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HOLYHEAD I Our readws will be glad to learn that f the Rev. R. R. Hughee, B.A., 134istor of the C.M. Chapel, KJng/sland, returned home on ThurMiay after a. sojourn of four months in the United States. WATCii.N iGHT.- -On Tuesday a watch- night service Was held at the Gwynfa Cliapei. A party (under the able leader- ship (I Mr W. S. Owen, Gwhiym Cyl)i;.) ren- dered sacred music, and afterwards a very appropriate sermon was delivered by "he Rev. R. lowlands. PREACHING MEETING. On New I Year's Eve and throughout Wednesday a I preaching meeting was held at the Taber- nacle Chapel, when powerful sermons were delivered tc large cpngrogati/DS by the I ReT 51. — Thoanas, Merthyr Tydf-1, and R. Williams (äwm Mon). DEATH OF MR J. LI.oYD GRIFFITH —With the deepest regret we have to an- I nounce the death of Mr John Lloyd Grif- fith, M.A., which took place on Wednes- I day afternoon, after a Fingering illness, at hits resdenco, Frondeg, Holyhead. The deceased1 was the only son of the late Re 7. I Henry Griffith, rector of Llandrygarn, and was a grandson, of tho renowned Rev. Simeon Lloyd, Bala. As our J eadem are aware the dt-coasol gentleman hold the posts of clerk of the peace and clerk to the County Council of Anglesey. He held several other important posts. He was the chairman of the Holyhead Board of Guard- ians. SPECIAL POLICE COURT. On Mon- day, before Mr R. J. Edwards and Mr W. D. Jones, Thomas Lqngridge, stoker, H.M.S. "Resolut on, was summoned oy Sergeant Hugh Jones for be.ng drunk and using profanw language on Sunday night December 29th. James Trussol, stoker, H.M.S. "Resolution," was summoned by the same oer for being drunk and dis- orderly, and David Alexander Flood, ot the same ship, was charged by P.O. 9 (E. W/Uiamf,) with resisting the police in the execution of their duty. It appeared from t.he evidence that there was a great crowd of bluejackets and civilians in Nelson Sq., flid amonest them were tne prisoners. Tnissol was challenging people to fight, and it was with Rome difheui^y that the three men were taken into custody. They Vti--re cbc-I finad 7s 6d and co-sts. INQUEdT. — An inquest was held on Monday, before Dr. T. W. Clay, deputy coroner for Anglesey, on the body of Ed- ward McGwern, able seaman, residing at 76, New Hedley street, off Athol street, Liverpool, who fell into the ho!d of the Cork line.r "Tadorna" when abreast of the Carnarvon, Ray lightsh p, and while on a passage from Liverpool to Ghent, on the 19th October. The Rov. (Father) Patrick Mou-wern, Dublin, deposed that tlie do-, ceaped was hifi %rdtheT. He was 42 years of W. Witness visited him it few days > after the accident at the Stanley Hoøpt, 1, nd was told by Dr. John ,Joni that he was I suffering from a fractured skull. He did not recover c^rtscioutness during hi stay at tlio institutioxu Pet. McGwern" wiiight, Newry, another brother of the de- ceased, deposed that he had had a. Denver- sation ooucernin^ the accident with the captain of the "Tadoraa" Belfai't, who sfcatod that one ha^ch had b*en taken «»fi. in ofder to allow the carpenter to go down into t he hold to put a prop under the deck, and tho- man had a w-mp in h's hand. Not c SfaVing notice-d the carpenter going dows, and serting a light, the deceased tho!wht tftat the flargo was on ftre. He was not aware tfoafc tiie hatch was off, the opening only beting covered w^t-h canvas. The de- oesMed feH heawilong into the hold, abnjd su;" t«:.iBod the ittjusy from which he dfod. The inquest wa, adjoyrned until "r ecIudq.




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