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Danger of a Strike.


Danger of a Strike. CONDITIONS AT BRYNAMMAN. BTJ"llamman--and' the surrounding dis- trict, including Tirvdail and Amm.anford- has ldBly been stirred by the -summonses issued against more t.han s::x hundred col- lie,rf. Paragraphs touching the matter have been frequent in the newspapers of I a t (,, Mid thus n. part of tho country which in spioe of its collieries rmcl tlnplato works received hut lit tle attention at the hands of the p ess has come to loom big even in Lon- Iiior.( ail-c,q. The information that an an'ti- er.ble .settlement had at length bec-n arrived at between emplover and wa-, re- ceiv >d throughout West Wale* with much relief. Visions of a strike at thLs period of the year, with coal at famine price, caused uneasÍn:> It wa-s while gleaning details for an article on the outlook that a reporter of the "Brecon and Radnor Ex- press'" rati across a story which has evoked explosions of astonishment on the part of thoso who have heard it. In Wind street, CATHERINE FLETCHER. (From a pLcto by J. T. Williams, Ammanford.) Ammanford, and within easy walking ais- t-l tile of the scene of this labour dispute, re- st le:, with his wife and group of pretty in- fce ligent children, Mr John Flotcher—a man ir the prime of life, the conductor of a flc urishing hoot warehouse. An unpleasant gloom had been cast over this home by the a'.f iir referred to, which concerned Catherine. Jane, an attractive looking little lass of twelve summer;, who had been a ouiotT of- much anxiety to her parents. £ bt was from her birth a weak and puny chLd, giving at frequent intervals indica- tioni that she was a victim to that distres- sing nervous disorder known as St. Vitus' danee." said Mr Fletcher, "and as time went on the symptoms became more fre- quent until twelve months or so ago, she became so shaky that she could hold nothing in her hands without dropping it. When she tried to put food in her mouth she dropped most of it. At this period she was under medical treatment and took medi- cine. We called in two doctois in ill, but their skill seemed to be of no avail. She did not benetit. Her appetite W-Is very fcor" • • *r At this stage of the interview Mrs Fletcher interposed w1 i h the remark that her daughter was by far in the worst con- dition. in the last fortnight or so of her last attack. She then shook very badly. Cotn-tinuing his narrative Mr Fletcher said "I had read in the newspapers ac- counts of Dr Will i.a.m q' pink pills for pale people, and about this time my sister-in- law, Miss Nelly Powell, of Pontardulais, advised lis to try a box for our little apri." "Well," queried the reporter, "did you act on her advice?" Mr Fletcher replied, "You may he sure we did. for she was in that state we would try anything before giving up." "What was the result ?" proceeded the in- terviewer. Mr Fletcher's answer was conclusive, "Wait a few minutes and you shall judge for yourself. I expect her every minute from school to dinner." Soon afterwards the child put in an ap- pearance, the very picture of health, and giving no indication whatever of having at any time been in any way afflicted. The seeker ilftur news questioned her, and elicited that .she felt quite well, at- tended school, and was in the Fifth Stand- ard. In the course of further remarks Mr Fletcher said that there was a marked im- provement in the child after -lie had orfiv taken two or three of Dr Williams' pink pills for palo people, and one box com- pletely cured her. "She has not had a I 'elapse since," he added, "but if she •ih.ould I I would at once sent for another box." There are now no signs of shaking, twitch- ing nervousness or other symptoms of the distressing complaint. Asked if anyone could corroborate his statement, Mr Fletcher said, "Mrs and Mr David Thomas, rollerman at the tinplate works, residing in this street, can." Accompanied by the subject of the narra- tive who showed him the bou-,c, the news- paper man called at the address (riven, and in reply to queries addressed in Welsh, was informed that the child was in precisely the condition stated previous to taking the pills. Asked if be had1 any objection to the facts being published, Mr Fletcher replied, 'None whatever. I a.m only too pleased to give them in the hope that somebody else b() might be a sufferer seeing them might Rive the pilln a trial, and you may add that anybody anxious to hear further from MO on this ;ubi(,t will be able. to do so on drop- ping a line." —i oo

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