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I —*—- FOOTBALL NOTES. The Welsh Amateur Cup hopes entertained by Portmadoc were extinguished at Bangor on Saturday, when they were vanguished by the Druids Reserve. A E16 10s Od "gate" turned out to witness the g.<me, which was a typical cup tie struggle! finishing with a score which was justified by the play of the Druid's. From the very outset of the struggle both teams set about their task in a businesslike manner. The Druid's goalkeeper was the first to be called upon, having to negotiate a drive from the foot of G. Davies, and then Vaughan distinguished himself by racing through the Druid's defence, but the shot which he slung over was sadly messed by Mc-elry Jones, who wa, rather slow. The Portmadoc players g?vc one the idea that they were going to st.in every n-^rvt to qualify for the final- Gradually the play veered to the Portmadoc end, and the goal was placed in jeopardy by a foul which, luckily for the Portinadcc men, happened directly outside the penalty area. Taking lull advantage of ttbe new. rule on the ¡' subject, the Druid entrusted with the kick sent in a terrific shot, but the Port goal- keeper was on the alert, and was just in time to h'.irl the bail awaa when one of the opposing forwards injured him, and the game whs momentarily stopped. It looked as though the Portmadoc forwards were not content with a one goal lead, for they again went for the Druid's goal in deadly earnest. but their final efforts were sadly erratic. Then the Portmadoc defenders were placed on the qui vive, shot after shot being rained on the custodian, and the goal experienced several narrow escapes. In the course of one of these periodical attacks Rowland Jones handled the bdl inside the penalty lin-, with the usual result, and D. Jones con- verted. Almost directly after play was re- sumed. a foul was granted against one of the Portmidoe defenders, and from the ensuing free kick their goal was all but captured. A brief attack on the Druids' goal was followed by a determined onslaught on the Pormadoc citadel, and Hughes, one of the (tùl backs, occasioned much anxiety by failing to tackle Butler, one of the finest players u: the Di aid's team, but his parting shot lacked accuracy. IIereab mts.J.R. Jones (Portm'A.,lnc) provided an exciting incident by sprinting up the field at top speed, covering a good deal of ground prior to partiag to Motley Jones, who &pp ied his head to the ball aL1' sent it well in, but in the course of the rush which ensued the custodian was fouled and the free kick which residted had the effect of removing all the danger. At the interval the scores were equal. The first movement of import- ance in the second half was made by the Druids, but their wak attempt was easily managed and the Portmadoc forwards riished down the field in a line, but they were brought up for au infringement of the offside rule. The goal which gave Port- madoc the le-.d was the direct outcome of a foul against A. Hughes, and the Port- madoc defenders were afterwards fully ex- tended f )r about three minutes. Handling by A. Hughes led to another penalty kick, and after some delay, the ball being sent wide of the mark, to trie huge delight of the Fvrtmadoc section of the crowd. This in- cideut seemingly encouraged the Portmadoc players who made strenuous efforts to equalise, but it was unfortunate that some oi them shoidd have thought fit to exhibit shady tactics, which brought them con- tinually under the ban of the referee. The Druids now ^showed wh t stayers they were, and Portmadoo ttppeared a beaten team, their custodian being defeated on the third {occasion by Butler, who took full advantage of a partial clearance. Until the final whistle the Druids had the best of the exchanges, but no further scoring took place. There was a directness and dash about the methods adopted by the winners which completely nonplused the Portmadoc de- fence. Individually they were both steady and olever, while collectively they gave as brilliant a display of passing as has been witnessed on the Bmgor ground this season. The Purtmadoc meu also played industrious, lively football from start to finish, and but for au over-auxiety, which, in the first Jhalf especially, c-.used them lto get offside re- peatedly, they must have t ken the lead. There was, however, an absence of polish in their work and in thut respect they :greatly differed from their opponents, who, in addi- tion to iufusi-jg plenty of dash into their play, paid due regard to the finer points. The Druids' forwards were far too fast for the Port-ma oc aefence, and, assiduously fed by their colieaguta in the centre, they were continually taking the ball down to their oppo ehts, line and then sending it across the goalmouth in such a manner as to make it an easy matter for the three inside men to put it between the pjsts. There Avas no dailyit.g with tne ball in front of goal. Whe*iever a ferward got within range, he let g) with dl his might- Unless they greatly deterori ite in the interval there is every ikeiihood of the Welsh Amateur Cup finding its way to Ruabon this season. Regarding the performance of the Port- madoc te .in, the defe-ice could not be de- f scribed as thoroughly sound, while ^the for- wards, though fa.rly correct in their judgment (taki >g the game all through) were wanting m the fine points of forward play. Of euf rgy there was an abundance, but it was allowed to run riot, with the result that a shot from the half backs in- tended for a forward as often as not went to an opponent. Whilst they must be car* f'd not to overdo it, the Port men would be well advised to pray heed to the finer points ot the game,^combined werk of course, being om' of them. On Saturday the halyes faded itl feeding the forwards to the best advan- tage, Ptid were guilty of k eking too hard with the result that the Druids' full backs were able to return the ball, which in- variably welit somewhere near their own men. Tho outstanding player was J. R. Jones, followed closely by the light full back, who played a strong defensive game, his shooting being particularly clean. The goalkeeper, Evau Davtes, cannot be blamed for not stopping the three shots which went past him, but he should get rid of the ball at the earliest opportunity and n t indulge in any bhow work, which generally cost goals. The right half was rather inclined to ramble, and the centre hale was positively worthless in the second half, althougn during tie initial portion of the game he worked hard ani successfully. The other member of the line did good and bad n turns. The weakest player in the forward line was the outside left. Moseiey Jones "Was carefully shadowed from the outset, being immediately swamped by two or three players if he indulged in any dangerous moves. W. Vaughan put in some telling work at times. The North Wales Coast League Cham- pionship looks like falling to Bangor Reserve, who, aided by one or twe Combina- tion players on Saturday, defeated IJan- dudno. The game was a very puor one.