near Ken- nington Gate. 345 lTonc.B CARNARVON DYE WORKS. SHOP, AT TY' YCEI, CASTLE WALLS. Silk, Cotton, and Woollen Fabrics, Cleaned and Dyed cheaper than any other Dye House. C1HINTZ cleaned and glazed, Damask and ) Woollen cleaned or dyed any colour, Gentlemen's Cloths cleaned or dyed, and pressed equal to new. Dresses dyed and cleaned without taken to pieces,.Feather Gloves, Kid Boots, Animals' Skins cleaned or dyed. All work returned within a week. Feathers cleaned or dyed. If brought on Tuesdays, within 4 days. Attendance at Bangor, Beaumaris, and Menai Bridge, every Monday. 74M A. J. ALEXANDER, Manager. LLANFAtRFECHAN. BATHING MACHINE STAND to be JD LET, by the year or for -a. term of years, the bathing Machine and Boating Stai-d, lately occupied by William Hughes. Full particulars to be had on appli- t cation to E, J. Briggs, Sea View H ouse, Llanfairfechan. 8849-876 YN Y WASG, PRIS SWLLT. ''ORIAU 'R A WEN," SEF detholiad o weithiau barddonol Dewi Havhesp. Derbynir archebion gyda diolchgarwch gan yr awdwr, Dewi Havhesp, Llabdderfel, Corwen. 379 JOHN M. J. TEEWEEK, MASNACHYDD COED A LLECHI, AMLWCH, LLANERCHYMEDD. A LLANGEFNI. Caria J. M. J. T. ei fasnaeh yn mlaen ar yr egwyddor elw bychana gwerthiant cyflym (small profit and quick returns.) 243 THE "GIIANULAR BROWNING." (Registered Trade Mark.) FORMERLY known as Tomlinson's Browic j' GRAVY SALT, should be used in every household. It imparts a rich colour and superior flavour to roasted meats of every description, to chicken and game, gravies, soups, beef tea, &c only requiring s. iittle boiling water added to a few granules to at once produce a gravy. Sold in bottles at Is and 2s 6d, by the sole manufac- turers, TOMLINSON, HAYWARD and BISHOP, LINCOLN and Chemists, Grocers, and Italian Warehousemen everywhere. TOMLINSON & CO.'S BUTTER POWDER MAKES good SWEET BUTTER all the year rouEd, removes the flavour of turnips, man- goldgj cake, &c., quickens the churning, and inoreases the value 2d to 3d per lb. (See testimonials on hand- bills.) TOMLINSON AND CO.'S BUTTER POWDER. Sold by Chemists and Grocers, in 6d, Is, and 28 G4 boxes.