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Penrhyndelldraetb Board of…


Penrhyndelldraetb Board of Gaardlaus. A meeting df the Board was held on Tuesday, Air O..)OJQUS (chairman) presiding. THE HOUSE. 11-Lo monthly visiters, (the Chairman and Capta n Morgan. Jones) reported that the frontage of the old building required plaster- ing, and the windows secured against rain, &ct. Other repaora we-re also needed.—Mr C. Roberts proposed, that tenders for the work should be solicited, Mr J. iio- borts ceconded. and this was passed. ADDITIONAL RELIEF. ihr S. Jones wanted to know what the ,"c-arti passed in respect to the granting o. fcitra. relief at Christmas. Had they parsed to grant it to all the paupers, or onl' to those who lived outaide the uiucta r Tluve waf; a misandexsitandxig with regard to the matter.—.Mx W. Thomas, the F«3S- tinio-j- relieving officer, said that he uadei- .stocd the Board to have passed to grant -1: additional relief to paupers resident oi other iuiio.ns.rThe Chairman said that the Board distinot.lv resolved to grant fetra Christ- mas relr'tf o all the paupers.—Mr W. IJtG- mas: I stall, therefore, give it at ouj;e. CIRC7U.MSTANCES NOT EXPENSES. Dr. S. Gi 'llith wanted to know what wm the cost of .Tiaintauiing a pauper in ohe hou&o? If it vas less—say by a Is a. week -than the out-relief, they were not acting fairly towards t:io ratepayers unless ouf- paupers were brought into the houoe.—Ihe Chairman said that relief waS. not a matter of costs bu.t one of oirc-iuiistancee, and ne gave mstancee. DOCTORS DIFEER. Dr. G. J. Roberts, rvstiiuog, csertifixi that a pauper suffered fro!u heart disease, and that he was whyLly dialled. Dr. John Humphreys certified tiiat the man might do soma light work, provided he did not con- tract cold.—Mr D. Tegvci. Jones said that he saw the man in the street, hardly abie to walk, and Mr Jones beliesvvd that Dr. Roberts wns right and not Dr. Humphreys. -The Chai rman: He saw. you coming (louai kughteir).—Relief renewed. VACCINATION. The Cardigan Board of Guardians viewed with the aiarm the great Jicrease in vac- cination fees and expenses, and prayed tiiai this Board should support an a.pp.1; catiou 10 the Local Government Board asking tuem to establish vaccination stations and 00 awa.y with domiciiiary visits by tlie medical officers.—Tlie Chamcaji said that they had passed a resolution td that effect aiready. -{S}-

Pwllheli Town Council.