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-..-BANGOR í


BANGOR í SUNDAY SfiRVlOfcA g CHURCH m ENGLAND f Cathedral tEng.) Rev Veil, John Pry- M.A., Canon in Residence Cathedral (Welsh) t-kf- W. Edward* M.A. St. James s ,nglish) N D. R. Puib, B.A. St. Mary's (English) Rev Edwin Jones, 11.A. St. David's (W>-i3h). Lewis Jont"f",M.4. BAPTISTS. Penuel R«v Edward Rvans English Rev. W. R Saundeis CONGREGATIONALISTS. Ebenezer Rwv Ellis Jcnes Perdref 10. Rev Morgan Daniels, B.D. 6, Lev Rowland Hughes, B.D. English Rev Emlyn Evans, B.A. CALVINISTIC METHODISTS. Gianadda Rev J. Mestyn Jones Mirael Rev H. Bees Davies Pa.rk Hill Rev W. Richards l)i'ínc'd roid (Eng.) It:tv W. G. Owen, B.A. Tabernacle Rev T. J. Wheldon, B.A. Twrgwyn Rev E. P. Jones, B.A. •. WESLEY AN S. lioieb 6, Rev Daniel Marriott 6, Rev D. Gwynfryu Jones St. Paul's 10, Rev D.Gwynfryn Jones 6, Rev Daniel Marriott Hirael 2. Rev D. Gwynfryu J ones 6, Mr Henry Davies Gianadda 2, Rev Daniel Marriott 6, Mr W. G. Jones 1 English Rev J. H- Parker ROMAN CATHOLICS. St. Mary's Rev Father Radciiffe The marriage of Lieut-Colonel A, E.. Saudbach, D.,i.O., and the Ron. lna Douglas Pennant will take place on Wed- nesday, the 15th of January, at St. Paul's Church, Wilton place, London, at half- past two o clock. DINNER. On Wednesday evening Mrs Lloyd entertained the Cathedral chorister? to dinner at Minafon, Upper Bangor. ERIARS SCHOOL. P. A. Harverson's ttchoiarbiup of £40 per aamum at Peter- houfre, Cambridge, makes the thirteenth won at Oxford and Cambridge under the present headmaster, the first in 1882 having. oeen also gpined at the isanie college for dairies. We are inforniodt that the annual d-fitributiioii cjf prizes, &-c., is postponed till the end of February or beginning of March. MUNICIPAL ELECTION. On Satur- day an election took place to fill the va- cancy in the West Ward occasioned by the resignation of Mr Huw Rowland, the newly- anted Town Clerk. Th, candidates were MI. Pi-ntir Williams (L.), solic tor, ^rd Mr Frank Beliis (C.), architect. J.h(, vot- ing resulted as tollowB: -PenLir W dl:antb, 226 Frame Beliis, 214. Liberal majority, 11. Spoilt votes, 4. Very little inteiOot was keniu the contest. COMPETITIVE ENTERTAINMENT.— At the Bethel Place Mission Chapel on Christmas night a concert, including several competitions, was held, and amongst tho -<■- who took part were Miss Perry, Miss Ida Jorws, Miss Florrie Janes, M; Roberts, 'Mlis.q Fiimiy Owen, Mr J. Bangor WLlhanib, Mr W. E. Hughes, and am orchestral crio composed of Mr Jcuies (violin), Mr T. J. Ro- berts (pianoforte), and Mr J. H. Thomas, Caelleppa (of the ociiKina band). The chair- utiiji was Mr Thomas Rowland, and Mr W. J. Owe-n conducted. NEW YEAR'S EVE.—»')n New Year ? Eve ffigh street presented a butiy app^v- anc- and was filled with people, who con- gregated by the Cathedral. Occasionally hilarity reached a dangerous height, but no I eeriotfcs rowdyism occurred.—A mcnt ;.m- pressive \va,telu. ight service, conducted by the Rev. James Jones, curate of St. Mary's Church, was held at the Railway Institute, there bemg a large attendance present. A number ot slides depictrng the life of Christ were thrown on the screen and sacred songs were rtaidored. A watchmght service was also held at the Horeb Wesleyan C J. BBELVEZBR CHAPEL DEBATING SO- ClijrY.—On Monday evening, Mr L. D. .J{)n. (Llew Tegid) presiding, an enjoyablo concert was held under the -aiisp'oos of the above society, the fdllowmg programme I-ig rendered Pianoforte solo, Miss Eardlt-y recitation.' "T--hwedi o cliwit,h,' )1i. Enid Jones: song, frBeehgyn Cymru, Mr H. Oliver Williams^ dialogue, "Y Deryn Du ;L'j- FromfraLth," Misses Dily.s W IILJUXIIS and. Enid Jones ocaanna solo, Mr O. T. Edwards; scitig, -Nierch y Melinydd," Miss Dilys Wyl'liams recitation, Mr W. Hughes perfillionsinging, Mr J. A. Williams; paper on "Superstitions'' by the Chairman; ^ong, ''Llvthyr fy mam, Miss Emily Ro- berts "Hanes. y Tylwyth Teg; by the Chai.nnaa song. "Hreud.dwyJ y Morwr, Mr O. T. Edwards dialogue, "lr oes hon a'r oes or blae-n," Misses Edwards and L. E. Williams; song, Mr J, A. Williams. CHRISTMAS.—The Christinas holidays were quietly spent in the city, the attrae- tions offered being very few. Large ccn- gregatioiis attended tha churches and chapels on Chri^ma? morning. The Bishop (Dr Williams) preached at the Cathedral, where Handel's "For unto us a child is born" was rendered. At Pendref Chapel a sacred concert v:as held, tha vocalists bein Miss Winnie Owen, Mtssrs H. T. Owen, F. L. Prcbert, ilev Rowland Hughes, B P., an,l tho, Pendref Chapel Clioir, which, under the conductorslio of MT J. Williams, "Rng Han- del's "Worthy is the Lamb," and the "Hallelujah Chorus." In the afternoon a football match waif played between the local team Crewe town, the homesters being successful by three goals to nil. On Boxing Day an exceptionally large crowd witnessed the Bar.gor v. Crewe St. John's match,,the former winning a fast game by six zoals-to two. The offcialsit the Post Office had to cope with unprecedented pressure this Cliristmasti.de, but the special arrange- ments made by the postmaster (Mr Jones) for the collection and delivery of letters proved most satisfactory, and comparatively little deiay 'ook place. At the Work- house, which was tastefully deorrated with evergreens and holly, an excellent dinner was provided for ti'e inmates, and the'mas- ter (Mr Jones) rf ported to the Guardians on Friday that the inlal consisted of roast br-t-f. pork, and plum pudding. He wished to tender thanks to the Guardians for their kindness, and, on behalf of the inmates, he wished them a prosperous new year. Per- sonally he had to thank the Guardians for the courtesy and kindness shown towards the matron and himself. For aasisting by carving and servins thanks were also cine to Miss Wallace, Mr David Williams, Mr Thomas Edwards, Mr W. Parry, ana Mr Winter Jones, end to Mr W. A. Dew, Ban- por. whu sent a handsome subscription: Sir R. Williams Bulkeley, who sent 40 rabbits: Mr A?sheton' Smith, 10 rabbits; Mr Thomas Edwards, Mr Winter Jones, Miss Wallace,, Messrs Robert Jones aV.d Son, I>ake and Co., Miss Koliertk. Aber; Miss "Winter Jones, Lody Penrhyn, and Mrs Davies, Treborth the girls (new and old) of tho Batiaor County Schooi (who sent articles of clothing, pictures, and dolls), Mr Jo-eph Bavies, Havana TT(YU-C, (who sent I tobacco and snuff), Mrs Dr Price, and Mrs Matthews. To each of these ladies and gentlemen the inmates expressed their gra- titude for the much appreciated gifts they sent. The Misses Dew provided a very nice entertainment on Boxing Day, and gave each child a present. Assistance v/as ren- dered by the Mis&es Aronson. In the even- ing Mr W. ff T.'orral, a^Irted by members M his family, gave an ex cell en 0 highly appreciated concert in the dining hull. -A PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday, before' V««ur9 Harry Clegg (chairman)., J. E. Roberts, Rdwards (Gerlan), and Col. H. T. Marshall, C B. DRUNKENNESS. — For being drunk and disorderly at Beti'.esda on December 24th, Rowland. Williams, plasterer. Cat- ll iPVngrydd, was, fined 5s and ccshs. Rich- ard Jone.s vJiie! 1 wyn2,ryd, was charged with bei.ng drunk on lioonseel premises, and is brother, Robert Jones, a quarry man, was cliarged with reiusuxg to cjuit and ajso witd as-aultrng P.C. E. P. Jones (o-i).- Evidence was tendered by Rii ^hard Jotieis, of the Coach-aitd Horses, BethesUa, to ihe defendants refusuig to- leawe his hou when reouested, and V.C. E. P. Jones, tffH/ was called in to eject .them, said that when he put them out he nas struck, on th facie by Rohert, .1 ouot, aId was also kicked, but couJd not say who was-hi»-a&sai hint.—P.C. Hugh Thoraato and P.C. T. Davie.s (35) gyve corroborative evidence, the ,irm^ statvng tliat there was a general disturt-aace.—The defendant Richaid Jon«*>>.said thax L > ii^d hud kK) much drink in tlw s.hape of ( mas boxen, and was not rebponsiblw for h.s I actions. Tho utbor deteiidaixt called ¡ Will am Ro.-h"au. Cefnfaee Novydii, Aber I road, who denied that Robert Jone-s..struck the constable,. but he wao tlt present at the llrsr: row. —Robert J ones infurmea the iieii -h I that he iait-iv nothing. He was blind drunk.-lhe Chairman said that there wao I no doubt that both defei\danty were undex the iniitience of urrnk, and far each offence I they would be fined 5s and costs. The Bench aiso found tha.t Robert. Jones, did str.ke the oiheer, though, perhaps, not m- tentionallv- l1,y could not overlook the fact that the officer was struck, and a fine of 10s and would be imposed. The Chairmiait added tJ\at if people would get drunk they must take the consequences-— —Elizabeth Elliisy ivylhn Square, Bang-or, adinatted a; cnarge of being arunk and dl. orderly on Christmas Day, when, accori ing to 1- .0. David Wiiiiams (öJ), she was busily engaged in breaking windows.—The Chairman sajxi that- the defendant was con- tinually before the court, and she could not be sorry for her past offencoo.The Defen- dant: I will take more care from this day out.The Chairman: How many times has she been here? D.C.C. Harris: Forty- seven.—The Chairmaii.: What do YOU do tor a liv',nP.' :fhe.uefE"ndant: I sell flsil.- The Clnwrman It must be t fish (laugh- ter).A, fine of 55 and costa was imposed. Elizabeth MeLaughLn, Back Hendre- wen road. Glanadda, Bangor, was charged at the iTLstaace of P.C. Parry, with being drunk. and disorderly. and was fined 5s and costs.—For a .sitnilar offence Sarah Bray, Banfror, was fined 5s and costs. BELATED PROSIWUTION. A. soldier named William Roberts, residing, at Bethesda, was charged with being dxunk. Qv licensed premises..—D.C.C. Hams informed the Bench that the offence was committed on June 26th, 1899, the defendant in. the me.antime having been at the Tramvaal. P.O. Hugh Thomas (49) proved the case, stating that the defendant was drunk. in the stacr Hotel, Banger.—The Defendant said ho was on sick furlough, having been in the Transvaal for eighteen months.:—It wa, announced that the case would not be proceeded with.. A CO.N^JIENTIOUS OBJ EOTOR.-Un- der the t)rovilion of the Vaccinatkiu Act, Hugh R. Wynne, 204, Carnarvon read, j Bangor, appi ed for an exemption order, saying that he had a. conscientious objection to vaccination.—The Chairman: We have no power to refuse you, but if you study the statistics in Germany ini London, I am sure vou Will change your mind. If not I will be astonished. — The order was I granted.








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