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Danger of a Strike.

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Portmadoi: Bankruptcy Court.…


Portmadoi: Bankruptcy Court. On Mends y, before Mr Registrar Jones, William Oliver Lloyd, of West End Stores, Cardiff Toexi, Pwllheli, grocer, came up for his public examination. His accounts showed gross liabilities 2561 lis 9d, due to unsecured creditors R541 10s lid, eet assets estimated to realise jS114 12s 4d, al- leged causes of failure overstocking and poor trade. Replying to the assistant- official receiver (Mr W. G. Williams), the bankrupt stated that he commenced busi- ness in May, 1900, with a capital of C40 of his own and £50 borrowed mönev. He also acted as local postmaster at West End.„ and he became iindebted to the Post Office in respect of his accounts to the extent of £.10, to clear off which he sold part of his furniture. The remainder of his household effects had "-een olíll by the County Court bailiff. The exami- nation was olosed.- Wàlliam Williams Dobson, of the Railway Shop. Pwllheli, grocer, was also examined, his gross li-t- bilities being scheduled at £ 1036 13s 3d. amount due to unsecured creditors £ 376 2s 3d, assests estimated by the bankrupt to realise 9127 15s 6d net, alleged causes of failure, "want of capital and being obliged to keep my mother." The bank- rupt explained that up to April last he act.ed as manager at Pwllheli for Mr Ed- ward Jones, Bangor. In that month he bought the place, paying £ 650 for the pre- mises and £ 11 18s for the st-ork. He only had a capital of £ 20. He began to be sued bv his creditors almost as soon as he commenced business, and there was an action now pending against him by his late employer for a considerable sum in respect of alleged deficiencies in the stock when he acted as manager. His turn- over had been roughly from £18 to R20 a week, and be only became aware of bis insolvency about a month ago. — (§>