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CARNARVON SUNDAY SERVICES. CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Christ Church (English) 8,30, Holy Commtrn- ion; 11, Matin*; 6.30, Ersu Song, St. David's (Walsh) 10.50, Matins; 6, Even Song St. Mary's 8,30, Holy Communion; 10-" .Y Matins6. Even Song Llanbeblig (Welsh)' 10, Matias; 6, Evert Sotig KAjt* 11ST. Caersaleu Rev Ot Davies. D.D CALY INISTIC METHODISTS. Beulah Rev Own Hwjbes, Talysarn Gallia Square (ElJg. Rev D. ijughes, M.A. Engedi Ite-f, E. Ja-mf Jones, M.A. MorUh Itc.-v, Evan JoTttc I Siuloh R,w J. E. Haghos, CJNGREGAvTIONALlSCS. I Pe.ndrfct Rev, Ll. liryuiag Roberts Saieau. v D. SUiaey Jones WESLE>iANS. Eb>MH«ear — i.0. rCev- ii. C-urry., Penygroes 6, Rerv D. -J oiu-s, i.'oct(ii:u>rwjc English Rev 't' Craven HOilAN CATHOLICS. St. Peter aud r..w IV- f't1 JonaM I Oa L^iday night, at Moss Bank, +.b.) re Kidejice oJ --Or iy. W. DawLksi, boolcseiier, it buppar was gveu to the emlplcvec-s óu. the j^ oii.^on. 01 the couung of age or Mr W. H. JUQ.Viex, the second son of Nii- D. V> DaA.-es, who is in the employ of Vi-v-srs (;it' and Sou, pubLish Denoigii. AjLt ji W Da- viea pres.oed over the prc">»edings. Tb." flowing, took part: --vir VV. H. Dav-uis, }-II, Davieti, S. B. es, H O. Williams,. William Lewis, Edward Eth^il, VVed. Litheriaaui, Wm. Jone. a.udlli John Jo-Qies. SOIREil—On Monday wer^uig the Good Tenipbirs. held a soiree An iUteu- est-ing; programme consisting of songs and recitations was gone 1 hrough. Mr Owova (of Mr G. O. Griffith's) won the prize foe composing verses. The chair was occupied by Mr. IX. G. Jones, Constantino terrace.. by Mr. IX. G. Jones, Constantino terrace.. THE MARKET — Saturday. Eresti i butter, 1» 5d to Ls 6d per lb. .salt, do f Is 2d per ogge, 8 for Is; hwls, 3s 4d to 4s per couple; ducks, 26 6d; to 3s tÆi each geese. 5s to 7s; beef, 2td. to 9d per lb. mutton, 6d to 9d per lb.; perk,5d to 9d per lb. veal, 5d to 9d per I b. potatoes. Us 4d per sack. LECTURE.—At the Guild Hall on Mon- day evening, a lecture was delivered under the auspices of tlie Literary Union, by Pro-- fessor Reginald W. Phillips, of the Uuiver- sity Cotlege of North Wales, Bangor. His subject was The origin of the British Flora." Mr H. Lloyd Carter occupied the chair. A vote of thanks was accorded tlie lecturer and the chairman SHIPPING. — Arrivals. Christiana, 8*8. Griffiths, Liverpool; Carew, a.s., Britain, Liverpool; Craignair, s.s., Wil- liams, Liverpool; Talarvor, Ellis, Cardiff; Ailsie, Hughes, Plymouth; John aixo Elizabeth, Jones, Llanaelhaiarn Cordelia, Hughes, Waterford; John and Sarah, Watcrworth, Liverpool.—Sailings Christ- iana., s.s., Griffiths, Liverpool; Oarew, s.s., Britain, Penmaenmawr; Craignair, s.s., Williams, Penmaenmawr; Ann, Lloyd,. Beaumaris; Mary Roberts, Gilmour, Bow- ling; Fran oes, Evans, Dublin.. PREACHING SERVICES. Preaching services werc-, held 011 Ciiristmas Day and Boxing aight at the Pendref Chapel, when sermons were delivered by the Revs. W. J. Nicholson, Portmadoc, and R. P. Williams, Holyhead.—Annit^^sary services in connec- tion with the Ebenezer W ü-J üy an Chapel were held on Sunday and Vv eduesday. The Revs. E. Isaac, Merthyr Tydtil, and Isfryn Hughes, Tregarth, offici,.ited on Sunday, and the Revs. E. Humphreys, the secretary the circuit, and D. Gwjufryn icneai, ban- gor, -un. W ednesdav. ST. MARY'S CHURCH.—On Cliristnxiis night and the foltowin.g Sunday the choir of the above church gave an excellent per- formance ot the tuneful sacred cantata (with carols), "Nativity of Christ," com- posed by Culeb Synpelr. Mr Pughe- Griffith, the able organist and choir- master of the church, is to be congratula- ted on his very good taste in selecting music for performance. The following ladies and gentlemen took the principal pai>s:—Mrs J. R. G. Jones, Misses Annie Bradwen. 8. Roberts, A. E. Roberts. Messrs J. Cottrell, J. L. Jones, J. R4 G. Jones. W. L. Williams, and J. G. Roberts. Mr Pughe Griffith presided at the organ, while a number of ladies and gentlemen assisted as instrumentalists. THE LIBERAL CLUB. The 13th n- liual report of the Carnarvonshire L bera! dub Bitil(ting.; Company, Ltd., has been is- sued. The directors, of whom Captain W. Jones WilLiams its the chairman, congratu- lated the shareholders upon the satisfac orv progress of the undertaking, which enables them, let declare a dividend of'5 per cent, upon paid-up bhans, after deducting tïa sum of L22 for depreciation, aild paying i:40 off a mortgage debt of IG1920 standing over from last, year. The receipts for the vear ended Novembei- 30th were £ 733. 'the shares were reported to be increasing ia value annually. Mr D. Pierce had retired fiom the directors, tLo other retiring direc- tors, who are eïiglblo for re-election, be;iz Messrs C. E Jones, W. G. Thomas, and John S. Morgan Regret is expressed at the death of Mr W. J. Williftrris,, who had acted as secretary to the company since its formation. Ho had been succeeded by Mr Richard Williame, Market street. A LETTER FROVI THE FRONT.—The fallowing is a quotation from a Setter dated Bethlehem, October 2nd, 1901, sent by Squadron-Major W Morgan, B. Squadron, 1st Imperial Li^ht Hctrse (late warder m Carnarvon gaol), to Mr Owen Edwards, ¡ Four All's:—"By the above address you will see that we have left our old hunting grounds, the Western Transvaal, and are now operating here. The fact is the whole country aro'ind to swarming With Boors. On Wedae.sd.iy night, the 2^pt of Septem- I her. we were cv-dered to make a night march on Reitz, a. distance cf 35 miles from here. We accomplished our task with veiv little difficulty, ajid had the town surround- ed before daybreak. The result of our moonlight march wus the capture of 21 pn- soners, including tho landrost of Reitz. On' our march back to camp we met with a strong resistance, the enemy closing on both flanks, and also making a despemco attempt to drive in our rear guard; but I wcth the aid of Pom-Pom' we were masters of the situation. Our casualties were: cue killed and one wounded. It is now nearly twenty mouths since I left for this never-ending Campaign, and thanks for the excellent health I have enjoyed dur Tig that peno^ WATCri.N-IC.HT. A watchnight service was held at Ebenezer WtRlo^-an Cliapel 0111 Tuesday night. There was a large attend I anee, the chair being orcup'ed by the Rev. fchmaeJ Evans. The programme was as follows:—Song, "The hist, watch," Mr At- fred Dunlclp (principal tenor Llaridaff Ca- thedral): song, "Cen.ad y Don," Mlis, Tai),-t M. Rowlands quartette, "There is a Green Mr W. Thomas and party chorus, "God a Spirit," the Choir (conducted *>y 1 Walter Thomas) solo, "Arm, arm ye brave," Mr r. R. WilTiams; song, "Tho Hoa> enlv Song," Miss Jennie Jo res; song, j "Lead, kindly Light." Mr Alfred Dunlop, song, "Oh, Divine Redeemer," Miss' .Janet, j M. Rowlands; song, "Hosanna >'n Excels' Mr J. Jones; (song, "Iiight of the World," Mr Alfred Dunlop fOOng, "Star of Bethle- hem," Miss Jennie Jones song, "Gwnewch i mi feddrod," .¡jT J. H. Williams; chorus, I ''Lift, up your Heads, 0, ye Gates," the r Choir. Mr Dunlop, whose pucoeisa in the nitisiccd profession the Carnarvon people j axe alwajg glad. to note. sang with admir- able taste, and 118 was deservedly encored ior his splcfadid rendering of the late Mr Pughe Evar).s' beautiful song, "Lead, kiudly light," and in. response ho sang "Nazareth" (Gouaod). Miases Jenat e Jonea smd Janet M. Rowlands ftang their several songs ari tusual very excellently. The former was. unmistakably encored, but, Uiifort.miately, the applautio was suppressed. Mr John H. WUl. anis was also recalled after a vigorous rendering of "Arm¡r arm ye brave," and no gavft 1 fyuy bo;r nod. (Jr'eat pra>if»e :s due to- th« conductor of the CIIOT, Mr Wal- ter Thoma*, upon whom lioq devolved the task gf arranging the musical portion ot the watchnight »*^rv,-ce for nome years, and, needless to say, he has always done his part with credit tio himself and aU concerned. two able1 accompanists were Mri John Williams- and Mks Ed.th Wynne William* (organic of Ebenezer Chapel). At tne ,-e af the mimical part, of the service a m'rnioil -18 preached by the Rev. E. Hum- piireys. BOROUGHj iMAiGJSTRAfrESS' COURT.— Monday,, before Mr R. O. Roberts (May- sr), and Mr Erlward Hughes. AljLh3GEl> ASSAULT.—R- J. Titus, Taarallt, Mimmoned ahtd named John Jones, 11, Pepper lane, for an assault.— The complainant,, who is a cripple, gave evidence to the effect that the defendant is tlie ring-leader of a number of boys who continually illtreat him by throwing stones, after him. wherever he weiit.De- fendant n asi ordered to pay the costs. PROFANE LANGUAGE.—Mary. Gallag- her, Tan'rallt, was fined 2s 6d and costs for using profane language. BHGGING.—^Margaret Davies,. IJan- Imllt.,was charged with begging on Clinst- maa eve.-—Supeirntendent Rowland saidt that the woman was under the influence of drink.The Mayor: You ought to have summoned half the town.—The case was. ad- journed far &< we& DRUNKENNESS—Ann E. Evans, 10, Snowdon street, was taed 2s fid and emks for being drunk. —John Hughes, a native of Penmaenmawr, was charged with be- ing. druukt- The Bench considered fcliat tho defendant had been sufficiently pun- ished by being kept in the police cell from Saturday night till that morning, and dis- missed the eme. COUNTY MAGISTRATES' COURT. Saturday, before Heesrs J. Menzies. (presiding), D. P. Williams, G. J. Ro- berta, and Dr, J Roberts. LARCENY BY A. FARMER. Griffith .Ames,, Ty JEsaf Farm, Clynnog, was. charged with stealing a quantity of tur- nips, the property of Griffith Edwards,, farmer, Clynuog. Superintendent Row- land briefly stated, the ease for the pro- secution and called the informant. to give evidence.—Griffith Edwards said that he saw the accused in his, field on the 24th December. There was, a large quantity of turnips in the fieldi Witness watched the defendant for a considerable time, and eventually he saw hine putting turnips into a bag. After ho had filled the bag he ran away. Witness and man named D. Jones went after- him, ahd caught him. David Jones said to him, "We have caught you now." The defendant in reply said, "Yes, you have."—Mr J. T. Roberts de- fended;, and said; that his client was a re- spectable farmer reaidiag at Clynnog. He admitted having taken the turnips, which were valued at It, but they were not car- ried awav from the field. He had never before been guilty of such an offence. THe informant, interrupting, said, "I ea light him in the field four years aLO. Mr J. T. Roberts, proceeding, said that the defendant absolutely denied that. There was bad blowd between the parties arising out of a case- heard at the court some vears ago He &sked the Bench to deal with the defendant under the First Offenders' Act.—The Bench, after a short deliberation^ fined the defendant 20s and costs. NO UGHT.G-rifth Davies, Co-op- erative Stores, Llanberis, was cliarged with driving a horse and cart without a light.— He was ordered to pay the costs. MAINTENANCE. — WUliam Evans, Saron, Bethel, was summoned by the Car. narvon Board of Guardians- for not contri- buting towards the maintenance of his mother. —Mr Richard Roberts, who de- I fended, said that, the defendant, allowed his mother to live in a cottage which could be rented at 8s a month. — The Bench ordered him to pay one shilling per weefr in addition to allowing her to live in the house free.





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