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Anglesey Quarter Sessions

Carnarvonshire Quarter Sessions


Pwllbell Police Court.

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G) "Aladdin' at Anglesey CasUe

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CABNAEtON AND iU-TK.CT. That Mrs Ph Hips, of C.i.r-ar,-on, won a. prize for the. chief essay at tin* fviifi Eistddl.. fod on Boxuig- lay? That a nunibe:1 of loafers to have imposed on the Mayor's genei-. 'st. w.k That two or three went from, a. pu to the Mayor > and un- tolded a pitiful tale? That they said that they a out oi work for a long time and i v. ik lIould not be got? That when confronted with Idrg-e thati they had been to a public-b us,, they ad- mitted thu. they had been, oidti thai) they had had noth ng to driM. there? That Air Uoyd George will ,t htutol on, Monday, and will deliver a sj- 'hat is it tue scenes enacted at Birmin^uav' are not. repeated ? That Mr George has asked avor for the loan of !us lobe as a. disgn. ia i, he does not guanuntce it will be td in -its original stat? Tha.t a. slight mistake was i or.e clt the local pipers when it was t .-i,; .t ted that lw>ckey had come to stay in I-, fol the Bangor ladies were beaten o*. t' ir own ground by the Carnarvon lad the 38th ult. Weil done, Carnarvon? That a. townsman spent his V iaas holi- days in .Romd That amongst other places ..ed were the graves of John Gibson, t, f tor..ind the poets Keats <u:.d Shelley? That one is curious to km-v ^her he sought an audience of His II 1 < at the V atica.n? That tho townsman referred t., ot likely to be converted to Roman Cni," c m? That the new steamer "Se. x-longing to the Harbour Trust hrus am That the Christmas mateb." h: the Oi; al were well-attended? That on Boxing Day Carn; encounter- ed Flint in a. friendly match, on by six goals to two? That several old members ed in th home team, namely, J. Hug: t ns, D. S. Jones, W. Morris, D. O. 1-i^ da, J. R. Williams, and KinAey? That Professor Phillips of .r, who de- livered a lecture under the ;,1 ices of the Literary Union at the Guild J on A' on- day night, was givatly disapp d owing to the absence of a lantern to i: ate the lec- ture? That we understand the led lecturer had slides with him? That a ooncc-rt vi-M held at Guild Hall on Boxing night in aid of the arvon Foot- ball Club? That several local singers > were an- nounced to take part were ab- owing to a. misunderstanding? That the concert wam a litt ^orderly ? That one of the Llanberis ft • 11 team had his leg fractured in a football tie at LLu- rwst on Boxing Day?- That the Vicar (the Rev W. Wynne Jones, M.A.) gave some i sting remi- niscences at the National Scl, on Monday, night? That Mr Meurig James, 3 ,1., gave a masterly rendering of the "Thou art passing hence" (Sullivan) le Pendref Chapel on Sunday night ?